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  • Overview
  • Alert Box
  • Variable, expression, Statements
  • Prompt in JS
  • Operators in JS
  • Printing basics outputs
  • Applications
  • Datatypes
  • Advantages of JavaScript

  • Introduction to conditional
  • Statement
  • If Statement
  • Nested-if
  • switch

  • Loops
  • Looping Techniques in JS
  • Loop using Functions
  • for loop
  • Loop Control
  • for

  • Basics about Functions in JS
  • Create Functions in JS
  • Function Definition
  • Global and Local Variables
  • Functions with Arguments
  • Return Statements

  • Class, Object and members
  • Object Initializing
  • Object Initializer
  • Adding Methods to Objects
  • Object Properties
    With Keywords
  • Defining Methods for an object

  • Array Introduction
  • Array Objects
  • Maps Methods
  • Creating Maps
  • JavaScript Objects vs Maps
  • Sets Methods
  • Set are Objects

  • Strings in JS
  • Strings Methods and Properties
  • String Slices
  • Substring in JS
  • String Padding
  • Events in JS
  • Event Handlers in JS

Courses Details


8 Weeks


Online + Offline



Live Project


How would Kochiva's JavaScript Course transform you?

Kochiva's JavaScript Course is exclusively designed to provide a Live Internship like experience to the students to make them ready for real-world jobs.

Ideal for College Summer Internship Trainings

Live Projects with real time numbers and real clients

Mentors with 15+ years of corporate experience

Frequently Asked Questions?

If you are interested in our course, you can simply fill up the enrollment form available on the website. Very soon, Kochiva’s Admission Counselling Team shall get in touch with you.

Anyone who has the fire to code and basic knowledge of how IT works can go ahead with the training. Our training are beginner-friendly.

One needs to have an active internet connection with at least 1 MBPS download speed. One also needs to have a working laptop/desktop PC with the following specifications. 1. 1 GHz Processor 2. 4 GB RAM 3. 120 GB Hard Drive 4. Microphone 5. WebCam

This course is for all those motivated individuals who are eager to learn and upskill themselves.
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