About us

Success needs partners. Partners who can mentor, guide and coach. And more importantly, believe in your success before you do.

KOCHIVA is all that. And more.

With industry leaders as teachers, a top technology enterprise as partner, and employment generators as coaches.

Backed by the Kochar Group, our faculty and curriculum are drawn from the industry. Giving you the edge you need to succeed.

For students in college looking to enhance their employability. For young jobbers wanting to take a leap in the career. And for those wishing to make a life overseas. We believe in your potential more than you do.

And we know what it takes to get where you are meant to reach.


Kochiva believes in your better future, and in your ability to reach there. There are scholarships to ensure that if you want to make it happen, you will not be alone.


As providers of Learning Management System tech across industries, Kochiva knows how technology can enable an environment where learning gets better, faster, and practical.

Good For All

A certain percentage from all Kochiva revenues goes to charity. So when you get ahead in life, many others will too. Because of you.