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best online spanish classes in india Hey there! Are you looking for the Best Online Spanish Classes in India? Spanish is a global language. It is the official language of 20 countries.

Spanish is the second most common language spoken as a first language in the world, with 329 million native speakers, according to Ethnologue. It is significantly behind the Chinese (1.2 billion) but slightly ahead of the English (327 million).

There is a growing demand for Spanish speakers in India. Hence, demand for Online Spanish Classes has continuously moved upwards. With its unique structure and sound, Spanish is highly acceptable in today’s scenario. Besides English and French, it is one of the most taught languages in schools.

Many people today are looking for Spanish education online. To strengthen their skills, they require a teacher and competent direction. As a result, we are offering you a variety of online Spanish language courses here.

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Top 7 Best Online Spanish Classes for 2024


1.) Kochiva Linguistic : (Best Online Spanish Classes)
2.) Lingoda : (Best for Everything)
3.) Rocket Language : (Best for On the Go)
4.) Rosetta Stone : (Best Immersion-Based)
5.) Indian Institute of Foreign Languages : (Best for Corporate Training)
6.) Instituto Hispania : (Best for Cultural)
7.) Lengalia : (Best for Private Class)


1.) Kochiva Linguistic: (Best Online Spanish Classes)


Kochiva Institute Provides the Best Online Spanish Classes in India is an ed-tech venture with 20 years of experience in Foreign Language and IT companies helping people enhance employability.

It does so with industry-centric courses in Foreign Languages. Project-based learning and interactive classes help learners get advanced knowledge of the skill they are acquiring.

It focuses on speaking practice and helps create a real-life atmosphere with real-time professionals. With the highly experienced and certified faculty, Kochiva shall definitely make you fluent in the Spanish Language in the shortest possible time.

The affordable fee structure allows learners to have the Best Online Spanish Language Class experience. Kochiva provides Spanish online classes with a customized curriculum to cater to the different needs of adults, working professionals, and kids. We understand how important personal attention is in online classes. Hence, the batch size of Kochiva is not more than 8-12 Students. It also assists in the preparation for exams like DELE as well.

The following is information regarding their course structure:

1.)Beginners Level: Includes A1 & A2 (50 hours each)

2.)Intermediate Level: Includes B1 & B2 (80 hours each)

3.)Advance Level: Includes C1 & C2 (80 hours each) Their language program is as follows:

First Module: Familiarization with the Spanish Language

Second Module: Communication

Third Module: Writing with Ease

Fourth Module: Vocabulary Wisdom

E-Mail Address–

Contact Number9872334466


For more information, you can visit the official website of Kochiva. Get your registration today with us.

Kochiva also provides these Courses:

German Language Course

French Language Course

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2.) Lingoda: (Best for Everything)


Lingoda is a European Language School in Berlin. Avail access to the best online Spanish classes with Lingoda. It conducts lessons in English, French, German, and Spanish via Zoom meetings.

The school uses CEFR standards to describe levels and provides certificates when you complete the course. The native speakers act as instructors. Classes are scheduled all over the world 24/7.

Their training is communication-based, with speaking practice throughout the sessions. The classes are small enough with no more than 5 students.

They deal in creating an interactive environment with a mixture of cultures. Lingoda also provides a seven-day free trial. The course includes grammar explanations with more focus on speaking and listening activities.

You can also take one-on-one classes with a tutor. The highlight of this course is regular speaking practice.

3.) Rocket Language: (Best for On the Go)



Rocket Language provides the Best Online Spanish Course. They mainly focus on improving pronunciation. Rocket Spanish allows you to have lifetime access to the course.

Their main focus is practicing on-the-spot speaking. This institute provides tons of downloadable audio tracks that prepare your ear for Spanish. Connecting with people not just improves grammar, but also allows one to understand another culture.

Many institutes follow the same approach to teaching courses. However, Rocket Spanish crafts the course and includes what is practical, relevant, and useful.

Motivation is the key to learning a language. They keep you on track so that you can make a better future.

4.) Rosetta Stone: (Best Immersion-Based)


Rosetta Stone offers one of the best-known Online Spanish Courses. Covering courses in 25 Languages. Highly-structured program with user-friendly software for learners.

Anyone can access lessons on desktop or mobile devices and anywhere. In addition to lessons, you also get stories and phrasebooks. It also offers instant feedback from speech recognition technology and an audio companion.

This program claims that after a few months, learners will be able to both read and speak Spanish. Some advantages are; Firstly, Comprehensive informational resources. Secondly, Naturally stimulates the language-learning process. Thirdly, Platform for learning multiple languages.

5.) Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (IIFLS)


Now, learn Spanish online and offline in Bangalore through the Indian Institute of Foreign Languages.  They provide the best online Spanish Course through a Spanish expert tutor.

IIFLS has a small size of the batch to ensure proper engagement. You can choose from a weekday or a weekend batch as per your choice. They have batches with all levels from beginners to advance.  Some highlights are:

1.)Interactive Techniques- Firstly, Spanish online classes are interactive and engaging. Continuous assessment for the evaluation of performance.

2.)User-Friendly Approach- Secondly, trainers encourage interaction and easy techniques for learning.

3.)Enhance all skills-  Moreover, trainers ensure the regular practice of all skills. They cover reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

6.) Instituto Hispania: (Best for Cultural)

( Top Spanish Course Online)


Instituto Hispania offers online Spanish classes in a fun way. Their teaching is a perfect way to plunge into this comprehensive language. They offer a wide array of courses besides regular programs from A1 to C1.

It also offers custom courses for children and other benefits like exam preparation. Also, they follow an effective teaching approach. The objective is to improve vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and sentence formation.

Experts have 25-year experience and professional teaching staff. IIFL is accredited with the Center for SIELE and D.I.E. They offer audio files after each level with downloadable content.

7.) Lengalia: (Best for Private Class)


24 Online Spanish classes by Lengalia allow you to work at your own pace. There is no fixed schedule, so you can learn what you want and when you want. Sometimes, you need extra help, expert tutors are always available.

On the Lengalia website, you can take a placement test to determine the Level you want to start.

Another unique feature is no obligation on the 14-day trial as you can cancel it without any extra charges. You have nothing to lose. Once you subscribe you have access to all the content.

Wrapping Up

Spanish is the second most spoken native language worldwide after Chinese. Moreover, it is the official language of International Organizations like WHO, UN, EU, WTO, etc.

So, if you wish to learn Spanish from the comfort of your house, you can consider Kochiva’s Best Online Spanish Classes. Start at any time! There is no age to learn Spanish.

Our well-experienced teachers guide you throughout your journey. Hence, whatever your goal may be, Kochiva has suitable courses for all levels. Kochiva welcomes every learner with open arms.

Evidently, there are many benefits to learning the Spanish language. Moreover, with Kochiva you are able to discover the best way to learn Spanish. So, do you have any doubts or queries? You can contact us anytime through a phone call or website. Lastly, Kochiva is always there for you!