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Are you looking for an Online French course in Canada? Then, you’re at the right place! Wherever you travel, you will encounter French.

French is the official language of 29 countries of the world, with 76 million native French speakers and many more considering it as a second or third language. In Canada, all MNCs, governments, and businesses are looking for bilinguals.

Moreover, there’s fun in traveling to different places with exploring French culture and language. The French language has spread its roots all across Canada. The list of French courses below ranges from live online French courses to hybrid options to immersive traveling experiences for students overseas.

And, if you are looking to get your language learning recognized, then check options that incorporate the Common European Framework of References (CEFR) for languages into your curriculum. So, be with us and explore the best online French language Courses in Canada.


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Top 10 Online French Classes in Canada for 2024

1.) Kochiva Linguistics
2.) Alliance Française
3.) Berlitz
4.) University of Ottawa
5.) HEC Montreal
6.) Humber College
7.) CLC Canada
8.) George Brown College
9.) YMCA International Language School
10.) Lingoda


1.) Kochiva Linguistics 


Kochiva is the renowned Institute for the best online French course in Canada. Affordable prices and authentic quality content is their key feature. Kochiva offers live online classes all over the globe.

Kochiva provides French courses to students and helps them to prepare for exams like DELF, DALF, TCF, and TEF Canada Exam. With a small batch size, Kochiva also ensures that students learn French effectively.

It also helps students to get personal attention. The private sessions with a tutor offer a more comfortable environment for learning the language.


Contact: +91 98723 34466

Website: French Language Course

Many institutes provide online French courses in Canada, but Kochiva is the best among all. They focus on advancing the language skills of the students. The C1/C2 level experts train students through various socio-cultural activities to immerse them in French. Also, the students get placement assistance after learning French, and further getting into high-end jobs.

Kochiva offers other language Courses:

Spanish Language Course

German Language Course

Request a Free demo by clicking here.


2.) Alliance Française

Alliance Française set up in 1883 in Paris, promotes the French language and culture by covering 900 chapters all over the world.

They got recognition from the Embassy of France in Canada as a testing center for international exams, Diplomas, and manage the organization of DELF and DALF exams. They give priority to oral communication skills and then proceed to write.

The faculty includes native French speakers from all over the world. Students get the benefit of cultural events and educational and library resources.

Alliance Française has small classes to encourage more participation and discussion among students. The teaching methods follow the six levels of (CEFR) Common European Framework of References for languages. Alliance Française also offers online French classes for adults.

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3.) Berlitz

Berlitz is a great option for formal and well-established language schools. It provides online French courses in Canada meeting the standards of CEFR.

It is one of the oldest language schools with an immersive teaching style. The self-paced online lessons help students to learn and speak French fluently. They also allow students to schedule 30-minute practice sessions on an online video call with instructors. The different milestones for their French Course in Canada are:

  • Online French Self-study platform- The self-study program provides an access to learning materials and guide you towards your personal goals.
  • Group French Classes– The group online classes provide a real live classroom experience to students and are best for those who love to interact with peers.
  • Private French classes with instructors– Private online classes help students to learn potentially according to their interests and goals.

Berlitz also prepares learners for Second Language Evaluation (SLE) Test for public service works. SLE analyzes the ability to communicate in the target language. They grant a hybrid option also called Berlitz Flex, which comprises in-person learning and asynchronous self-study.

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4.) University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is accredited for Best French Language Course in Canada.

The capital city of Canada is the most bilingual place on Earth. Québec, the province of Francophone lies on the other side of the Ottawa River. A significant number of people and government workers speak French proficiently.

In this environment, learners get several reasons to speak French outside the classroom. Enrolling in a French program at the University of Ottawa is a more difficult option.

The French Intensive Program (PIF) is a summer program that caters to the need of learning a language.

The PIF program has two fields; French for academic success and a university pathway in French. Students looking for a degree along with language learning can go for majors in French as a second language.

The Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) offers these courses entirely in the French language.

Learners demanding proof of their French language abilities can enroll for a Second Language Certification course in which they need to take an online self-study course.

The university also offers specified courses for medical students. The range of courses covers management, chemistry, biology, communication, and more. So, get yourself the best course in French!

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5.) HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal is the oldest business school in Canada, set up in 1907. In this city, students outside the classroom get immersed in French learning when they work on business French.

All those who want to pursue a BBA degree with French baked in can enroll themselves in it. They offer three language streams; unilingual, bilingual, and trilingual.

