Spanish Classes in Colombia

Are you eager to dive into the vibrant Spanish language and culture world against the backdrop of Colombia’s stunning landscapes and warm hospitality? Wondering where to kick-start your Spanish learning journey in Colombia? We’ve carefully curated a list of the top Spanish classes in Colombia, encompassing both offline and online options.

Before delving into our recommendations, let’s explore the significance of the Spanish language in Colombia.  

Spanish plays a crucial role in Colombia as the official and predominant language, reflecting the nation’s rich cultural tapestry and diverse linguistic influences.  

Proficiency in Spanish is vital for effective communication, integration into Colombian society, and access to opportunities in various sectors.  

Colombian Spanish, renowned for its clear pronunciation and rhythmic cadence, offers a unique linguistic experience shaped by indigenous languages and African heritage.   

Moreover, Colombia welcomes Spanish language learners with open arms, offering a plethora of programs and courses tailored to different proficiency levels.  

Without further delay, let’s explore the list of top online Spanish courses in Colombia! Find options for elders and kids to kickstart their Spanish learning journeys.

Experience Live Classes

Top 5 Best Spanish Classes in Colombia

1. Kochiva (Best for Online Classes)  
2. Language International (Blending Cultural and Linguistic Learning)  
3. Toucan Spanish School (Holistic Learning with Cultural Experiences)  
4. Total Spanish School (Cultural Immersion Through Language Classes)  
5. Study Spanish Colombia (Varied Courses for Comprehensive Learning)  


1. Kochiva  


Kochiva provides the best Spanish classes in Colombia. With over 20 years of experience in foreign language teaching, Kochiva provides project-based learning through interactive online classes.  

The online Spanish classes help the learners get acquainted with Spanish communication skills.  

 They provide online Spanish Classes in Colombia that focus on speaking practice and help create a real-life professional. With its highly experienced and certified faculty, Kochiva helps learners learn Spanish Online with the utmost satisfaction and enriching experience.   

 Furthermore, their online Spanish classes are affordable. Also, their Spanish Classes in Colombia have a customized curriculum to cater to the different needs of adults, working professionals, and kids.   

The classes have a batch size of not more than 8-12 students, which enables the student-teacher interaction to be effective and enriching. Kochiva’s Spanish courses in Colombia also help prepare for exams like DELE. Their course structure is as follows:  

1.) Beginners Level: Includes A1 & A2 (50 hours each)  

2.) Intermediate Level: Includes B1 & B2 (80 hours each)  

3.) Advance Level: Includes C1 & C2 (80 hours each)   

Hence, if you want to learn Spanish in Colombia, then Kochiva’s online Spanish language course in Colombia are best for you.

Contact: +91 98723 34466


Kochiva also provides other Online Language Courses


2. Language International  

Language International

Language International is one of the eminent names in the field of language schools, offering both online and offline Spanish classes in Colombia. Their courses in the Spanish Language in Colombia are very well renowned and appreciated by the learners. 

They stand out for their unique approach to blending cultural and linguistic learning in their structured courses.   

Language international expertise in providing a holistic learning experience to learners through their Spanish language courses in Colombia.   

Moreover, they provide options of about more than 20 courses tailored to align with your various needs.   

The courses range from beginner Spanish lessons to expert-level courses. All the courses are of varying durations, and you can make a rational choice of your course from these options.   

The class strength also varies according to different courses, and they ensure that it is at a minimum to ensure that student-teacher interaction is effective. 


3. Toucan Spanish School  

Toucan Spanish School

Toucan Spanish School stands out as a leading institution offering Spanish classes in Colombia. National Geographic Magazine recognized it as the best place to learn Spanish in the country.  

Their Spanish Courses in Colombia are designed to provide a holistic learning experience, engaging students through entertainment and interactive activities.   

They offer group classes, private classes, and their specialty couple’s classes. Couple’s classes are unique offerings that offer the option of learning Spanish in Colombia along with your lifetime partner, friend, fiancée, etc.   

Following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), Spanish classes in Colombia ensure progression through levels A1 to B2 and beyond. Thus, they help you develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.  

A standout feature is their Conversation Club, held every Wednesday, where students can practice Spanish with peers and enhance their communication skills.  

Address: Calle 10 #42-28, Parque Lleras, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia.   


4. Total Spanish School  

Total Spanish School

Total Spanish School in Poblado, Medellin stands out as one of the highest-rated institutes offering Spanish classes in Colombia.   

They emphasize holistic and enriching learning experiences by combining Spanish courses in Colombia with cultural experiences to ensure the enjoyment and involvement of the learners. They combine proven classroom techniques with modern technology to provide the best Spanish classes in Colombia.   

All the faculty members are very well acquainted with Spanish language skills and are trained Language Graduates from Colombia University. They provide beginner Spanish lessons along with expert-level courses.  

All the instructors teach according to well-designed industry standard guidelines, ensuring students grasp each topic thoroughly. The native Spanish Teachers help you learn Spanish online and offline while increasing your communication skills.   

Address: Carrera 37#8-05, Medellin, Colombia  

Levels of Spanish Language – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2


5. Study Spanish Colombia  

Study Spanish Colombia

Study Spanish Colombia is another prominent institute situated in Colombia that will help you learn French in Colombia. Their schools are located in Medellin, Cartagena, and Bogota. They offer Spanish Classes in Colombia, which offer you a great learning experience throughout.   

There are ample courses to choose from. You can make a rational choice from those courses that are relevant to address your specific needs and wants.   

There are both beginner Spanish lessons and expert Spanish lessons courses. You can choose according to your level of Spanish proficiency.   

Furthermore, if you prefer flexibility, they also offer online Spanish classes in Colombia via Skype. This allows you to learn Spanish from anywhere, at your own pace, without compromising on the quality of instruction.  

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We have provided you with a detailed curated list of institutions that provide Spanish Classes in Colombia. If you are serious enthusiast who is willing to learn Spanish in Colombia, then these institutions provide the best online Spanish course. You can choose from these options and make a choice on where to study Spanish. We trust that this list will assist you in finding the ideal Spanish classes and provide you with a rewarding learning experience. Happy learning! 

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