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The best online French classes in India are currently quite popular. It has recently gained popularity across all vocations and age groups.The most widely used language in the European Union is French. Five nations in Europe speak it as their official language: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, and Luxembourg.

French is a language that is sought by many Indians for quite some time now. Demand for Online French classes in India is increasing subsequently. Learning a new language has become a dire need today.

A lot of people want to learn to speak French. And they prefer learning through online classes. Online French classes are accessible from anywhere and everywhere. Because of online access, all potential learners have the means to learn this language.

Noticeably, many institutions have been set up for imparting French language training online. There are a number of best choices available online to choose from. The following is the list of certain leading institutions offering Online French classes.

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Top 8 Best Online French Classes for 2023


1.) Kochiva Linguistics: (Best Online French Classes)
2.) Rocket Languages: (Best for Pronunciation)
3.) FluentU: (Best Immersion-Based)
4.) Indian Institute of Foreign Languages: (Best for Flexibility)
5.) Babbel: (Best Practical)
6.) Berlitz
7.) Lingoda: (Best for Private or Group Classes)
8.) French Institute Alliance Française: (Best for everything)


1.) Kochiva Linguistics: (Best Online French Classes)


Kochiva is an upskilling platform providing industry-oriented online LIVE courses in the field of Foreign Languages along with placement assistance. One of them is that it offers the greatest French language courses online. It Provide assistance to help the learners in improving their employability and personal growth. Kochiva teaches you to learn the French language Online with International certification in the right way.

It is a renowned institution and has competent C1/C2 level trainers. The batches of the classes are small including 8-12 students. They also assist with the preparation for exams like DELF, DALF, TCF, etc. which are valid for life.

The following is the information regarding their course structure:

1.) Beginners Level : Includes A1 & A2 (50 hours each)

2.) Intermediate Level : Includes B1 & B2 (80 hours each)

3.) Advanced Level : Includes C1 & C2 (80 hours each)

E-Mail Address:

Contact Number: 9872334466

Website :

For more detailed information you can visit the official site of Kochiva. Get yourself enrolled today.

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2.) Rocket Languages: Best for Pronunciation

Rocket Language offers 26 courses in 13 languages and the Online French language course is one of them. Through this software, you can practice on the spot speaking. Pronunciation is focused on during the online French course. You can access your courses even in the back of the time. They provide you with a wide array of motivational tools and techniques.

It focuses on pronunciation, unlike many other programs, which is excellent because French pronunciation is famously difficult and frequently daunting for French students. The program can compare the accent of hundreds of words to that of a native speaker, detect your voice and give feedback.

The audio-based sessions, which last for about 30 minutes, are designed to mimic discussions between a student (that would be you!) and a native speaker. Compared to other French conversations designed for learners, these discussions have a considerably more relaxed, natural vibe.

With Rocket Language you will also learn French Online with Certificate. To find out how much of the module you remember, you can take a certification exam. You can obtain a Rocket Certificate to prove that you finished the full course if you have passed all of the module exams.

3.) FluentU: Best Immersion-Based

FluentU is an interactive language learning tool for students of all levels that teaches French through actual content. It introduces you to the language as it is spoken by natives, so you learn how to speak naturally.

FluentU creates immersive and interesting courses by utilising actual French content like as music videos and TED lectures.

The films have interactive captions, which may be toggled on and off depending on which set of subtitles (French or English) you wish to watch. You may concentrate just on French and display only these captions, or you can turn them off totally and work simply on your listening abilities.

Learning a foreign language via videos is common these days. But the videos made by FlentU have authenticity. It has an impressive collection of French YouTube videos. Videos have content for all three levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. FluentU has neat subtitles which makes understanding easy. In addition, you can even choose to add a personalized vocabulary list.

4.) Indian Institute of Foreign Languages: (Best for Flexibility)

This institute has been providing French classes for the past 8 years. They are also a member of the European Language Council. The Indian Institute train their students as per CEFR standards. The CEFR provides a recognized way of describing language proficiency levels. 

IIFL offers French language course Online from beginner to advanced levels i.e. A1 – C2. Their online French language classes give you an option of a convenient and flexible way to learn French. Furthermore, IIFL provides a range of resources, including multimedia materials, and interactive exercises. These resources can help you practice in different contexts.

These classes cover a variety of topics, including grammar and vocabulary, speaking skills, listening, reading and writing skills. They also offer offline courses.

5.) Babbel:Best Practical

(Best French Online Courses)

Babbel is a premium, subscription-based language learning app for web, iOS, and android. It enables interactive sessions for a deeper understanding of the language. With this app, you can surely connect with people around the world. You are able to have proactive conversations in French with Babbel. The Live classes for the French language give its students a class-like experience.

Babbel is worth a look if you’re searching for a well-structured course centered on realistic, everyday events, as long as you’re not an expert learner.

Babbel is most likely one of the most well-known and commonly utilized online language learning systems in the world. Babbel’s courses are paid, however, instead of a set charge per course, there is a monthly membership fee that grants access to a number of online courses.

Babbel provides online French courses for learners at the beginning and intermediate levels of their French journey. In addition to them, Babbel offers a number of courses that specialize in helping learners advance in a specific French skill area, such as listening and speaking grammar, or idioms.

6.) Berlitz:

Berlitz is a language training platform that provides the best Online French classes. Their online classes are led by certified instructors to facilitate live interactions. These interactive sessions certainly improve the rate of understanding of a foreign language. Whether you are looking to learn French Online Course for business, travel, or just as a hobby, we can help you achieve your goals. Consequently, with Berlitz, you can track your progress anytime.

7.) Lingoda: Best for Private or Group Classes

Lingoda provides the best online French classes which are led by native teachers. They have a rotation of international teachers that indeed give you exposure to a wide variety of accents. Its methodology for language is communication-based enabling proficiency in speaking. Lingoda’s French Classes follow a flexible approach that is convenient for its users.

Lingoda is a newish online language learning company that offers classes in a variety of languages including Spanish, German, and French. Lingoda aims to imitate the in-person teachable moment as exactly as possible online, and they succeed fairly well.

To begin, Lingoda offers French classes for nearly all levels of French proficiency, whether you are a total novice or an expert French student. Each course follows a predetermined curriculum that is divided into sections centered on a certain subject as well as individual lessons. You can take the classes one-on-one with a French native speaker teacher or in a group session with three to four other students.

The courses include grammar explanation as well as speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities.

8.) French Institute Alliance Française:

Online French classes by the French Institute Alliance Française attempt to provide a culturally rich experience. Online lessons are taught via Zoom by experienced teachers. The lessons imparted by them can be customized accordingly. The online Fench classes are very flexible and make understanding easy.


According to recent reports, there are 11000 French speakers in India at present. The number of French speakers is increasing consistently. So, by joining the Online French classes you are being a part of a futuristic course. There are a number of institutions to choose from.

But, Kochiva is the best choice for you. The distinctive setting and proactive sessions of the online French classes, reduce the duration to learn French. Nevertheless, you can choose the best option for you from various choices available online.