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In this blog, we are going to acquire knowledge about A2 Level of Spanish Language along with the queries surrounding this topic. So, let’s jump right into it!

Spanish, a romance language, is also referred to as Castilian. It is also known as Castilian because the Spanish language emerged in the Castile region of Spain.  The Spanish Language originated from a dialect of spoken Latin. Moreover, it is the 4th most spoken language globally. There are 21 countries that have Spanish as their official language, also known as Hispanic countries. 

Learning a new language can be exciting as well as overwhelming. There are innumerable ways to learn a new language. Spanish is divided into 6 levels, ranging from A1 to C2. Every level consists of explanations regarding reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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 What is Level of Spanish?

There are 6 levels of Spanish namely A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. A1 being the beginner level and progressing to C2 which is an advanced level. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) systemized as well as classified language based on proficiency levels. 


What is the level of Spanish A2?

A2 Level Spanish is considered as the Elementary level of the language. This is the second stage of the Spanish levels. A2 level builds a foundation to read basic texts, understand common words along with being able to express generic details like family background, daily routine, etc. 

A seeker that reaches A2 level is no longer a beginner who knows nothing about the language. A2 Level in Spanish implies that the student already possesses the ability to make simple sentences as well as describe a few things in Spanish using common expressions related to family, shopping, etc. 

In the A2 level of Spanish, a student becomes fluent in describing the environment and daily activities in Spanish, is familiar with basic expressions, describing simple sentences using Spanish language and talk about hobbies along with family life.

What is the syllabus of A2 Level Spanish?

Seekers pursuing A2 Level Spanish are able to grasp as well as understand the communicative bit of the language even better and are more confident about their knowledge of the language. New lessons are introduced including vocabulary, culture and grammar along with their explanation and exercises. 

Additionally, A2 Level takes cumulatively about 160-200 hours to finish. Under the grammar section, students learn present-tense verb forms, an introduction to the past tense, the conditional mood, imperatives, impersonal constructions and reported speech. Aspirants gather profound knowledge of Spanish-speaking regions and cultures by comprehending their history, culture, literature as well as contemporary issues. 


What does an A2 Level Spanish course consist of?

An A2 Level Spanish course consists of vocabulary for various everyday situations, equips students with enough linguistic ability to understand generic words as well as expressions used in the Spanish language. 

During the course, students gain elementary listening, writing and speaking skills. Qualified Spanish teachers are provided who give assignments at the end of every session along with mid-term and final exams at every level. Aspirants are also provided presentations regarding cultural and academic activities.  


In Conclusion, if you wish to learn Spanish, a deep understanding of the six levels of the language is necessary. As Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the World, it is extremely beneficial to learn this language and it enables you to converse with more and more people across the globe as well as widens your horizon by learning about their culture and heritage. 

Furthermore, with the help of these levels, you can track your growth and achieve the goals set by you. Being multilingual increases the opportunities of employment placement and Spanish being highly famous makes it a good choice. So, if you yearn to learn a new language, Spanish is a great option. 

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