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learning French for Beginners

Are you an aspiring French learner and want to know tricks for learning French for beginners? Many resources help Beginners to learn French. Beginners can learn French on their own. There are many free lessons on YouTube that assist beginners to learn French perfectly and quickly.

French is relatively easy to learn for newcomers but it takes time and effort. First of all, let us understand the importance of French for beginners as learning French helps to travel the whole world easily. Moreover, learning French for beginners promotes easy communication in their native language. Beginners gain confidence in speaking French with the natives.

Also, learning French for Beginners is like dishing out that first slice of pizza. So guys, grab the pizza server and your fork. Let’s begin your French feast with us!

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you some of the best resources, study materials, YouTube channels, and Books to begin learning French for beginners. Moreover, I suggest you spend at least 3 months on French to become a proficient French speaker. Read this post to find out how beginners can learn French in a few months.


What is the Beginner Student?

A French Beginner is a person who is not a proficient French speaker. There are different types of French Beginners like True French Beginners and False French Beginners. A True French Beginner is like a Blank canvas!

This type of individual needs proper help with French vocabulary and pronunciation. There are many traditional methods for learning.

A False French Beginner is an individual who studied French level before but forgot most of that. Maybe you know the basics but need to refresh all of that. French Beginners should start with politeness and focus more on the present tense.


Absolute French Beginners should start with the basics

French basics for Beginners must include basic French Grammar such as “tu” versus “Vous, some adjective agreement, and verbs.

Be more focused on “Je” forms of verb and ask more questions like;

  • I’m sorry, i don’t speak French much = Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas très bien français
  • I love visiting France= j’adore visiter la France

So, there are many fantastic ways for you to study the French Language. Take it a challenge for yourself to communicate with others in French, and use basic French words rather than speaking in the English language. Start having real conversations in French, so that you become more familiar with French words.


Best Online and Offline Resources for Learning French for Beginners


1.) Look out for Free resources:

There are many free resources, but a large part of the successful learning process is the management of time. Are you truly learning French while watching videos on YouTube or just having fun?

Don’t get this wrong. Learning with fun is good. Rather than wasting time on the internet, you should practice French adjectives and vowels on YouTube channels.

Buy some good French author books that can assist you in speaking French fluently. Build a habit of reading books and novels to gain fluency in that lingo. By following these steps, you can learn French by yourself.

You can look into the YouTube channel of Learn French with Alexa and watch her videos to become French pro. By watching videos, you can learn French online.

Kochiva also has a YouTube channel through which you enroll in the course and upskill your linguistics. Or else you can also visit the website by clicking on the link.


2.) Best Applications for Learning French for Beginners:

Applications are easy and convenient to use. With internet connectivity, you can access French lessons anywhere on your mobile devices. Many apps are structured to provide gamification which helps to learn French in an interactive and fun way.

Make sure to use those apps that help you in building a good foundation for yourself. Here is the list of apps for beginners to learn French;

  • Babble– Babble helps with grammar, words, and phrases.
  • Duolingo– On-demand exercises with games, dialogue practices, etc.
  • Fluentu– Authentic video content with learning tools like flashcards and quizzes.
  • Bussu– Lessons are well-defined such that natives are open round the clock.
  • Lingvist– Exercises with filling gaps that focus on complete skills.

Many apps are available for French beginners that are completely free of cost, through which you can learn the basic French language.


3.) MOOCs and online courses:

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are more formally designed than many traditional courses and language applications. MOOCs allow you to work on quizzes, tests, and homework assignments.

Ed2go works with the local community colleges that help you to speak French. Carnegie Mellon University offers an Open Learning Initiative (OLI) that can get you off a great path. Through this platform, you can learn French in interactive and self-paced surroundings.

Brigham Young University’s independent study program allows you to start French classes at a high or college level, as per your preference. These options earn credit, half credit for high school, and up to four credits for a college-level course.


4.) Informal Lessons and blogs:

There are various websites that are giving lessons online to have a good command of the language. Websites such as; The French Experiment, Learn French with Pascal, and Je French use a mixture of audio, video, and games to teach you, French.

They designed several categories for the courses that are present with them.

Humor is a part of their teaching and their French course for Beginners is much more interactive than other courses.

Many times you find classroom lessons dry and monotonous, then these informal lessons are more collaborative and participative.

You can also read blog on best ways to learn French for Beginners to boost your learning power.


5.) Shows and audio lessons:

Now you can squeeze in your French classes along with working in the kitchen, washing dishes, and cooking food through hands-free audio lessons. French audio classes for Beginners are a specifically good option to start. You can stream them on your mobiles, Laptops, and other devices as well. Start with fundamental French lessons that emphasize French pronunciation and comprehension. Additionally, learning French for Beginners is much more convenient when they listen to audio lessons online.

You can also find free lessons on Spotify; “Learn French in your car” series is available for streaming. There are many other resources such as-

  • Coffee Break French
  • French together
  • 3 minute French
  • Open Culture
  • French today 
  • Fluency Fix’s Beginners French


6.) Traditional Learning and textbooks:

Textbooks are good to start with fewer distractions for beginners. When you are learning through online devices, a lot of notifications may pop up that create distractions for the learners. So this old-school learning method is much more convenient.

When you are fully immersed in textbooks, then you are less tempted to chit-chat on Snapchat. Beginner’s French lessons have good knowledge with the blend of Vocabulary and grammar. These include grammar exercises, dialogues, written exercises, and vocabulary. In addition, they also include glossaries, sentence constructions, and verb conjugations.

Therefore, learning French for Beginners has become quite easy when they read textbooks online.

Don’t forget the goldmine of language learning that is your local library. Look for books online and on the shelves. Once you decide to learn from physical textbooks start writing things out yourself. Studies show that when you write things by yourself then it becomes easier for you to memorize things better. Some of the textbooks for Beginners are;

  • Easy French step-by-step
  • Entre amis 
  • Contacts: Langue Et culture Française



French Beginners can now become well-versed in the language after following all these tips. Learning French for Beginners should aim at setting realistic goals. After that, find audio resources that don’t assume that you are a grammar mastermind and explain things clearly. Practice various audio lessons; repeat, repeat, and repeat.

Learning a new language can be challenging, but with consistent efforts, you can have a great start. Give a weekly recap of whatever you have done till now so that it sticks to your mind.

With Kochiva Linguistics, you can start your French language Journey. They have qualified language experts with C1/C2 level expertise. Kochiva offers French levels from A1 to C2. The live interactive online class provides best of the experience for learning French for Beginners. Beginners can now become proficient in speaking the French language, once they enroll for the course.