HEC organize company visits through Radio-Canada Broadcasting Corporation and Hydro-Quebec. Along with that, the Quebec French course online enables students to build good command of the French language.

They also conduct meet and greet, where beginners can meet and speak French with highly proficient speakers. The sociocultural activities assist students to enjoy the French immersion experience outside the classrooms.

The professional writing courses also help learners to work in French-speaking Countries.


6.) Humber College

The Humber College founded in 1967 has three French-language certificates in Canada. Keep an eye on their Website for in-class French language certificates.

Their primary feature is multimedia lessons with an interactive learning environment. Virtual classrooms assist learners practice with classmates and also allow doubt visiting during office hours.

The evaluation is made by instructors through online tests and quizzes. They provide a versatile learning experience and assist them in using web-based language learning resources.

The learners have to first complete a French language Placement test to begin their French journey. They can either take a regular two-year course or an accelerated one-year course.

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7.) CLC Canada

CLC Canada is among the top 5 language schools in Canada. The staff members and administrators provide online placements with a humanistic Curriculum.

They maintain progress reports of each individual with regular feedback and counseling. Furthermore, CLC leads in communication, connection, and Community through continuous improvement.

In addition, their online French Course in Canada brings the benefits of in-person programs directly to your doorstep, wherever in the world you are.

The French course has 3 options:

  • Private lessons: These one-on-one sessions are specially tailored for you. The customized lessons are according to your needs and interests.
  • Express 4: The priority is to promote talk time and interaction to develop practical French skills. The private sessions and breakout rooms allow students to discover untapped confidence and fluency in the French language. You also get 15% off when you sign up with someone new to CLC!
  • Express 12: The fastest ticket to your fluency. In this, you’ll practice yourself through interactive videos and software.

They have a maximum of 12 students with 3X45 min lessons. Their online French course in Canada focuses on real discussions to use French in real time.


8.) George Brown College

The George Brown College’s French Language Program consists of 8 courses where students get competent in speaking the French language and learn various new cultures of France.

Role-playing helps learners to actively participate and master speaking French. The French course at George Brown College is for those who want to use French in the workplace.

The key feature is that learners also get a certificate after completing the 8 courses.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself an intensive French course in Canada.


9.) YMCA International Language School


YMCA International Language School is based in Montreal. It provides the best Online French course in Canada.

They deliver private and semi-private classes with small batch sizes. This institute is accredited by Languages Canada, Imagine Education in Canada. The teachers have a university degree in the language they teach with recognition from Emploi Quebec. They also offer corporate language training to improve their language skills.

Do you want your kids to be part of it? YMCA provides French for Kids to learners as young as 9. Moreover, YMCA International language school is an official testing center for French and English tests such as TFI, TOEIC, and SIELE.


10.) Lingoda 

Lingoda considers itself a language school of diligent people. It is the primary institution providing the best online French classes in Canada. The qualified native-speaking teacher offers 24/7 courses.

It was founded in 2016, with a small batch size of 3-5 students with in-person French classes.

Furthermore, the teachers keep on rotating to enable students to get familiar with different accents. Students can easily download study material after each class.

The French course in Canada meets the standards of CEFR (Common European Framework of References) for languages. The course design is as per their pace- as light or intensive as they want.

The French course is divided into 4 levels A1, A2, B1, and B2. They promote effective language learning through live online classes. The faculty also has a minimum of 2 years of experience guiding you toward a successful French language journey.

The flexible small classes are available 24/7 to save you the maximum amount of time. 92% of students are happy with them. Moreover, the 1500+ teachers provide the best learning material with a quality learning environment.



Now, learn French online in whatever part of the world you are in. In this blog, I tried to cover the best institutes to learn Canadian French online with Certificate.

Is there anything that I missed?

The Internet is full of outstanding and not-so-outstanding French courses. So, choose the best online French course in Canada which entirely depends on your needs and interests.

Moreover, people applying for the positions in Canadian Federal Government need to have a good command of the French language. Taking up a French course in Canada gives you an edge to explore their culture, literature, and history. Moreover, you should at least have b1 level French before traveling to Canada.

So, get started with Kochiva’s French lessons as their experts guide you to get fluency in a short time. Kochiva is an upskilling platform that provides the best online French classes in Canada.

The government of Canada also provides free of cost language training programs to permanent residents and protected persons.

Feel free to contact Kochiva and get complete details of the online French course. So, start your French expedition with us!

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