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how to prepare for tef canada exam

The TEF Canada Exam is an international Exam that measures your French language skills. Are you looking to prepare for TEF Canada Exam? You’re at the right place! 

TEF Exam is created by Paris-ILe-de-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry. TEF Canada Exam approves your skills in the French language. Kochiva offers the only online preparation Course with authentic content to pass the TEF test

The TEF exam is for those who immigrate to Canada for a work permit, permanent residence application, or Canadian Citizenship

In this article, we will cover the tips and tricks to help you prepare for the TEF Canada exam. So, stay with us till the end.

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Best Way to prepare for TEF Canada Exam


Have a certain level of patience, and be confident in yourself. Always believe that you are progressing even on the days you feel discouraged.

Furthermore, the study plan for TEF Exam preparation online needs to be organized nicely. Many French learners fail to get proper guidance to prepare for the TEF exam. So, here we outline the steps one must follow to clear the TEF Exam. 

 Practice Online 

  • Firstly, use tutorials to get familiar with the oral comprehension and expression section of TEF (in French).
  • Secondly, get yourself familiar with the test format using sample paper available online.

Here’s a study plan for you to begin and end your TEF preparation course;

1.) Pronunciations –

Correct pronunciations are of utmost importance when learning French. Have a look at some instances below:

  • Tu (you) /Tous (all)
  • Vu (seen) /Vous (you)
  • Poison (posison) /Poisson (fish)
  • Desert (desert) / Dessert (sweet dish)

So, here you can see that one wrong pronunciation can change the whole meaning of the sentence structure. Hence, always start with pronunciation first.

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2.) Basic French Grammar-

Here are some best resources for effective preparation for the TEF exam. One should at least have B1 level French to improve French grammar.

  • Grammar sessions by learning basics – Start with days, months, colors, seasons, counting, greetings, article, etc.
  • So, Use Livio offline French dictionary for Android users and Collins French dictionary for iPhone users. It is quite helpful for vocabulary and meanings.
  • Next, start with learning basic verbs (regular or irregular) with their meanings and conjugations.
  • Look for resources on YouTube channels such as love learning languages by Jennifer, a French native.
  • French for Dummies is a highly recommended book for grammar-building.
  • In addition, encourage students to use Duolingo and the Hello Talk mobile application. The design of the app is user-friendly for efficient TEF preparation.
  • The two official TEF preparation guides are:
  1. TEF by Sylvie Pons and Gaelle Karcher

3.) Numbers and Genders are important concepts of French Grammar-

Yes! The concepts of singularity and plurality are the main concepts in French grammar. Focus more on articles, nouns, and adjectives. The TEF exam spots the errors in these areas and increases the chances of losing more marks. Understanding the gender of non-living things is quite complex.

4.) Writing by hand is the most effective way to retain things properly- 

This may sound old-school, but the new digital era could not surpass the handwritten notes. When you write by yourself it helps you to memorize things better. Therefore, always prepare handwritten notes and take several revisions before the exam.

5.) Self-Preparation for the TEF exam –

Take a super fast-track course of 8-9 months with 3-6 hours to prepare for TEF Canada Exam. If you want to learn French for TEF Canada, you should study per day, including weekends. Self-study works with smart study, so keep a level of motivation and confidence in yourself while preparing for the exam. 

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How long does it take to prepare for the TEF Canada exam?


The time it takes to learn French for TEF can vary significantly depending on several factors, including your native language, learning approach, the amount of time you dedicate to studying each day, and your language learning goals. 

However, somebody needs 10-12 months, at least from the start. These months demand complete dedication, determination, time, and effort. 


To achieve CLB 5 in the TEF Canada Exam, which equates to a level equivalent to DELF B2, you should anticipate dedicating a minimum of 1 year to French learning. For the initial 3 months, commit 1-2 hours daily, including weekends. Subsequently, to reach the desired level, one should increase their study time to 2-3 hours per day.  


You can also check how long it takes to learn French. 

More practically, an adult, working professional, or full-time worker should spend 10-12 months preparing for the TEF Canada exam.  


However, the factor that plays the most important role during your exam preparation is the guidance of a skilled person who can assist you in this journey. Hence, Kochiva provides advanced-level certified trainers who have taught 500+ students, and these students have successfully cleared their TEF & DELF exams. So Kochiva helps you to TEF canada Preparation. 


Moreover, the institute offers a comprehensive program designed to be completed within 10-12 months. Their approach ensures that students grasp the fundamentals of French and develop fluency comparable to native speakers through immersive learning techniques and tailored instruction. 


How hard is TEF Canada Exam

The test isn’t particularly challenging, but you still need to do your best. You might wish to retake the test if you’re pressed for time and don’t understand all the questions. Both online and offline, there are several practise exams to choose from.

The TESL Canada test has a minimum level requirement that you must meet in order to pass (you should be at level 7). Because of this, you ought to be proficient in English before taking the test. Because it is multiple-choice, the writing and reading comprehension portions are not particularly challenging, but the dictation portion is more challenging to pass with a respectable grade.

Registration Process for the TEF Canada Exam  

Applicants who are older than 16 years old are eligible for the TEF Canada Test. Here’s how to register for the TEF test step-by-step:  

  • Go to the TEF Exam’s official website.   
  • Please complete the registration form.   
  • After that, submit pictures with a white backdrop.   
  • Next, attach the passport’s initial and last page.   
  • Please submit the NEFT reference payment number.   
  • Students will have five days from the date of submission to register for the seat; otherwise, it may be made available to the next individual on the waiting list.   

Wrapping Up!


Lastly, there is no shortcut to clear the TEF exam unless you work hard. So, make strategies and plans to prepare for the Exam. Never get along with too many French books rather find ways to study for the exam.

The French language has taken the world by storm. And there are many career opportunities after learning French. Solving mocks & French sample papers provides you with great help. Be wise while choosing the tutor. Ensure that your tutor must be B2 or C1 level in French. And, have a prior experience in training for the TEF exam. 

Kochiva provides the best training in the TEF exam with 100% results. Moreover, the faculty with C1/C2 level experts ensures that students prepare well for the exam. With a warm and motivating environment, students easily cope with TEF preparation. 

So, get the right guidance by joining Kochiva and get yourself an intensive course for TEF exam preparation. For any further help feel free to contact Kochiva.