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  1. Salutations & Greetings
  2. The Alphabets
  3. The Numbers
  4. The Colors
  5. Months & Days
  6. The Articles
  7. Adjectives
  8. Verbs
  9. The Animals
  10. Present Yourself
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Batch Size

7-12 Students


Gamified Online



How does Kochiva’s French Language Course help your Kid?

This is not just another language course. Kochiva's French for Kids is a special course to work on the holistic development of a child. A new language signifies acceptance of a new culture, a new perspective in a little one's life.

One Class One Topic

Conversation based classes


Frequently Asked Questions?

Kochiva's French for Kids programme is for the extreme beginners. Your kid shall learn the French language as a totally alien language.

We focus on personalized attention and hence we don't cater to more than 9-12 students in one batch.

We have the demo recordings available on youtube and can be reached out easily by simply searching over there.

Yes, we have a BYOB (Bring your own Buddy) program, under which you can bring a friend and can get an amazing discount.

No. Kochiva provides free ebooks for learning.