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foreign language salary in india

Do you know what the average Foreign Language Salary in India is? You must be wondering if you are looking for a career in foreign languages.

You should be interested, especially if being a foreign language specialist is your dream job choice.

Despite what some people may think, learning a foreign language can lead to a highly professional path.

How much does a foreign language specialist receive? The national average salary for a Foreign Language Specialist in India is Rs 7,76,280.

India is a culturally diverse nation and home of different languages. Among these, foreign language courses are in high demand. Once you become a foreign language speaker, it opens the door to many career options.

You will be surprised once you realize that there are many high paying foreign language jobs in India. There are very high chances that you get jobs in embassies that offer high salaries.

What is the foreign language expert salary in India? What is the pay scale? Which foreign language is highly paid for in India? Explore this blog as we will uncover all through this.

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High-Paying Industry

There was a time when learning a foreign language was a mere hobby. But today, foreign languages give a push to a career with financial rewards.

The minimum salary for freshers or 0-2 years of experience ranges from Rs 3-5 lakhs per annum. With an average growth rate of 20% per annum, you can achieve a pay scale of Rs 6-8 lakhs after a few years.

The latest study by job search engine Adzuna reviews over 2.5 lakh job posting to disclose the languages that will land you to get a higher paying role. Also, the high language payroll inspires them to learn foreign languages.

Here is the list of High-paying career roles you can get by learning a language:

  • Career as a translator
  • Career as an interpreter
  • Jobs in embassies
  • Flight attendant
  • Linguistic tour Guide
  • Content writer and Editor

So, there are many other roles. Knowing a foreign language in India gives you more priority over other applicants.

It does not matter which career you pick, you always have an edge if you have acquired a skill in a second language.


Highest Paid Foreign Languages in India to learn in 2023


1.) Chinese Language Salary in India  –

The Chinese (Mandarin) is the highest paid foreign language in India. Chinese speakers usually receive as much as Rs Million-plus annually. Chinese language jobs salary in India is Rs11,89,234 per year on average in December. The number of jobs in Mandarin doubled in the past two to three years.

Other East Asian languages namely, Japanese and Korean languages are paid well. Mandarin is in the first spot because of low supply and high demand. There are not enough Chinese speakers in India which results in high demand for Chinese specialists.

In addition, the Chinese economy strongly impacts other countries due to which, vast career options are available in Chinese MNCs. So, if you are planning to start your career in a foreign language, then Chinese is the best option for you.


2.) French Language Salary in India –

The French Language is one of the most popular foreign languages in India. In around 30 French-speaking countries, it is spoken by 300 million French speakers around the globe.

As per Forbes, there will be 750 million French speakers by 2050. French is at the top of the list among students at schools and colleges. In addition, Indians find it somewhat easier to learn French as it is similar to the English language.

Foreign language salary in India varies from person to person. French language salary in India for a translator is Rs 4,82,154 (basic salary). French speakers get an average annual salary of Rs 9,83,769 in December. Learn French in Ahmedabad and get a gateway of opportunities in a foreign language career.

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3.) German Language Salary in India –

The German language features in the top five paid foreign languages and top five highest in demand foreign languages in India that offers diverse opportunities for German language experts in all domains such as KPO/BPO, tour and travel, and many more.

After French, German is the most popular foreign language among Indians. The German language is spoken by 185 million speakers worldwide and 100 million native speakers.

The average salary for German is Rs 9,51,375 yearly. If you speak German fluently, you can earn the most as teaching is the high paying sector.

Not only in India, but German is also famous in other countries and considered the best foreign language for a career. Many MNCs based in Germany such as Siemens, Volkswagen, BMW, and Bosch, set up their business in India and hire native speakers.

Foreign language salary in India is 25% to 40% higher than for English speakers. German is one of the most paid foreign languages in India and the second most commonly used on the internet.

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4.) Spanish Language Salary in India –

The Spanish language has 470 million native speakers and second most commonly spoken language in the world. It has spread across Europe and the Americas and is the number one language to learn in 2023, after Mandarin Chinese.

Moreover, Spanish music, art, and culture are making it a popular language. Language experts rank Spanish as the easiest language to learn for English speakers. The foreign language salary in India for Spanish is Rs 9,80,379 per annum in month of December.

So, Spanish language salary varies considerably. Spanish is the top pick for the most demanded foreign language to learn.

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5.) Japanese Language Salary in India –

The Global economy has a large scope for Japanese language professionals. There are job openings in the Japanese Embassy for students with appropriate skills.

The Japanese language expert earns an annual salary of Rs 5.73 lakhs. The Japanese language has only five vowel sounds with easy pronunciation.

Japanese translators can also work in government agencies, MNCs, and digital media. The Japanese language is gaining popularity these days. A lot of job opportunities are opening in a foreign language career.

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Foreign Language Salary and Job Opportunities

Job seekers expect higher salaries and job opportunities, and European languages are promising. Moreover, there was an 80% increase in job opportunities for Chinese speakers from January to December last year.

Linguists also need to depict strong proficiency to secure well-paid roles, as 587 job vacancies were listed in December.

Bilingual teachers earn the most as teaching is the highest paying industry for German, French, and Spanish languages. Here is the list of foreign language salaries in India for different types of jobs:

1.)Freelance Projects

Online websites like Upwork and Elance offer freelance projects to translate scripts or perform related roles. And, the salary ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 250 depending on the page and skills acquired.

2.)Teacher and Lecturer

Foreign language teachers receive a salary of Rs 25,000 to Rs 5,00,00 per month by teaching in schools or colleges. A foreign language teacher with top-notch experience can charge Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 per hour.

3.)Embassy or UN

International organizations like the UN and Embassies hire bilinguals for Rs 40,000- Rs 1,00,000 per month.


As an interpreter, you need to help two or more individuals from different countries to converse easily by acting as an interpreter. Interpreter salary is Rs 300 to Rs 600 per hour depending on their skills.

5.)Social media roles

There are various job options for social media roles like translating posts or social media campaigns or to foreign languages. And, the salary is Rs 20,000 – Rs 35,000 per month.

6.)PR Department and Marketing

If you work in the PR department in MNC, then your remuneration is from Rs 35,000 to Rs 60,000 per month. Some companies in India pay a good salary to foreign language professionals. Various Blue Chip companies are Infosys, Accenture, TCS, Oracle, Dell, IBM, Amazon, Samsung, etc. These top tier companies also offer high wages to foreign language specialists.

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Undoubtedly, Foreign Language Career Salary in India has a bright future ahead. The key to getting a job depends upon your proficiency and skills. For getting a high paying job, you need to genuinely have skills and fluency in the language you are being employed. The leading five languages in India are Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese. These languages are most desired for career prospects and immigration.

And, foreign language salary in India largely depends on your grasping power and level of understanding of the language in which you wish to start your career. So, If you wish to make your career in foreign languages, you should aim for upper the intermediate level in the proficiency test.

For example, CEFR in B2 European languages, like DELF and DALF (French), CILS or CELI (Italian language tests), and DELE or SIELE (Spanish). For East Asian languages, JLPT N2 (Japanese) and HSK level V (Mandarin Chinese).

Completing a foreign language Course from a reputed University or Institute helps you to get high paying salaries. Kochiva Institute offers the best experience in foreign languages. Kochiva Institute also offers placement assistance to its students. Students get to learn languages from C1/C2 level faculty.

So, what are you waiting for?

Hence, start your career in foreign languages with the highest packages by taking up an online course. You can visit the Kochiva website for any further queries.