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With over 475 million speakers worldwide, Spanish ranks amongst the most widely spoken languages globally. Because Spanish is spoken so commonly in Valencia, taking Spanish classes there is a good idea. Learning Spanish course in Valencia opens doors to various opportunities, enhances career prospects, enriches personal experiences, and fosters a sense of fulfillment and happiness.  

While there may be certain challenges in the learning process, mastering Spanish in Valencia is generally considered accessible and rewarding. If you’re an ambitious individual striving for career advancement, enrolling in Spanish lessons in Valencia can significantly contribute to your professional growth. To assist you in this journey, we’ve curated a selection of the top Spanish classes in Valencia

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The list of top 5 Spanish classes in Valencia  

1. Kochiva  
2. AIP Language Institute    
3. Taronja Spanish School     
4. Cervantes Escuela Internacional     
5. Don Quijote 


1. Kochiva


Kochiva is the best choice for online Spanish classes in Valencia. Our platform is popular among parents who want to provide their children with excellent opportunities to learn Spanish. Kochiva’s engaging and effective teaching methods make it a standout institute for mastering the Spanish language.  

Spanish classes in Valencia are offered here for kids of all ages. Younger students are taught basic concepts of Spanish, such as salutations, numbers, and colors, while older kids are taught much more advanced Spanish grammar to help them understand it better.  

Kochiva offers affordable online Spanish language courses in Valencia. The classes are taught by experienced instructors who use interactive activities to make studying Spanish a fun experience. In addition to language learning, children are also exposed to Spanish culture. This helps them gain a better understanding of the world around them, enriching their educational journey.  

Kochiva also provides Spanish language study courses in Valencia, along with other language learning courses for both adults and children. You can reach out to us through:   

Email –

Website –

Phone – +91 9872334466

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2. AIP Language Institute    

AIP Language Institute

AIP Language Institute offers advanced teaching methods based on the communicative approach of the Common European Framework of Reference for teaching Spanish. The institute boasts a team of highly qualified teachers who deliver high-quality Spanish language courses in Valencia. Weekly tests, quality control, and ongoing monitoring are key aspects of their program to maintain students’ and employees’ interest and motivation.  

AIP’s main aim is to offer its students the best possible courses and quality of teaching so that they can achieve great performance. To accomplish this, they have an academic department that coordinates an extensive team of teachers. Through constant classroom observation, teacher support, and the selection and creation of new teaching materials, Valencia’s Spanish classes guarantee the highest quality.   

They focus on the individual needs of each student through continuous supervision and personal interviews. This tailored approach helps ensure that every student receives the support and attention they need to succeed in learning Spanish.  

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3. Taronja Spanish School     

Taronja Spanish School

Taronja Spanish School’s teachers are university graduates with experience and training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Their Spanish Valencia classes are dynamic, and the instructors are always ready to address any questions or needs students might have.  

With their courses, you can improve your oral expression and learn in a fun way. Taronja is not only concerned with teaching Spanish. They like to have fun, too, and give great importance to the social and cultural integration of the students. According to the students, they have the highest-rated leisure program.    

At Taronja Spanish School, you’ll have the opportunity to learn various aspects of the Spanish language and its nuances. However, they believe the best way to learn a language is through immersive experiences.

That’s why, in addition to language lessons, they offer a full calendar of cultural and leisure activities. You can participate in excursions, parties, dinners, concerts, museum visits, and sports events. With these activities, you will make the most of your Spanish learning experience in Valencia. 

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4. Cervantes Escuela Internacional   

Cervantes Escuela Internacional

Cervantes offers Spanish classes in Valencia for foreign learners. They provide courses for all levels and ages, ensuring guaranteed results. With a maximum of 8 students per class, you will always learn Spanish in small groups, allowing for personalized attention. Courses start every Monday, making it easy to join at any time.  

If you join the Cervantes general Intensive course of 20 lessons per week, generally the classes are held between 9 am and 1 pm, Monday to Friday. Your Spanish proficiency level will be assessed once you arrive, and you will take a level test on your first morning with them.  

In addition to their courses, they offer a wide variety of weekend excursions. The cost varies depending on the destination of the excursions.  

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5. Don Quijote    

Don Quijote

Don Quijote’s Spanish school in Valencia offers a unique blend of cultural immersion and language learning. Located in a historic building with soaring stone archways and traditional architecture, the school exudes an ambiance of old-world charm. 

Their classrooms are designed to be bright and spacious, with high ceilings that create an open and inviting learning environment. Experienced teachers lead engaging lessons that focus on active participation and communication. Students practice speaking Spanish in real-life situations through interactive activities, group discussions, and role-playing exercises. 



Finding the right Spanish classes in Valencia is about knowing what you want to achieve and picking a course that matches your goals. Whether you want to get better at Spanish or dive into Spanish culture, learning the language offers many advantages, like better communication and job prospects.

So, choose the class that suits you best, and enjoy the journey of learning Spanish 

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