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Do you want to learn French in Melbourne? Are you looking for online French classes Melbourne? Then, you’re on the right track! Here is a fantastic selection of online French classes in Melbourne!   

In this Francophone world, where French is an official language in twenty-nine countries spanning five continents, learning French is not just a skill but a gateway to world-renowned artistic heritage. It unleashes a world of possibilities. Its fluency can empower your career, enrich your travels, and even keep your brain young.  

 In this article, we will provide you with a list of 6 online French classes Melbourne. Whether you are a beginner who is only fluent in “bonjour” or somebody who looking to level up their finesse, there is a perfect online course out there to learn French in Melbourne.

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Top 6 Best French Classes Melbourne   

  1. Kochiva Linguistics : (Best for online courses)  
  2. Alliance Française de Melbourne : (Best for everything)  
  3. The French Workshop : (Online French Courses):  
  4. inLanguage Boutique  : (Best for small & personalized classes)
  5. Superprof  : (Best for private tutors)
  6. Français Authentique  : (Best for Real Conversations Classes)


1. Kochiva Linguistics 
Kochiva Linguistics

Kochiva Linguistic offers online French classes Melbourne for beginners and to those who have been seeking fluency. It is an innovative platform that offers cutting-edge online French language courses in Melbourne. Kochiva’s online French classes prioritize a structured approach, ensuring you develop a strong foundation in all core language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.   

Students can choose from different levels, ensuring a personalized learning journey. They offer small batch classes with 8-10 students in a class, so every learner gets personalized attention.  

Kochiva’s French online classes demonstrate their dedication to effective language learning through technology. These interactive lessons, multimedia resources, and virtual practice sessions provide flexible and engaging opportunities for learners to acquire French language skills.

With a commitment to excellence and innovative teaching methods, Kochiva creates a supportive online community for those mastering French.  

Additionally, Kochiva Linguistics offers a French language course that enhances educational qualifications for the workplace. For more information about this course, explore Kochiva’s offerings. Book a demo today to interact with Kochiva and learn about the whole process of the French language course.

You can also prepare for the TEF Canada exam from Kochiva. For more information, Contact:  +91 98723 34466

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2. Alliance Française de Melbourne  

Alliance Française de Melbourne

Alliance Française de Melbourne is a Victorian premier French-language institution and boasts a stellar online learning platform. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive course catalog catering to all levels, from complete beginners (A1 and A2) to advanced learners (C1 and C2).

Classes are interactive and led by native French speakers, ensuring you develop a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.  

Their French Language Classes in Melbourne have a structured and clear learning progression from one level to the next. Their online platform is user-friendly and facilitates interaction with classmates and instructors.

They have small batch-size classes. Additionally, their cultural events and online resources provide a holistic approach to French language acquisition.  

Address: The Commons, 11 Wilson St Melbourne, VIC 3141


3. The French Workshop  

The French Workshop

Established in 2013, The French Workshop has been bridging the gap between French and Australians through individual and small-group French Language Courses in Melbourne. Their courses are designed for all age groups and foster a fun and engaging learning environment.  

In their French online courses, they prioritize communicating in French over other things. Here You would be encouraged to speak French from day one.

Additionally, they cater to specific needs, offering courses geared towards VCE French and travel preparation.

Contact: You can send them an email at or call directly on 0426 287 245


4. inLanguage Boutique  

inLanguage Boutique 

inangugage Boutique offers a wide range of French classes Brunswick, catering to all levels and learning styles. Their flexible approach empowers you to choose between group classes, private lessons, and even a travel course specifically designed to equip you with essential French for your next French adventure.  

Additionally, they are committed to providing the most up-to-date modern content that is relevant to today.  

Address: 365A Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057, Australia


 5. Superprof  

offers an individualistic approach to Learn French in Melbourne with online classes along with a professor of your choosing. On their website, they have about 2591 native French tutors in Melbourne. Take French lessons online with the convenience of virtual classrooms.

Learn french from the comfort of your home, fitting classes seamlessly into your schedule. And the best part is that the first lessons are always free so that you can choose the best prof according to your vibe.  

Moreover, they offer online French courses to a variety of individuals, catering to the variety of their needs and wants. There are several courses for beginners as well as several courses for Intermediate and expert levels.  


6. Français Authentique  

Français Authentique

Unlike the others on this list, Français Authentique isn’t for beginners! Their platform targets intermediate and advanced-level French learners who are seeking to refine their French. They offer a real-world immersion into the French language.

Courses utilize authentic materials like news articles, movies, and music, exposing you to everyday French used by native speakers. This approach equips you with the confidence and skills to navigate real-world conversations and understand contemporary French culture.  

The expert instructors here are qualified Native French speakers. They are all supportive and help the learners solve their problems. The students can interact and learn effectively from the tutors directly.

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The above-mentioned are some of the best French classes Melbourne has to offer. This diverse selection of online French classes Melbourne caters to all levels and learning styles. From structured programs with personalized feedback to immersive experiences using authentic materials, there’s a perfect fit for every francophone dream.

And the best part is that you can master this beautiful language from the comfort of your home! Consider factors like learning style, budget, and desired level of cultural immersion when making your choice.

Explore these options, find your ideal program, and embark on your journey towards mastering French.

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