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  • Concept of Data Structures, data objects in Python and debugging.
  • List, tuple and important their important methods.
  • Dictionary and its important method.
  • Sets and its important method.
  • Looping, nested techniques technique in data structures.

  • Flow control: if, if-else, for, while, range () function, continue, break.
  • Understanding classes in Python.
  • Using classes for creating data objects as per convenience.
  • Introduction to Numpy for Scientific Calculation
  • Introduction to OpenCV and important libraries

  • Image Processing using OpenCV, Object Detection with OpenCV
  • Understanding and processing text data
  • Automated Tagging. Semantic Search Algorithms
  • Latent Diriclet Allocation or, Topic Modelling, Text classification
  • Introduction to NLG (Natural Language Understanding)
  • Writing speech-based functions for machines to understand using Python
  • Creating a sample trained bot to take human input in English and follow the instructions.
  • Introduction to Named Entity Recognition (NER) using LSTM

  • Introduction to NLG (Natural Language Generation) for generating meaningful/desired text/sentences
  • Understanding Language models
  • N-grams
  • Hidden Markov Models
  • Introduction to Transfer Learning
  • Using pre-trained model Transformer Library. (BERT)

Project – Making of Chatbot

Project – Making a Chatbot

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6 Weeks


Online + Offline



Live Project


How would Kochiva's Python Crash Course transform you?

Kochiva's Python Crash Course is exclusively designed to provide Live Internship like experience to the students to make them ready for real-world jobs.

Ideal for College Summer Internship Trainings

Live Projects with real time numbers and real clients

In-Job Mentors to give hands-on

Frequently Asked Questions?

If you are interested in our course, you can simply fill up the enrollment form available on the website. Very soon, Kochiva’s Admission Counselling Team shall get in touch with you.

Anyone who has the fire to code and basic knowledge of how IT works can go ahead with the programme. Our Programmes are beginner-friendly.

One needs to have an active internet connection with at least 1 Mbps download speed. One also needs to have a working laptop/desktop pc with the following specifications. 1. 1 GHz Processor 2. 4 GB RAM 3. 120 GB Hard Drive 4. Microphone 5. WebCam

There is no selection criteria for Kochiva's Python Crash Course. Any engineering student can enrol for the course.