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what level of french is required for canada pr

You might be wondering why the French language matters in your PR journey and what level of French is required for Canada PR?

Are you thinking of permanently shifting to Canada to start a new life? Canada is an amazing country to start a life as it offers multiple opportunities. It has a strong and robust economy with a diverse culture.

Moreover, it is a beautiful place to live as it has a variety of scenic views that allow you to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, as well as camping throughout the year. With PR, you can work, live, and enjoy the benefits of being a part of a beautiful nation. 

French is one of Canada’s official languages, alongside English. Your skills and abilities to speak French can enhance your chances of getting PR in Canada.

Canada values bilingual individuals, so demonstrating proficiency in both languages can give you an edge in the PR process. 

In this blog, we’ll explore what level of French is required for Canada PR. Moreover, we’ll explore how one can study for the language test and why having Canadian PR can be a life-changing decision for anyone. 

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Understanding of What Level is Required for Canada PR


Canada uses the TEF test to check French language skills, which is essential for determining your French language proficiency.

It estimates your reading, listening, writing, as well as speaking abilities, which are necessary for effective communication in everyday life.

Now, if you are considering what level of French is required for TEF for the test, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. 

The TEF has a scale that ranges from A1, i.e., beginner level, to C2, i.e., proficient level.

To be eligible for Canada PR, the level of French is required at least a CLB 7, corresponding to a B2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This means that you should have moderate to advanced level language skills.

You don’t need to be a fluent speaker, but you should be able to hold a conversation, read, and write effectively to clear the test.

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Breakdown of the French Language Test for Canada PR


The TEF a French language test for Canada PR is divided into several sections, each assessing different language skills:

Listening: This part evaluates one’s ability to understand spoken French, such as conversations and interviews. You’ll listen to audio recordings and answer questions.

Reading: Here, you’ll need to comprehend written texts in French. It could be articles, reports, or even literary works.

Writing: You’ll be required to write essays or reports in French. This measures your ability to express yourself in writing.

Speaking: In the speaking section, you’ll have a conversation with an examiner, discussing various topics.

The TEF scoring system assigns points for each section, and the pass mark for PR eligibility is CLB 7, which is equivalent to a B2 level.


Alternatives to TEF for Demonstrating French Proficiency


If you’re unable to take the TEF, there are alternative ways to prove your French language skills:

DALF or DELF: Both are internationally recognized French language proficiency exams. B2 level of French is required for the Canada PR or higher in DELF/DALF can also satisfy the language requirements.

High school or post-secondary education in French: If your education was primarily French, you may be exempt from the language test.

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How to Prepare for the TEF Exam


Preparing for the TEF i.e. French language test for Canada PR includes commitment, hard work, and a great deal of preparation as well as effort.

You can use different resources such as books and online courses to learn French for the Canada PR. Online courses provided by different institutes, including Kochiva, are among the best ways to prepare for the TEF exam. 

These courses provide you with the essential knowledge and the information you need to clear the different level of French that are required to get the PR of Canada

Moreover, these courses give you the practice mocks, study materials, and sample questions that you need to clear your TEF exam.

They support your efforts to become more confident in your pronunciation and to feel more confident when speaking the language.

You can use a variety of apps to boost your grammar as well as vocabulary skills. By combining all these techniques, you can advance your French studies significantly.

Some tips for success:


Practice regularly: Consistent practice is the master key to your success. Try to use French in your day-to-day life, watch different French movies to improve your communication skills, and read different French books to improve your skills.

Sample questions and practice tests: Practice mocks and sample questions are the most valuable sources for understanding the format of test questions and building confidence.

Language courses: Enrolling in any online courses can provide you with the structure of learning as well as guidance.

What are the Benefits of Canada’s PR

There are multiple benefits of having the Canada PR, which includes:

Career opportunities and economic benefits

With one of the largest economies in the world, Canada has recently seen a surge in the employment sector. In Canada, the unemployment rate is very low.

This is the only reason Canada welcomes a large number of people each year to provide them with employment opportunities.

There are many job opportunities across different industries in Canada, including the healthcare industry as well as the oil and gas industries.

However, in recent years, Canada has gained recognition as the best center for digital talent, with Toronto recently being named the region’s fastest-growing tech cluster, surpassing even Silicon Valley. 


Access to healthcare and education

As a permanent citizen of Canada, you’ll get access to the free benefits of Canada’s healthcare system. Canada provides PRs access to top-notch healthcare without costing them anything, which is only a faraway dream in some nations.

If your family members immigrated with you, they will also be able to use Canada’s state-of-the-art services as well as facilities.

Free education

All children under the age of 18 in Canada receive free schooling as well as free medical care as if that weren’t enough. This covers elementary as well as secondary education up to high school graduation in Canada.

Having access to this kind of education as a permanent resident can alter a number of things for your family’s future.

Any parent’s desire comes true if they are able to enroll their kids in reputable institutions that offer cutting-edge coursework without having to pay for it.

The Canadian government also provides financial support to children seeking higher education. These benefits make it possible for you as well as for your family to have a good standard of living.

How to Get Canada PR Easily

One of the best ways to get Canada PR easily is to apply for Canada PR through the Express Entry System. This system is basically a points-based system that selects the most qualified candidates from a number of applications.

To be eligible for the Express Entry System:

  • You should meet the minimum language requirements in English or French language. 
  • Must have a job offer from a Canadian company or be nominated by a province.
  • One must have the required work experience and education.


In conclusion, having the Canada PR is the dream of many people. By learning the French language, you can achieve this dream more easily. However, learning the different level of French required for Canada PR can be a challenging task. 

But, with the right approach as well as with perseverance, you can learn French in a short time period. It is important to practice the French language daily and use the various resources, including online courses of Kochiva. These courses helps to make sure that you are learning the different levels i.e. from A1 to C2 of the French quickly.

So hurry and take the first step today and try to aim for at least a B2 level in TEF to boost your chances of having Canada PR into reality.