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Spanish is a demanding and professional language. The best ways to learn Spanish involve a combination of practice and speaking daily. All language learners provide their best when lessons are informational. Every language needs focus and determination to speak fluently. Whether you have months, weeks, or days, keep a record of your routine to learn. Whether you want to boost your academic profile or build up your linguistic skills, it will benefit your life. So here are some ideas for learning:


Top 12 Best ways to Learn Spanish Online in 2022

1). Watch Spanish Movies and Series:

Watch Spanish Movies and series

Watching different language movies and series helps a lot. Hearing words and understanding them can improve our language competence. Learning and Entertainment are the best ways to learn the Spanish language online. While watching a movie, we can learn just without any cost. Storytelling makes us understand more complex things and hence one of the best ways to learn Spanish.

Try viewing Spanish-language movies with English subtitles if you’re just starting out. Try watching Spanish-subtitled movies once you’ve advanced over the introductory level.

Even if it may seem strange, reading and watching in Spanish at the same time is really effective. Listening abilities mature far more slowly than reading abilities. My pronunciation really improved by reading and listening at the same time.

You can learn more about regional dialects and experience various Spanish-speaking cultures by watching Spanish-language movies. Fortunately, Mexico and Spain, two of the nations with the most distinct Spanish accents, are also the countries that create the most Spanish-language movies.


2). Learn Online Courses:

Learn Online Courses

Spanish language online course is available on platforms like Kochiva, Coursera, Lengalia, Edx, study Spanish.com, Udemy, rocket Spanish, rosetta stone Spanish, and many other sites. Online Spanish course help to understand and speak the Spanish language. These lessons enable regular learning by doing and building a habit among learners so we can excel in a particular Lingo. These courses encourage one to learn the Spanish language online.

Taking some online Spanish courses is a very efficient way to study Spanish on your own. Since we almost always have our laptops, tablets, and phones with us while we travel, you may access any online course from anywhere at any time.

how to study Spanish independently

The top foreign language programmes, including French, German, and Spanish, are offered by Kochiva. However, its Spanish language instructors are extremely qualified and skilled. additionally, a free demo is available here. The courses offered by Kochiva Institute range in difficulty from introductory to advanced. Even a “master” course is available to guide you toward complete fluency.


3). Listen to Radio and Podcasts:

Listening to podcast

Listening to the radio in a different Lingo is quite challenging but with consistent effort, one can never fail. While listening to the audio, not only improves our linguistic skills but enables us to start a basic conversation in a particular language. Listening to podcast speakers also allows us to attain a beginner’s level rank in that field.

A tough but enjoyable technique to learn Spanish during downtime is to listen to the radio in Spanish. It can be challenging to understand someone speaking a foreign language when you can’t see their mouth. I had a hard time understanding it at first, but I suggest persevering.

Listening to native Spanish speakers is something you may practise by listening to podcasts. Because they feature easy terminology and are spoken slowly and clearly, podcasts geared toward Spanish language learners are definitely where you should start.


4). Learn by Reading Dual Language Books:

Reading Dual Books

Reading dual language books is the best way to improvisation. With translation available on one side and Spanish text written on the other. Learning and reading should go hand in hand to improve your Spanish skills. Books like Side by Side Bilingual Books, Dover Dual Language, Learn Spanish parallel text, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, etc.


5). Conversations with a Language Partner:

Language Partners

Exchanging words with a partner can make language learning less monotonous and more social. A partner can help with pronunciation and aid one in grabbing the idioms and learn Spanish culture and traditions. Verbal conversations improve our speaking skills.

Many of us learn a lot faster when we collaborate. Your language learning experience will become more social and challenging with a language partner!

Sites like Conversation Exchange or MyLanguageExchange might help you discover a partner if you aren’t already living abroad in a Spanish-speaking nation. The majority of people who create profiles on these websites want to practise their language skills with someone who is fluent in it so that both parties can learn it.

Having a language exchange partner will aid you in acquiring Spanish idioms, pronunciation, and culture. You’ll be surprised at how rapidly you advance once you start interacting with your language exchange partner. When you are having fun learning a language, it won’t feel like effort.


