How to Learn French Language | 8 Tips to Learn French Language

how to learn french language

If you ask us How to learn French Language, it is not that difficult a task. Rather, learning the French language is quite beneficial in today’s scenario. Everyone is seeking new opportunities for a better standard of living and a bright future. There are numerous career opportunities in the field of any foreign language.

Talking particularly about the French language, learning any foreign language is quite complex and an inclusive process that requires a systematic process and a proper methodology.

There is no denying the delicacy of the French language, particularly in the way it sounds. However, because of difficulties with grammar and spelling, many novices find it difficult to grasp.

But no need to worry. We are here to tell you some of the best ways to learn French. Following these ways, you can learn French quite efficiently.

8 Guiding points to Learn French faster:


The first basic thing that you need to do before starting the language learning process is to get aware of your own way. Yes! Your own way.

It means that first you should think of the way which makes you learn faster. Once you get aware of that, implement the same in the French language learning process.


French has 16 vowel sounds and 23 consonants. 20 consonants and 6 vowels are already known to English speakers. There are now 3 new consonants and 10 new vowels for you to learn.

Understanding the French alphabet and how each letter is pronounced is essential. You currently have homework for the rest of the day if you haven’t previously begun learning French sounds.


Without a love of literature, learning a language is practically impossible. Even if Proust or Hugo are too difficult for you right now, you shouldn’t stop reading in French altogether.

When you ask a variety of experts for their advice on learning French, they will all agree that novices should start modestly and with books that are straightforward and simple to grasp.

You should also go through reading some best books like Harry Potter. It will really help you to make a base in the language in the initial stages.


It’s the truth that listening always teaches you more. Watching movies or listening to other types of audio greatly aids language learning, particularly when you are trying to learn a foreign tongue.

Thus, you must prefer watching movies, dramas, web series etc. in French language. This will help you learn French in a fast, easy and fun way.


You must practice frequently if you want to learn French language. Learning comes from practice, and practice comes from study. However, learning does not just entail spending hours glued to a book.

Avoid doing this. Always study in brief sessions and more frequently. After finishing a lesson, take a brief break, think back on it, and then practise saying the words out.

This strategy will not only help you learn French quickly, but it will also make it easier for you to retain information for a considerable amount of time.


When you are learning any language, the main thing to focus more on is the grammar of that particular language. We strongly advise to pay as much attention to the grammatical rules and facts. Try to keep as much as you can in your mind. You can also make self notes for the important rules and facts.


Regardless of how many words you have learned. Try to construct sentences with them. Face your loved ones and friends and speak. Speak in front of a mirror to practice. Your self-confidence will increase as a result, and your learning process will be enhanced and accelerated.


Let us tell you that self-study is not for everyone. Self-study is not at all efficient when it comes to learning a completely unknown language. You must have a tutor that will guide you timely in your learning process. A good tutor that can instruct you in the best way possible is really crucial.

Thus, you must select the top institute for learning French. There are a lot of institutions providing French language courses. We recommend you the best. You must opt for KOCHIVA which is the top institution to provide the best online French course.


Although learning a language on your own is difficult, using the strategies we’ve provided will get you off to a terrific start. Finding a qualified tutor as soon as you can help you learn more efficiently and, most importantly, speak French frequently.

Practice reading, listening, and writing in French as well as speaking it whenever you can. Additionally, we advise making weekly summaries of your learnings to help it retain in your memory and keep you motivated as you observe your development.

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Question 1-  Is French easy to learn?

Answer– Although learning French is rather simple, it does take some time and effort. I have to concur with the Foreign Language Institute that French is among the easiest languages for English speakers to learn because it is closely linked to English. Having a large common vocabulary is quite helpful.

Question 2-  Can I learn French in 3 months?

Answer-It is achievable if you are receiving coaching or instruction from a top educator like KOCHIVA and working really hard during the learning process. Learning French is surprisingly simple because it requires constant review of the facts and regulations.

Question 3- How do I start French?

Answer–  There is a proper sequence of starting to learn French. Herewith, we give you a brief set of instructions. You can adhere to it to begin learning French.

You can begin learning French by beginning with the sounds, hiring a tutor, finding a language exchange, exploring French culture, reading in French, paying close attention to French audio, watching movies and television, among other strategies.

Question 4- Is French easy or Hindi?

Answer– If you put any effort into it, French is easier to learn than Hindi. Unlike English and Hindi, French is less format-oriented and is more apolitical and informal.

Question 5- Which is the easiest language?

Answer– Given its many similarities to English, Frisian is regarded as the easiest language to learn. In addition, learning Dutch, Swedish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and Norwegian, among other languages, is quite simple.

Question 6- What is the hardest language to learn?

Answer– Interestingly, the hardest language to learn is also the most widely spoken native language in the world. Mandarin Chinese is challenging for a number of reasons.