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  1. Salutations & Greetings
  2. The Alphabets
  3. The Numbers
  4. The Colors
  5. Months & Days
  6. The Articles
  7. Adjectives
  8. Verbs
  9. The Animals
  10. Present Yourself
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7-12 Students


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How does Kochiva’s French Language Course help your Kid?

This is not just another language course. Kochiva's French for Kids is a special course to work on the holistic development of a child. A new language signifies acceptance of a new culture, a new perspective in a little one's life.

One Class One Topic

Conversation based classes


Frequently Asked Questions?

To teach the French language to kids, establish a schedule for consistent learning. Consider enrolling them in the French Language for Kids online course from Kochiva to provide them with an effective learning experience. Help your kid by: 1) Monitoring their progress and reviewing course materials together. 2) Supplementing their learning with resources like books and flashcards. 3) Provide support and encourage self-study. Expose your child to French culture through movies, music, and traditions. Also, celebrate their achievements to keep them motivated. Communicate with the course instructor for guidance and feedback.

In 2 years, it is possible to acquire a solid foundation in the French language, covering essential vocabulary, grammar rules, and basic conversational skills. However, achieving fluency or advanced proficiency may require more time and practice.

In 4 years, it is possible to achieve a solid level of proficiency in the French language. With consistent practice and immersion, you can acquire a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills.

The French language for kids can be relatively easy to learn due to kids’ natural aptitude of children to learn languages and their ability to pick up new sounds and patterns at a young age. It considerably contributes to their learning success.

The best age to learn French is during early childhood. Exposing children to French from a young age has long-lasting benefits.