TEF Canada Exam

The TEF Canada Exam is known as “Test d’Evaluation de Français” created in 1998 by the Paris-ILe-de-France to test French competence. International students must prove proficiency in at least one of the official languages of Canada to pursue higher education in Canada.

TEF Canada exam is mandatory for students who go to Canada via express entry. This exam is for both French and non-French immigrants but, French speakers have the upper hand.

Furthermore, the TEF exam is compulsory for those who want to apply for Canadian citizenship in near future.

TEF Canada exam is officially accepted and recognized by:

  • Swiss State Secretariat for Migration
  • The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • The French Ministry of the Interior
  • The French Ministry of Education
  • Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada
  • Quebec Ministry of Education, Francisation and Integration

When considering the difficulty of the test, the TEF Canada Exam is not that hard to crack. So, when you are in the rush mode, you don’t get answers to the questions and you have to re-take it. Be careful when giving the TEF exam.

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TEF Canada Exam Format – TEF exam Syllabus and Structure-


The TEF exam classifies into five modules that a candidate has to clear with a minimum of 7 points in the test. The test’s time and questions are as follows:

  1. Listening– 60 MCQs in 40 minutes
  2. Reading– 50 MCQs in 60 minutes
  3. Speaking– 2 different exercises in 15 minutes
  4. Writing– 2 exercises in 60 minutes
  5. Vocabulary and syntax– 40 MCQs in 30 minutes

The formats for each of the five TEF modules are shown below.


The candidate listens to the French soundtrack and solves MCQs based on that.


This module tests the candidate’s ability to read and solve questions after reading the document.


The speaking module analyzes students’ ability to communicate well in French. This section involves 2 different speaking exercises.


You have to write on 2 different topics and manage your time as you wish.

Vocabulary and Syntax

The vocabulary and Syntax test (LS) evaluates how candidates effectively pronounce and use incorrect grammar.

Please note that students must submit all exams on the same day so that, the certificate is recognizable and accepted by the Canadian government.

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Types of TEF Exams

There are various types of TEF exams as below:

  1. TEF for Studies – For studying in France.
  2. TEF(Resident Card) – Getting a resident card in France.
  3. TEF for Naturalization– To get French citizenship.
  4. TEF Canada– To receive Canadian Citizenship and immigrate to Canada.
  5. TEFAQ– To immigrate to Quebec province in Canada.

Please note that TEF and TEFAQ results are valid for 2 years from the date you give exams.

How to register for the TEF exam in Canada?

Applicants above 16 years of age can apply for TEF Canada Exam. Here’s a 6-step guide to registering for TEF Canada Exam:

  • Firstly, visit the official site of the TEF Exam.
  • Secondly, fill out the registration form accurately.
  • Thirdly, upload photographs with white background.
  • Fourth, upload the first and last page of your passport.
  • Fifth, fill NEFT reference payment number.
  • Sixth, after submission, students have 5 days for registering seats, otherwise allocated to the next on the waiting list. The exam is scheduled in all months throughout the year, but the test takes place only a few times a year.

After successful registration, candidates are eligible to sit for the TEF exam. Hence, after the exam, the TEF Canada exam result is out after 4- 6 weeks.

The score for TEF should be at least above 7, valid for 2 years. The TEF exam is graded on a scale of 7ranging from (0-6) that denotes basic competency, and 6 indicates fluency in French.

The Canadian level of proficiency is on the basis of a seven-level scale that conforms to the standards of CEFR and theCanadian Language Benchmark (CLB).


Rules and Regulations of the TEF Canada Exam

There is a predefined set of rules and regulations for the TEF test that every candidate must adhere to. On the day of the exam, candidates have to check in with the invigilator or any other supervisor with an official identity card and exam schedule notification.

After the identity check, the officials assign seats to candidates. They give answer sheets to candidates with credentials on them. No exits during the exam. Candidates leave once they submit their answer sheets or in case of an emergency.

Medical certificates are necessary to submit in case of emergency.

If a candidate does any mischief or fraud, the candidate is not allowed to appear in the exam for a specific period.


French TEF Exam Fees in India

Are you wondering, how much it costs to prepare for the TEF Canada exam? The TEF exam fees depend on the test you sign up for and the country for which you are giving.

The TEF exam fees in India costs between Rs 15,000- 40,000 depending upon the number of papers. In case of cancellation or rescheduling before the registration deadline, a non-refundable charge of $75takes place. After registration, there is no processing of the refund. Payment happens in form of cash, cheque, online, visa, or MasterCard.

TEF exams testing Centers in India for 2023

TEF exam centers in India do not remain permanent. The list keeps on changing. Here is the list of centers for the TEF exam in 2023:

India’s official TEF Canada exam testing centers are

1.) Ahmedabad

2.) Bhopal

3.) Chandigarh

4.) Lucknow

5.) Hyderabad

6.) Chennai

7.) Mumbai


Final Thoughts

TEF exam preparation online looks a bit challenging but, with the right mindset and efforts, you can surely pass the test. You will never need to pile up infinite books and notes for your French learning and TEF exam preparation.

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