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Online Spanish Classes for Kids are currently quite popular. It has recently gained popularity across all vocations and age groups.

According to Ethnologue, with 329 million native speakers, Spanish is the second most popular first language in the world. It behind the Chinese (1.2 billion) by quite a bit but exceeds the English (327 million).

In India, there is a rising need for Spanish speakers. As a result, the demand for online Spanish classes for kids has grown steadily. With its unique form and sound. Additionally, learning Spanish can improve your child’s cognitive development too!

Moreover, with a rise in Spanish speakers globally, this is the perfect time to enrol your child with best Institute. Online classes are convenient and also effective to introduce your child to the this language.

So, why not give it a try? Your child might just develop a love for Spanish! We have curated a list of top online Spanish Institute for kids:

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Top 7 Online Spanish Classes for Kids in 2024


1.) Kochiva Linguistic
2.) Preply
3.) Spanish Academy
4.) Kids Club Spanish School
5.) Instituto Hispania
6.) Instrucko
7.) Let’s Speak Spanish


1.) Kochiva Linguistic


Kochiva is a well-known institute for its Spanish Language Classes for kids as well as adults in India through Online. They are a really popular choice among parents who want to give their children the best opportunity to learn Spanish.

Here For children of various ages, online Spanish classes are offered. Younger children are taught the basic concepts of Spanish, including salutations, numbers, and colours. For older kids, they teach more advanced Spanish grammar to further help them understand it better.

Kochiva Linguistic offers Spanish classes which are affordable. The classes are taught by experienced instructors who use interactive activities to make Spanish fun. In addition to learning, children are also exposed to Spanish culture. This further helps them gain a greater understanding of the world.

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Kochiva also provides other courses for adults as well as kids:

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2.) Preply

Preply is an online platform that connects language learners with qualified tutors worldwide. Spanish for kids is one of many language learning options they offer. Their tutors have experience working with children so that they can create engaging and effective lessons tailored to each student’s needs and goals.

In addition to flexibility and personalised lesson plans, Preply offers a variety of resources to support Spanish language learning for kids, such as interactive exercises, educational games, and videos. Parents can book a half-hour lesson and easily reschedule or cancel a class up to four hours before the start time. Preply has trainers in every time zone, so parents can find a Spanish tutor that fits their schedule.

They mainly focus on conversational Spanish, and their lesson plans are tailored to each student’s needs and goals. So if a flexible schedule is something that you are looking for, this might be a good option for you.


3.) Spanish Academy

Spanish Academy provides online Spanish for children aged five and up. The curriculum is designed for each age group, and all students receive the same high-quality education.

Their focus on one-to-one and two-person classes can provide an opportunity for personalised attention and tailored instruction, which can be especially helpful for younger learners. Teachers are certified and assign homework, quizzes and exams to evaluate progress. Report cards are also provided to track progress.

Homeschool Spanish Academy (HSA) provides Spanish lessons for kids of all ages, including preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. This can not only help children develop language skills but also expose them to different cultures and broaden their horizons.


4.) Kids Club Spanish School

The Spanish school uses the N2N method, which stands for “Native to Native.” This method combines native Spanish-speaking teachers with children who are comfortable with digital technology.

Their goal is to provide an immersive Spanish language learning experience that feels natural for children. Their approach is that by using native-speaking teachers, children can learn accurate pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary from the start.

The combination of native-speaking teachers and also digital learning tools creates an engaging and effective learning environment for children to learn Spanish.


5.) Instituto Hispania

This institution in India aims to introduce the Spanish language and also Hispanic culture to younger generations. They have courses designed for children aged 6 to 12 years old.

Instituto Hispania’s courses have different topics based on the age of the children, and the teaching method is adapted to their learning needs. The classes are interactive and fun, with games as well as activities that encourage children to work together and learn from each other.

By using multimedia and audio-visual materials, the courses are engaging and help children become familiar with the Hispanic culture.


6.) Instrucko

Learn Spanish online with engaging lessons taught by DELF-certified experts at Instrucko.

They feature real-life conversational skills, storytelling, and content created by international experts. Their syllabus covers the Spanish alphabet, greetings, pronunciation, vocabulary, and general knowledge about Spanish-speaking countries.

Moreover, it is aligned with CBSE, IB, IGCSE, and ISCSE curriculums. The classes are taught by teachers from India and native Spanish speakers, with options for one-to-one or group classes.


7.) Let’s Speak Spanish

Let’s Speak Spanish Institute uses a personalised teaching method to make it easy and natural for children to learn Spanish.

Unlike other options mentioned, you can choose which tutor your child will work with Let’s Speak Spanish. However, availability information is not visible until after signing up.

Furthermore, with native Spanish-speaking teachers and interactive tools like songs, games, and storytelling, their approach becomes very effective. They emphasize conversational skills to help kids become proficient in the language.


Wrapping Up

In summary, learning online Spanish for kids can be a great way for them to improve their memory, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills.

With more people speaking Spanish around the world, it’s a good time to enrol your child in an online Spanish class for kids

The schools we’ve mentioned in this blog all have different teaching methods, experienced teachers, and fun ways of learning to further help children learn Spanish in a natural and easy way.

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