6). Take Personalized sessions from a Tutor:

Personalized Tutor

Getting knowledgeable and interactive personalized sessions from the tutor can boost your language power and build your confidence to speak without fear and hesitation.

If personalized sessions are not available, then we can also use AI-based techniques to learn Spanish. The tutor not only provides us with basic knowledge but also resolves any doubts regarding that aspect.

The best approach to accelerate your language learning once more is to get a tutor, especially if you aren’t routinely exposed to Spanish as I was while I was studying.

Your ability to find a native Spanish tutor, even for a little period of time, may be constrained by where you live. Fortunately, there are many available online instructors.


7). Immersive Learning (Best ways to Learn Spanish):

Immersive Learning

Immersing yourself in the Spanish language wouldn’t cost much. You can learn it at home or the workplace by meditating on words, reading vernacular newspapers, making sticky notes to enhance your competence, completing your daily tasks, searching on social media with Spanish hashtags, listening to music in that dialect, etc.

Immersive learning promotes interaction and experimentation with VR and provides the best ways to learn Spanish fast in a few months.


8). Downloading different Lingo Applications:

Download different Lingo Application

Downloading language applications and software can help us to Visualize and Analyze Spanish words. Many language applications like Duolingo, LingQ, and Reword can track how many words are memorized in a day.

It also allows users to create a word list, and learn phrases, idioms, sentences, etc. There’s a lot of downloadable audio material which you can listen to even if you are offline.

Try out the fantastic app LingQ. There is a tonne of things it offers, such as the capacity to keep track of the terms you’ve learned, a playlist to shuffle information, targets so you know what you’re working toward, and a lot more. There is a tonne of audio content available for download, so you may continue learning Spanish even if you are offline.

Additionally, they offer vocabulary review using the SRS, or spaced repetition system, which ensures that words you’ve already acquired are continually used in your classes. In this manner, the words are retained in your memory and are not forgotten. The SRS allows for vocabulary expansion by providing new terms as reinforcement.


9). Regularly Watch Spanish News:

Regularly Watch spanish News

Watch Spanish news and updates and analyze whether you can understand the words. Share the information with your language partner to check whether you speak correctly.

Watching Spanish news every morning makes one habitual of getting awareness about current affairs and improving your abilities and skills. It is one of the best ways to learn Spanish on your own as it is cost-free.

Another excellent approach to fit in the 20 to 30 minutes of Spanish practice that will be your daily bread and butter as a self-taught learner is to start the day by reading the news in Spanish.

10). Change your Mobile Language to Spanish:

Change your Mobile Language into Spanish

We all use mobile devices for entertainment and work purposes. So change the language settings to a different dialect so that you can look up new words and phrases.

Use your social media applications to send and read messages in Spanish. Changing the settings of your mobile language is an effortless and smooth way to learn.

I get that this one could sound a little challenging, especially if you’re just starting out. But wouldn’t it make sense to make that modification on your phone if the objective is to incorporate Spanish into your daily life?

This could be challenging if you don’t speak Spanish very well. Wait until you at least have a basic understanding of Spanish, ideally. However, if you are already familiar with where everything is on your phone, try it out (you can always switch back if it becomes too much for you).


11). Practice Before you Speak:

Practice before you Speak

Someone has rightly said that “Practice makes a man perfect” so whenever you are learning something, always rehearse it in front of the mirror to become perfect.

Try to mentally rehearse whatever you read in that language, whether it is a social media post, news, or a restaurant menu. Once you build this habit of practicing daily then the mind will get better at fabricating Spanish sentences more confidently.


12). Learn Spanish from Youtube Platforms :

youtube lesson

YouTube has provided a large amount of content that is made available for free or with a subscription. Channels have vast information available and are one of the best ways to learn Spanish online.

Many of us make resolutions like “I ’m going to learn Spanish this year.” But, we run out of our promises because of a lack of engagement and enjoyment. So there are many platforms or channels on YouTube that provide that content.

Many channels like Español con Juan, Butterfly Spanish, Lirica, Culture Alley, etc. Through Youtube, we can also subscribe to these channels, add them to our watchlist and turn on the bell icon to get notifications. Kochiva also has a YouTube channel that provides all the content.



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