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B1 level French is the third level in the Common European Framework of References (CEFR). Level B1 also known as ‘Threshold’ or ‘Breakthrough’ stage. When you pass the b1 French exam, you move into an intermediate level of French which makes you an “independent speaker”. 

It is the stage through which French speaker moves away from the most simplistic language to cope with complex situations that encounter when traveling in French speaking countries

A student at B1 level can write a clear concise text about a topic and can comprehend the majority of topics at jobs, schools, or hobbies. The clearance of the B1 French level is the minimum requirement to apply for a residence permit in France

To prove your competence in French, you need to sit for an official French exam. Hence, B1 CEFR is the minimum requirement to apply for French nationality. Luckily! You will not be asked to sing “La Marseillaise”. 

So, there is an urgent need to learn B1 French level to enhance your proficiency. For this, Kochiva delivers an authentic B1 French course with details as follows:


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However, there are several institutes providing classes in B1 French. But, Kochiva is a primary institute helping students to master from basic to intermediate level. With their exceptional learning environment, students get to upskill their language skills too.


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How to Get B1 Level French Certificate Online? 


B1 level French is a stage ahead of the A1 & A2 exams. Kochiva offers a French language course to students with a chance to earn a B1 Level French certificate online based on the standards of CEFR

You need to certify your French levels from a proper organization. The French Ministry of Education grants the official diplomas DELF and DALF which are the most accepted ones. 

The DELF exam for B1 French divides into four sections to obtain a French B1 certificate:

  • Listening: Listening skill states that B1 French students should be able to understand the main points from authentic content regarding work-related issues. They can understand different radio stations and Television programs. They can grasp the main points in a summarized manner. 


  • Reading: At this stage, students should able to read texts from magazines, newspapers, and books. Start your reading from easy-going books. This stage marks the point at which students read certain blogs and articles in a magazine and understand them completely.


  • Speaking: French speakers of the B1 level can easily converse in day-to-day matters. This also means that they should be able to make travel arrangements and hotel bookings and describe events, experiences, and feelings.


  • Writing: Finally, writing is the most difficult part but French students can paraphrase or write connected texts on matters of personal interest. For instance, write a letter to a French native and start everyday conversations with them. 


Description of DELF B1 Exam


DELF B1 examination relies on Level B1 of CEFR. It comprises 4 levels given below:

  1. Oral Comprehension
  2. Oral Production
  3. Written Comprehension
  4. Written Production

For this diploma, you have to obtain a minimum score of 50 out of 100. It is crucial to score 5 points out of 25 per test. Less than 5 points in any skill will lead to elimination.

This exam is ideal for those who wish to obtain a B1 French certificate and apply for French citizenship


How to prepare for the B1 level French test?


Kochiva Linguistics prepares you for French B1 level certification through online classes. The C1/C2 level experts cover the course curriculum. 

Firstly, practice different language patterns. Once you start using a wide range of verb tenses, then focus on framing long phrases to accomplish something big in the French language. You should also begin solving B1 level sample papers online. 

Secondly, don’t worry about how long it takes to learn French B1, rather give more priority to learning material and quality content. Go through the B1 level French syllabus for more deeper understanding of the language.  Moreover, taking one-to-one classes with a private tutor helps to learn B1 French in half time. 

The time to complete B1 level depends on a number of variables. Study for 150 to 180 hours to achieve the French B1 level. B1 level French gets completed in 6 to 9 months if you devote 10 hours of study each week

Furthermore, Adjectives and adverbs practice improve b1 French proficiency.

You can also take head-on challenges with nouns, articles, and idioms. For instance, “Avoir un exam” – “To pass an exam”.

You also get a video recording of each live session. The small batch size and flexible timings assist in enhancing proficiency at B1 French level. Additionally, Kochiva assists people in job placement. Take up free demo sessions with our trainers and get yourself the b1 French course. 




Learning a foreign language is the hardest task. But, with proper guidance and training, nothing is impossible!

Kochiva B1 level French course is structured according to CEFR standards and awards French B1 certificates that have an international presence. So, learn French slowly and reinforce all that you learned. 

Kochiva ensures that students get complete knowledge of French and become pro at speaking it. Getting exposure to the French language helps you to gain a lot more confidence in the professional world. Learning French b1 opens a gateway of opportunities in various MNCs that prefer bilinguals over others.

However, many institutes provide b1 level French courses, but comparing the benefits, Kochiva is leading all. For any further information, feel free to contact Kochiva. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself an intensive B1 French course.

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