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Why Join us?

How our guiding principles translate into an enriching work culture?

A company is nothing but a bunch of people coming together to achieve a common Objective.

Focus on the words ‘People’ and ‘Objective’

Our Objective is to become a go-to platform for upskilling. We wish to make upskilling and growth opportunities available for all and convey the message that with the right guidance, YOU CAN DO IT!

All work no play?

Well Well Well! If we work hard, we definitely play harder!

We have our monthly engagement programs, where the whole of the organization comes on one table and puts off the palls of profiles and designationss.
We laugh, we celebrate, we learn and most importantly, we connect


This is our blockbuster Monthly Engagement Program. As the name says, we all raise a toast and shout ‘CHEERS!’ to the work we do at Kochiva.

We play, we sing, we dance, we enact, and most importantly, we connect.

For, this is the space where there is no designation, no profile, no work

We live by the mantra of ‘Perennity of Education’.

We believe that Age and Experience are not the right scales to weigh the knowledge one possesses. The youngest and newest can sometimes teach something you never would have thought of.

So, here we have, KoLab, a Laboratory of Learning of Kochiva, where we all collaborate, learn from one another and acknowledge the knowledge, one comes with.

The Internship Culture

It is quite a good quote that

‘People are not useless, they are used less’

And that’s what we believe in.

When we started working with the interns, we realized that there is a huge potential and immense creativity in these interns. Just a right exposure was missing.

Kochiva became that stage where we gave a free hand to the interns to run up their creativity and present their ideas right on the front desk.

And the Kochiva which stands today is more or less, 50% of the efforts of the interns.

Our Interns

Udit Rana

Esha Khicha

Rahul Singh Rathore

Mercy V. Simte

Ambika Sharma

Suchita Thakur

Anubhav Jain

Aditya Nakil

Ankita Saxena

Eeshan Srivastava

Medha Agrawal

Misbah Ahmad

Prisha Jain

Reeshita Gupta

Rinku Sahoo

Savleen Kaur

Selva Kumar

Ashish Jatiani


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