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How long to learn french

Immense opportunities for a career and a bright future open up after you get fluent in French. But the very important question that arises here is “How long does it take to learn French?

You must want to learn French fast but how to learn French

We will answer all your questions related to learning this wonderful and useful language. We will not only tell you the best way to learn French but will also acquaint you with some extremely amazing facts.

In this post, we are going to cover a lot of interesting facts about the French language, french-speaking countries, and the best ways to learn French in a short time. So keep reading it to get all these amazing facts. 

Ways to Reduce your French Learning Time  

Learning French depends upon a lot of factors. It depends upon the learner. Basically your learning abilities, IQ level, past language experience, fluency in any language and time devoted, etc., decide how long it takes you to learn French. 

We are going to tell you some of the key facts that you can adopt. These ways will definitely help in your speedy learning of French. 

Here are 5 main ways that will definitely help you in effective and efficient learning of the language. Have a look at them:

1) Stay Motivated and Focused 

Staying focused and motivated is the key requirement of any learning. If you have decided to learn French then you must keep the goal of your learning in your mind all the time. Devote yourself totally to the language during your learning process.

You should set realistic goals for your learning of French and put every possible effort to achieve that one. Making a proper schedule and following it strictly will help. To keep yourself motivated, you should keep a track of your progress and reward yourself for it. 

In this way, you can keep yourself motivated and focused on the achievement of your goal. This will surely help you to learn the French language in the minimum possible time.

2) Finding best Tutor and Study Material

It is the element that has the greatest impact on learning speed. The research or source material you are citing is essential to your learning process.

Therefore, it is essential to select the most reliable sources. When choosing the subject, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the language or delivery style must be straightforward and easy to understand.

Furthermore, if you want a quick result, self-study is not at all effective. The ideal tutor for learning German must be found.

3) Focus more on Speaking

Focusing on spoken French rather than written French is another approach to gain a head start on your French language studies.

French isn’t written the way it’s spoken: not just in terms of spelling, but also in terms of how sentences are put together. When speaking, most French individuals will use the phrase on, which roughly translates to “one,” even though the word nouns officially means “we” in the language.

However, if you concentrate on spoken French and choose to learn written French afterward, you’ll speak more fluently much faster, which is a terrific approach if your ultimate objective is to be understood by native speakers.

There are, of course, drawbacks to this approach. If you choose to concentrate solely on speaking French, you run the risk of unintentionally introducing certain errors into your writing.

4) Prefer French Audios in terms of Movies, Web Series Etc

It is true that you learn more when you listen. When trying to learn a foreign language, watching movies or listening to other audio substantially facilitates language acquisition.

You must therefore prefer watching French-language films, plays, web series, etc. This will make learning French quick, simple, and enjoyable.

Although it may be tempting to delve headfirst into original French TV shows and films, it may be simpler, to begin with, English-language films you already know and have had the French dubbing removed (a common practice in France). This eliminates the need for you to worry about following the plot while trying to understand French.

5) Study Regularly, Not Just Once for a Long time

If you want to learn French, you must practice it frequently. Study leads to practice, and practice leads to learning. But studying doesn’t just require staring intently at a book for hours on end.

Don’t do this. Always study for short periods of time, and more often. After a lesson is complete, pause for a moment, reflect, and then practice speaking the words out.

By using this technique, you’ll learn French more rapidly and be better able to retain what you’ve learned for a long period of time.

Although there are many other strategies to quicken your learning, the ones mentioned above were the most common. By doing these, you’ll get immediate assistance and significantly accelerate your learning.

Necessary Points to Keep in Mind 

There is nothing wrong in having some cautious knowledge. These are the points that will give you additional information for the same. Around 300 million French speakers are there in the world. As French is the official language for 29 French-speaking countries, the importance of this language increases as it is.

Here are some points which are necessary to keep in mind while learning French: –

1. Cautiously use French Learning Tools:

As you might know, there are many French learning apps that are present in the market. And not all of those provide you the appropriate information regarding the language. The grammar, genders, nouns, etc. on these apps most probably reduce your French proficiency.

2. Use less English translations:

Translations help in understanding the French language but should be used to some extent. English has been a dominating the globe for many years now. So, using English translations will hinder the success rate of your French journey.

3. Know your Learning Style:

Apparently, everybody has a learning style that works for them. There are different ways for people to learn like – spaced practice, retrieval practice, the Feynman technique, etc. To train yourself better, you should know your learning style. Finding a learning style parallel to your caliber will enhance the French proficiency.

4. Review your progress:

A foreign language journey can never be easy. Everyone has there fair share of ups and downs. Continuous efforts will lead to considerable progression in growth. Keeping a check on your progress and continuous review of your mistakes will help you in the long run.

5. Learn French in Sentences:

When anybody learns a foreign language they are expected to start from A,B,Cs of the language. But French is different. It should be learnt in full sentences. Learning with sentences improves the chances to learn French and have the understanding of it on the native level. To be able to speak like a native, proficiency to understand the sentences fast is very important.

Undoubtedly, a lot of effort and discipline is required to learn a language like French. But if you make these points as a part of your daily learning life, your ability to use French will improve significantly. As the saying goes ‘Work smarter not Harder.’ These are some necessary key points for you to keep in your mind.

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Question 1- Can you learn French in 3 months? 

Answer- He firmly thinks that anyone can learn a second language in just three months with the right strategy and enough practice. People believing they lack the language gene are practically an epidemic, he claims. The majority of those who acquire a second language never use it.

Question 2-  Can I learn French in 6 months?

Answer- Yes, you can get a high level of French in six months (if you can devote at least 30 hours a week to studying the language), but you won’t be able to speak it fluently. You might never speak French fluently at the native level, and that’s good.

Question 3-  Is French hard or easy to learn?

Answer-  Although learning French is rather simple, it does take some time and effort. I have to concur with the Foreign Language Institute that French is among the easiest languages for English speakers to learn because it is closely linked to English. Having a large common vocabulary is quite helpful.

Question 4- Is French harder than English?

Answer- Even when compared to English, one of the simplest European languages to learn is French.

Question 5- Which is the easiest language to learn?

Answer- Afrikaans, French, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Italian are some of the easiest languages to learn. 

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