a2 level french

The A2 level French is an elementary stage in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is widely recognized and used to assess language proficiency.

Achieving an A2 French marks a significant milestone in language learning. Clearing the A2 level French exam implies that learners have made significant progress in their language journey and can handle simple everyday situations

Achieving French level A2 has several benefits. It enables learners to engage in basic conversations with native speakers, navigate common situations during travel, as well as gain a deeper understanding of French culture.

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Introduction to A2-level French


According to CERF, the A2 level comes after the A1 level French. At this level, you have moved beyond the beginner stage and further acquired a solid foundation in the language. Moreover, it focuses on expanding vocabulary, deepening grammatical understanding, and also developing basic communication skills in French.

You will delve deeper into the foundations of the French language and subsequently communication, at this stage. French A2 level syllabus covers various aspects of language learning, including vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


Levels in the French language

A1: Beginner

A2: Elementary

B1: Intermediate

B2: Upper-Intermediate

C1: Advanced

C2: Proficient

DELF (The Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française), TEF (Test d’Évaluation de Français) and also TCF(Test de Connaissance du Français) are a few popular French A2-level tests.

According to CEFR, the A2 level means you can:

  • Understand and simultaneously use, everyday expressions related to personal information, such as introducing yourself, greetings, as well as basic conversations.
  • Interact in a simple way. You can ask and answer basic questions about personal details, such as where you live, people you know, and things you have.
  • Understand short and simple written texts, such as signs, posters, as well as simple messages or emails.
  • Write short, simple messages, notes, and descriptions about yourself and equally your immediate environment.


How to prepare for A2 level French?


The A2 level French syllabus covers different language topics to further develop your skill in the language. The A2-level French test is designed to provide a foundation for higher levels. 

It takes 60 hours to prepare for the French A2 exam with Kochiva. What sets Kochiva apart is their team of C1/C2 experts who provide exceptional training. These experts possess an advanced level of proficiency in the language, ensuring that learners receive top-notch guidance and furthermore instruction. 

The French A2 level difficulty is generally considered to be manageable. While there may be new grammar concepts as well as vocabulary to learn, it is a level where you have already established a foundation in the language. With consistency, it is definitely possible to achieve proficiency at this level.

Some steps to help you prepare effectively for your A2 level exam:

1.) Assess your current proficiency and identify the areas that require improvement.

2.) Build your vocabulary and try to master grammar rules and structures.

3.) Improve listening comprehension by regularly listening to French audio materials.

4.) Read French short stories, articles, or simplified novels.

5.) Focus on fluency, pronunciation, and using learned vocabulary and grammar correctly.

6.) Practice writing short paragraphs, emails, or simple narratives in French.

7.) Immerse yourself in the French language through movies, books and TV shows.

Having French proficiency at the this level can open up different job opportunities for you. The customer service representative, French tutor, tour guide, and sales associate are some of the French A2-level jobs, you can look into. Besides the job options may be limited compared to higher levels.


To sum it up, the intermediate level provides a solid foundation for further language development. It serves as a stepping stone for progressing to the B1 and B2 levels. Hence, learners can dig deeper into the language, expand their vocabulary, and tackle more complex linguistic tasks.

It is an exciting stage in the language learning journey, motivating learners to continue their progress and expand their proficiency in the French language.