what is b1 level spanish

B1 level Spanish is also known as “ Intermediate” or “ Threshold”. At this level, students can communicate key points from authentic speech. They talk about the duration of actions that started in the past and continue in the present, and the situations with different events.

The students will also know how to interact on the majority of topics related to past, present and future events. At the end of the B1 level, the students will be able to describe plans, desires, events, hopes, and experiences. They can briefly give explanations and reasons about opinions using various forms of tenses and good intermediate vocabulary.

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Types of exams and Institutes Spanish Language

So, There are two main types of exams to get a diploma in Spanish i.e  DELE and SIELE. DELE ( Diploma de español como lengua extranjera) is an official degree or diploma that certifies mastery in Spanish language. The exam divides in 6 parts A1, A2, B1, B2 C1and C2 and candidate can give at any level. SIELE ( Servicio Internacional de valuación de la lengua española) is the same as DELE exam but diploma is valid for only 5 years whereas DELE is valid for lifetime.

Now comes, who conducts the exam? The well-known Cervantes institute conducts the exam worldwide, It is a non-profit organization.  On behalf of the government of Spain, they perform duty as represented by the ministry of education, culture and sports.

How long will it take to finish Level B1?

B1 level is the level where actual conversions start. So, how long does it take to learn Spanish language? You require approximately 150 – 180 hours to complete B1 level and sit for DELE exam.

How to get from A1 to B1 level?

A language is like a road trip, to reach your destination you have to devote time, you might get obstacles during your journey but the journey will be fun and when you will reach your destination it will be worth it.

In the beginning, you will make tons of mistakes, but remember when you make mistakes you learn better. Set a goal to complete a language till you think of it, this will set your motivation to learn a language, and remind you of why you are learning Spanish when the going gets tough.

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