How long does it take to learn french language

French is an elegant and graceful language. But, the question that comes to our mind is how long does it take to learn French? It will take approximately 240 hours or 11-12 months to complete the French Language.


As we all know, French is superior to other languages. In this multi-linguistic world, every individual wants to know how long it takes to learn foreign languages due to a shortage of time.

Furthermore, Learning French depends on several factors: age, caliber, dedication, motivation, etc.

If you are in a dilemma about how long it takes to learn French so, it is possible to estimate the number of hours you require. In this post, we will answer this question.

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Top 5 Major factors in how long it takes to learn French?


  1. Levels you want to achieve and time estimates (CEFR)
  2. FSI time estimates.
  3. What is your Native Language?
  4. Your prior experience with Language Learning
  5. The time you devote to learning French.


1.) Levels you want to achieve and time estimates (CEFR):

Common European Framework of Reference will help you achieve the desired goal of learning French in (575- 600) hours or 23-24 weeks for English speakers. There are different levels of French:

  • How long does it take to Learn French A1?

The amount of time and effort you put into studying, your prior knowledge of the language, and the caliber of your instruction can all affect how long it takes to learn French at the A1 level.

A1 proficiency in French usually requires between 40 to 50 hours of study and practice. This estimate is predicated on the premise that you are constantly studying, have a solid study strategy, and are using a variety of tools, including textbooks, online courses, language exchange partners, and immersion experiences.

It’s crucial to remember that everyone learns at their own rate, therefore it may take some people longer or shorter to achieve this level of skill.

  • How long does it take to Learn French A2?

A basic degree of language ability is needed to learn French at the A2 level, and this level is often achieved after several months of constant study and practice.

To achieve the A2 level in French, it typically takes between 50 to 60 hours. However, the precise time required might vary based on a number of variables, including the learner’s preferred learning style, prior language knowledge, and the caliber of instruction received.

Learners need to be able to interact in common everyday settings and have a fundamental command of French grammar, vocabulary, and language skills in order to acquire A2-level fluency in the language.

  • How long does it take to Learn French B1?

The length of time it takes to study French to a B1 level varies on a number of variables, including your initial level of skill, how much time you spend learning, and the resources you use. Normally, 80 hours of study is required to achieve the B1 level in French.

You might take around 6 and 8 months to achieve a B1 level if you engage in 10 hours each week for your French studies. It might take you longer, possibly up to a year or more, if you are starting from scratch and have no prior knowledge of the language.

  • How long does it take to Learn French B2?

French at the B2 level, and this level usually requires more time to master than the A1 level. In general, it take around 80 to 100 hours of study and practice to reach B2-level proficiency in French. However, the precise time required can vary depending on several variables like the learner’s preferred method of learning, the standard of their instruction, and the amount of time they spend studying.

The capacity to express oneself and communicate clearly in both spoken and written French, as well as a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and language skills, are requirements for reaching the B2 level.

  • Experts C1/C2  

Advanced C1/C2 level needs approximately 80 to 100 hours to become fluent in the French language. At this level, individuals become adept in both formal and informal conversations. This allows them to navigate social, academic, and personal contexts with ease.

CEFR has also given estimates related to how long it takes to learn French language in school which involves attending (4 hours of sessions a week + 2 hours of homework + 2 hours of self-study x 12 weeks x 2 semesters).


2) FSI Time Estimates:

The Foreign Service Institute has identified speakers of age 30-40 years who are studying foreign languages. According to FSI, the closer French is to your native Language, the easier for you to learn. US FSI is not aware of your motivation and type of learning method. So, consider these values with a pinch of salt.

  • Firstly, you can learn French in 1.5 years if you spend at least 1-hour learning daily.
  • Secondly, spending 6 hours per day can help you learn in less than 100 Days.
  • Thirdly, spending 20 minutes per day will take 4.5 years to learn French.

Keep in mind that quantity should not overpower the quality of your study. Immersion learning and practice daily help you speak French more fluently.


3) What is your Native Language?

The French Language is closer to some languages than others. So how long it takes to learn French fluently if your Native Language has some similarities with French, then it is easier for you to learn French.

For instance, a Spanish native can learn French much faster than a Chinese native.

Italians find it much easier to learn French. Both these lingos share similar characteristics due to their Latin origin.

English speakers learn French more quickly as English takes its roots from French. Therefore it will not take much time for the ones whose native Language shares some similarities.

If you are curious to know how much time it takes to learn French for Indians then the degree of fluency depends on person to person and look for a tutor who establishes a parallel with your language and helps you learn French much faster.

4) Your Prior Experience of Language Learning:

If you have prior experience in any foreign language or multi linguistically raised then you will save a lot of your time learning French. So, how long does it take to learn French for such a person? Bilinguals learn the third Language much easier as they are more accustomed to different languages. Their fluency and proficiency in one lingo aid them in another.

When you already have experience studying French grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and words, your mind knows how to face a new language. Getting verbal exposure to different languages guides you to speak French fluently.

5) Time you devote to Learning French :

How much time you devote to French is another question that needs due consideration. When an individual spends at least 15 minutes per day helps him to achieve the Basic level. Different sources have generally provided the time frame to learn the French Language.

However, there is no age limit to learning French. You can learn even at the age of 40 or above. The best age to learn different lingos is below 10 years of age. So how long it takes to learn French at home depends on the pattern of studying.


 Wrapping up!


Kochiva Linguistics has provided the time frame for how long it takes to learn French as follows- The basic level of A1 level requires 40+ hours’ duration and A2 50 hours duration. The intermediate level of B1 level completes in approx 80 hours, and B2 within 80-100 hours. The advanced level of C1/C2 takes approximately 80-100 hours each of duration.

Do not get disheartened. You should work hard and put effort to get higher output. So, choose the suitable method of learning French. Enthusiasm for learning combined with your dedication assist you to learn French fast. Also if you want to learn French in 3 months you certainly won’t master it, but following a plan will help you move toward your goal. Enroll in an online or offline course to learn basic words and vocabulary in 3 months.

So lastly, do not pay more attention to how long it takes to learn French, rather you should focus on learning French daily. Moreover, set your goals for the total hours you need to study daily to complete the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels to become a pro at speaking French. Master French Language learning process and focus more on phrases and words.

So, buck up! Tie your seat belts and fast-track your journey of learning French.

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