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Basics of the language-

  • Salutations
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Simplified pronunciation.

Participative learning through conversations that can be used everyday

  • Conversations at the restaurant
  • conversations at the airport
  • Conversations at the shopping mall etc

Enhanced learning by speaking about

  • Festivals
  • Games
  • Places, etc

with the basics taught.

The 4th module is global in perspective. This will prepare you for vacations and holidays in different countries and be a handy module.

  • Read messages
  • Emails
  • Articles
  • Advertisements
  • Dialogues
  • Precepts

from literary sources, telephonic conversations, and more

Describing your

  • Actions
  • Expressing your opinions
  • Comparison
  • Narrating memories and stories,

and more

Write a

  • Story
  • Message
  • Email
  • Letter
  • Give your opinion on the internet
  • Text lingos

and more

  • TED conferences
  • Stand up comedies
  • Movie clips
  • Songs
  • Advertisements

and more for the context-based understanding of the native culture and lifestyle & enhanced listening skills.


  • Articles
  • Extracts of novels
  • Opinions
  • Anecdotes
  • Emails
  • Letters for improving
    • Pronunciation
    • Learning new vocabulary and understanding sentence structure and division of paragraphs throughout.

Listening to native speakers whilst decoding their emotions (whether angry, happy, sad, excited etc), to make notes and jot down keywords to be able to answer questions.

To express yourself better in written expression, you will be habituated with advanced words and phrases used in regular sentences. Some examples of written expressions are – CV, cover letter, short articles, comic strips, anecdotes and more.

Speak about different situations with new learned vocabulary and grammar, partake in role plays, sing song lyrics, divide your presentation into an introduction, the body (compare, advantages and disadvantages etc) and a conclusion.

Topics and vocabulary of importance will be taught through experiential learning (videos,

activities, crosswords etc) through web articles & websites, essays, newspaper articles,

debates, opinion pieces, anecdotes, poems, extracts etc.

Imagine yourself as a spy of the conversation you are listening to – this will help in active and cognitive listening of radio program tracks, videos, audiobook (extracts), critiques, media reviews, songs and more.

At an advanced level, you will be made comfortable to write essays, devise problems,

present analysis/challenges, conclusions with precisions, description and comparison, and more.

Divide your presentation according to the question – argument, appreciation and critique, refine the exposé into 5 parts including an introduction, problematic and a conclusion.

At this level, you will be in the first stage of the highly proficient [language] user’ category. You will then read books, novels, travelogues and will be able to understand more complex texts. Global topics and literary texts will be taught through experiential learning (videos, activities, etc)

You will be able to understand fast conversations, podcasts, etc as well as have a clearer comprehension of various slang, idioms and implicit meaning. You will be able to decipher contracted words that are used in everyday language.

At a proficient level, you will be able to write letters and have hands-on practice to use the language in a smooth manner. You will be given thorough knowledge about the literature, history, and culture of the language.

You will be able to express yourself fluently using colloquial expressions and well-structured detailed sentences in most situations: professional, social, academic and personal.

At this level, you will be in the second stage of the highly proficient [language] user’ category. You will have a great command of the language. You will be instructed to practice reading novels, magazines and other cultural-specific texts which will further improve your reading and simultaneous comprehension.

You will be able to easily understand every conversation, song lyrics, and stand up comedies easily.

Even overhearing will be easy at this level.

At this level, you will be able to write the language with ease and will achieve perfection in all circumstances. Additionally, you will be using a wide range of complex tenses.

At this level, you will be able to summarise in a spontaneous and fluent way any accounts and information from diverse written texts and spoken conversations.

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300+ Hours

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8-12 Learners



How does Kochiva's German Language Course Transform you?

German is the language of entrepreneurs. We make sure you become 'Future-proof' with the language you learn with us.

Learn from Certified Experts

Learn from Certified Experts

gamified learning

Gamified learnings with cultural events

In-Class Activities and Projects

In-Class Activities and Projects

Frequently Asked Questions?

If you want to go to a European country for a job or study, German can be an added advantage to your profile. Once you know German, you get more prospects of jobs in your own country and also an added favourability in top universities.

Duration of each certification depends upon the level of difficulty. A1: 2-2.5 Months A2: 2.5-3 Months B1: 4-5 Months B2: 4-5 Months C1: 5-6 Months C2: 5-6 Months

We ensure personalized attention by having not more than 10 students in each batch.
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