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If you are wondering How to learn French Language, believe me it is not a difficult task. Learning French Language is quite beneficial nowadays. Everyone wants to seek new opportunities for a better living and a bright future.

There are many career opportunities in the field of any foreign language. Foreign language learning is quite a complex and inclusive process. Specifically, French lingo is famous for its elegance and the way it sounds.

Moreover, French Language Learning requires a systematic and proper method.

After German and Spanish, people speak French in Europe. The proportion of speakers is rising in countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. French speakers have spread their roots in Greece, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

There is no denying the delicacy of the French, particularly in the way it sounds.

But, because of difficulties with grammar and spelling, many novices find it difficult to grasp. So, we are here to tell you some of the best ways to learn.


Top 10 Best Way How to Learn French language in 2023


1) Know the Best Way to Learn French
2) Start with French Sounds
3) Focus more on Reading at the Beginning
4) Prefer Learning from Audio
5) Focus more on Grammar
6) Watch shows and movies in French
7) Enrich your vocabulary by adding French words and phrases
8) Greet others in French
9) Immersive French Learning
10) Carefully use French cognates


1) Know the Best Way to Learn French

The first thing that you need to do before starting the language learning process is to get aware of where to start.

Hence, it means that first, you should think of the way which makes you learn faster. Once you become aware, follow the same in the French language learning process.

  • Study at regular intervals rather than one long sitting –

Learning comes from practice, and practice comes from study. Learning French does not entail spending hours glued to a book. Always study in brief sessions. After finishing a lesson, have a short break, think about it, and practice saying the words.

So, how to learn French? Various resources are available for reading like:

  1. Le Petit Prince,
  2. Tintin comic series,
  3. Monsieur Ibrahim et Les Fleurs du Coran, etc.
  • Try to speak in French daily-

You might feel uncomfortable when you speak for the first time. You get used to it slowly by building confidence at an early stage. Find Pals who are fluent in French and converse with them for at least 20 minutes every day.

  • Try to take classroom sessions –

French is majorly studied in schools and universities. So, how to learn French language? Classroom Learning is more intensive and involves regular study with feedback. French Language Learning depends upon, how big is the classroom and how engaging the teachers are. Interacting with fellow classmates becomes a valuable part of the language-learning process.


2)Start with French Sounds

French has 16 vowel sounds and 23 consonants. Twenty consonants and six vowels are already known to English speakers.

There are now three new consonants and ten new vowels for you to learn.

So, How to learn French language? Understanding the alphabet and familiarizing with the French sounds is part of the French language learning process.


3)Focus more on Reading at the Beginning

Without love for literature, learning a language is impossible. If Proust or Hugo is too difficult, you should not stop reading altogether. So, look for some readings that are simpler to understand.

When you ask advice from a variety of experts on learning French, they will all agree that novices should start with books that are simple to grasp.

How to speak French fluently? Learn by reading some best books like Harry Potter in French. It will also assist you in having a base in the initial stages. Start by reading news in French and subscribe to newsletters.


4) Prefer Learning from Audio

So, how to learn French through audio:

  • Firstly, Read the transcripts and Listen to French audio books from audible or rent them if available.
  • Secondly, You should hear French Podcasts like Coffee Break French which is considered to be the best for beginners.
  • Thirdly, Prefer to watch movies, dramas, and web series in French, which will help you learn French faster and in a fun way.
  • Finally, Explore YouTube Channels that teach online:
  1. Kochiva
  2. Innerfrench
  3. Piece of French, etc.


5)Focus more on Grammar

When you are learning any language, the main thing to focus is the French grammar. We strongly advise paying as much attention to the grammatical rules and facts and keeping as much as you can in your mind.

You can also make self-notes for the facts and figures.

  • Article usage– Articles [la] for Feminine nouns and [le] for masculine nouns. Indefinite articles like [un] and [une] for masculine and feminine nouns.
  • Verb Conjugation– French verbs change when the subject changes. Also, learn conjugation verbs for regular and irregular verbs.
  • Verb Tenses– There is 12 actively used verb tenses. Start with the Present tense and past participle, and focus on future tense Irregular forms.


6) Watch shows and movies in French 

Movies are an excellent source for French language learning. If you love to watch movies in your free time, why not constructively use them? Watch movies with French subtitles, and turn them off once you have already listened to improve your communication skills.

How to make French Learning more entertaining? Watch movies in French that you have watched previously, as you do not have to worry about following a plot. Additionally, while watching movies in French will help you stimulate your mind to think more about French.


7) Enrich your vocabulary by adding French words and phrases

The first thing you should do is adding French words and phrases to French language learning.

Use flashcards to remember French words and phrases. Start building your French vocabulary. Learn about people, places, or things that are around you.

Familiarize with French phrases:

How are you going? = Comment allez-vous?

How is it going? = Comment ça va?

Everything is going well! = Tout va bien!

Thus, you must select the top Institute for learning French. Many institutions provide French language courses.

We would like to recommend you the best Institute.

You must join KOCHIVA, a top institution that provides the best online French course.

8) Greet others in French

One of the best answers to the question How to learn French is to start greeting others in the language itself. Greetings in French like:

Hello = Bonjour

Good evening= Bonsoir!

Goodbye= Au revoir!

Please= S’il vous plaît.

You are welcome= e Vous en prie.

Thank you= Merci


9) Immersive French Learning

Get yourself immersed in the French language to enhance your skills. Diving in the French language will help you to become more fluent. It will also help you to know more about French culture. So, start building a foundation in a foreign language at the beginning before jumping into a foreign locale.

How to learn French language in immersive way? There is no hard and fast rule. Immersing yourself in French languages helps you learn faster and improve your communication skills. You can use other resources as well to boost your learning power.

There are thousands of books that are available in French. So, immerse yourself in a foreign language by listening to music, reading magazines, and other resources for self-improvisation.


10) Carefully use French cognates

Be very particular with French cognates. Cognates mean words that are the same in two languages.

Cognates have different pronunciations, but our mind keeps fighting and struggling to speak that word in French.

Hence, many students think that it is easy. But when they use the word, they forget, it is the same in English and French.

Students find it very hard to speak the word (chocolat). (Ch) is soft in (French), as in (shave). Finally, (T) is silent and pronounced as (Shocola). But many students wrongly speak it as (tshocolat).


Brief Conclusion( How to Learn French Language)

French language learning on your own is quite a difficult task. Using the strategies provided will get you off to a terrific start. Therefore, find a qualified tutor to learn in a more efficient way and speak French frequently.

Practice reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Additionally, we advise making weekly summaries of your learning to help your memory retain and keep you motivated as you observe your development.

You must enroll yourself with the best of the faculty.

Lastly, Kochiva provides the best language training. You can enquire about anything. All you need to do is click Kochiva. Kochiva gives you the best online French course available that will make you fluent in French in the shortest period.

With KOCHIVA, get the ideal French classes for you, and begin your path to fluency. Voilà!


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – Is French easy to learn?

Answer – Although learning French is simple, it takes time and effort. Just get yourself enrolled in a French Language Program. So, practice speaking on regular basis. Follow the Pattern and start your journey to French Language Learning Process.

 Question 2-  How Can I learn French in 3 months?

Answer – It is achievable if you enroll in coaching from a top educator like KOCHIVA and work hard during the French language-learning process. Learning French is surprisingly simple because it has common words with English.

Question 3-How do I start French?

Answer –  There is a proper sequence of starting to learn French. You can begin learning French by starting with the sounds, hiring a tutor, finding a language exchange partner, exploring French culture, reading French books and magazines, paying close attention to French audio and watching movies and television, among other strategies.

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