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Your desire to walk through the vibrant markets of Barcelona, speak like a native while ordering your favourite dish, or engage in conversation with locals while you travel to South America is not just a dream, but a journey of personal growth. We are glad that you’ve taken the first step in this journey. Let’s talk about how you can turn your desires into reality with Spanish classes in Austin, Texas, and how this journey can transform you into a more confident, culturally aware individual.  

Austin, known for its rich culture and diverse population, is not just an ideal place to learn Spanish, but a strategic move for your career. With a growing Hispanic community, you’ll have ample opportunities to practice and immerse yourself in this language, enhancing your job skills and marketability.

Whether you’re planning to work or study in a Spanish-speaking country, seeking to reconnect with your heritage, or simply passionate about languages, learning Spanish in Austin can be an enriching experience that boosts your professional profile.   

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Top 7 Spanish Classes in Austin

Here’s your guide to Austin’s top 7 Spanish classes to help you find the perfect fit. 

1.) Kochiva
2.) Olas Spanish Immersion School
3.) Austin Spanish Academy
4.) The Language House  
5.) Live The Language 
6.) Berlitz Language Centre 
7.) Instituto Cervantes   

1. Kochiva 


Established in the ed-tech world for over two decades, Kochiva Institute is renowned for its exceptional online Spanish classes in Austin. The online Spanish courses are designed to help people of all ages and backgrounds, focusing on job skills and personal growth.   

Our unique approach goes beyond rote memorization.  Kochiva boasts highly experienced and certified instructors committed to helping you become fluent in Spanish as quickly as possible.  

Our affordable fee structures and flexible online format accommodate busy schedules. We recognize the importance of individual attention and maintain small class sizes (8-12 students) for a personalized learning experience.  

Kochiva’s online Spanish classes in Austin can benefit children, adults, and working professionals. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine existing skills, Kochiva has your back.  

Kochiva structures its online courses based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):  

Beginner Level: Combines A1 and A2 levels, with 40-50 hours of instruction each.  

Intermediate Level: Combines B1 and B2 levels, with 80-90 hours of instruction each.  

Advanced Level: Combines C1 and C2 levels, with 80-100 hours of instruction each.  

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Why wait? Join Kochiva today and start your journey to Spanish fluency.    

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2. Olas Spanish Immersion School 

Olas Spanish Immersion School

Olas Spanish Immersion School in Austin offers a unique approach to learning Spanish. They provide fun Spanish classes Austin for children of all ages, in-person and online. Adults can also benefit from their offerings. The school’s immersive curriculum engages students in the language and culture.

The instructors are experienced teachers from Latin America, known for their love and experience in educating children. They also offer a traveling program. Besides this, they provide Spanish classes at private and public schools throughout the Austin area.    

Address: 4705 Harmon Ave, Austin, TX, 78751 

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3. Austin Spanish Academy

Austin Spanish School
is a unique institution offering a comprehensive Spanish learning approach. The school focuses on conversational Spanish, particularly understanding the local culture and slang, making it an ideal choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the local language.

They offer a range of class options, from beginner to advanced group classes, private tutoring, online courses, and immersion programs.  

A standout feature of Austin Spanish Classes is their focus on real-life use. Small class sizes allow students to get personalized attention, which improves learning.  

Address: 8650 Spicewood Springs Rd Ste 123, Austin, TX, 78759  


4. The Language House

The Langauge School

The Language House in Austin is a dynamic and engaging language learning center that offers a variety of Spanish classes. They offer many levels, from beginning to highly advanced topics, ensuring a class for everyone regardless of proficiency.

They offer private and small group classes, catering to those who prefer more individualized attention and customized classes to meet their goals.

In addition to their regular classes, they offer a unique conversation partner program and career development workshops, which provide students with real-world practice and resources to enhance their language skills further.

Address:  4411 Avenue B, Austin, TX, 78745


5. Live The Language

Live The Language

Live The Language provides unique Spanish lessons in Austin. They offer conversational Spanish classes for adults. Their courses are thoroughly interactive, personalized, and customized to match your needs, interests, and proficiency.

They teach Spanish from the English perspective, looking at Spanish and English grammar side by side.

This method of learning gives you confidence and a solid base to apply and implement your Spanish when you can immerse yourself in the language. Most of their classes are hybrid, taught in-person and online simultaneously.   

Address: 2840 Gettysburg Dr, Austin, TX, 78745  


6. Berlitz Language Centre  


Berlitz Language Centre, a renowned name in language education, offers a unique learning experience for those interested in learning Spanish in Austin

Their immersive curriculum aligns with Spain’s official standards, providing students with a comprehensive language understanding. They offer various class options, including group classes from beginner to advanced levels, private tutoring, and even conversation groups.

The center is known for its experienced native Spanish instructors and cultural events. They also provide study-abroad opportunities in Spain.   

Address: 7000 Mopac Service Rd Ste 200, Austin, TX, 787311

7. Instituto Cervantes 


Instituto Cervantes offers an authentic Spanish learning experience with a touch of Spain right in Austin, even though it’s virtual! Their online program aligns with Spain’s official standards, providing an immersive learning experience focusing on all aspects of language and culture.

The courses are taught by native Spanish instructors who have experience engaging students in the language and culture. They offer a range of online Spanish classes Austin, from beginner to advanced levels, private tutoring, and even conversation groups.

Instituto Cervantes provides its accreditation by the Cervantes Institute; it focuses on cultural events and offers opportunities to study in Spain. 


Wrapping up, Austin, Texas, offers a variety of high-quality Spanish language courses. Each school has charm, from immersive learning experiences, experienced instructors and cultural events to study-abroad opportunities.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced learner aiming to perfect your fluency, these Spanish classes in Texas cater to all your learning needs.

Remember, learning a new language opens a world of opportunities, and these institutions in Austin are there to guide you on your language-learning journey. 

Which aspect of learning Spanish interests you most: conversation, culture, travel, or something entirely different?

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