spanish language salary in india

Have you ever wondered, what is Spanish Language jobs Salary in India? These days it is difficult to get a good job with a handsome salary.

Spanish learning makes you earn more money than you are earning now. Today MNCs expect employees to speak foreign languages fluently, so they can deal with international clients. There is a rise in demand for the Spanish language in India. Moreover, if you speak Spanish fluently in India you have more job opportunities than others.

India is a diverse country with various cultural lines that makes sense to be bilingual. There is a rain of job opportunities if you just know the basic proficiency level of Spanish. Also, bilinguals are easily hired by companies. In BPO and KPO sectors there is a high need for Spanish speakers. The packages are high for Spanish Language jobs salary in India, just expand your horizon and start with a basic Spanish language course.

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Annual Salary for Spanish Language Jobs in India

The average annual Salary for a Spanish language expert in India is Rs 5.5 LPA. These salary estimates are based on 620 latest salaries from Spanish experts. The average annual salary of a Spanish language expert with less than 1 year of experience to 8 years ranges from Rs 3.2 lakhs to Rs 9 lakhs.

The Spanish Teacher gets average annual salary of Rs 4.8 lakhs and the Trainer gets Rs 8,00,000. The Spanish executive salary based on 93 latest salaries is Rs 4.8 lakhs. In BPO/KPO sector the average salary is Rs 5.4 lakhs per annum. The Spanish experts with 3+ years of experience and proficiency like C1/C2 get a salary range from Rs 6 lakhs to Rs 8 lakhs. The starting salary is Rs 3.2 lakhs per year with at least 1 year of experience. The highest salary that a Spanish expert earns is Rs 9 lakhs per year (Rs 75,000 per month) and the lowest salary is Rs 20,000 per month.

  • Spanish language salary in India changes with experience –

The entry-level Spanish expert with less than three years of experience earns an average salary of Rs 4.8 lakhs per annum. The mid-career Spanish expert with 4-9 years of experience earns Rs 6.8 lakhs per year. While the expert with 10-20 years of experience earns Rs 9.6 lakhs per year.

  • Top paying cities for Spanish speakers in India –

1.) Bangalore – Rs 6.4 lakhs per year.

2.) Gurgaon – Rs 6.3 lakhs per year.

3.) New Delhi – Rs 5.4 lakhs per year.

4.) Pune- Rs 5.3 lakhs per year.


Spanish Language jobs by Salary

With the increasing number of KPOs, BPOs, MNCs, IT-enabled services, export houses, educational institutions, travel agencies, tour operators, and many more, the foreign language salary in India is skyrocketing.

There are various Spanish jobs in India for language experts in different fields. Spanish language experts work as the followings:

1.) Spanish Interpreter-

Spanish Interpreter translates conversations where two or more people speak Spanish and another language. Interpreters facilitate meaningful conversations between groups, even if they are not bilingual. The interpreter translates spoken language, unlike the translation that involves written language. The salary of a Spanish interpreter in India ranges from Rs 4,58,000 to Rs 9,83,000. The average annual salary for a Spanish language interpreter job is Rs 5,52,000.

2.) Translator-

Spanish Translator works translating written communication. They focus on converting text and messages from the Spanish language to another language. The average annual salary of a Spanish translator in India is Rs 5,00,000.

3.) Spanish Content Writer-

Spanish content writer has to create high-quality and engaging blogs for the company. They should know when to follow and when to break grammar rules. The average annual salary ranges from Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 8,00,000.

4.) Spanish Trainers-

Spanish Trainer creates lesson plans, provides conversational classes, and conducts research on language games, methods, and study materials. The trainer needs to organize feedback sessions for an effective and interactive learning experience.

5.) Foreign Language Advisor (Spanish) Intelligence Bureau-

The Intelligence Bureau, under the central government department Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) provides a Spanish Language Advisor job. This job post requires a minimum of one to two years of work experience. The average salary for a senior-level Spanish language advisor is Rs 1,31,100 – Rs 2,16, 600 per month.

Companies prefer bilingual job-seekers over other applicants with foreign language speaking skills. There are many other roles such as customer service associate, client onboarding specialist, editor, high school teacher, etc.

Skills that Spanish experts possess are communication and voice process. Various other skills include customer care, translation, MS office, Excel, etc.


Top Tier Companies providing a high wage for language specialist

Some companies in India pay handsome salaries to some of the hired Spanish language professionals. Today it becomes a trend to learn foreign languages and this trend seems to be constantly rising. Due to this, Spanish language Jobs salary in India is moving on an upward trend.

Here is the list of a few companies in India offering high wages:

  • Amazon– Amazon offers a Salary of Rs 7,00,000 to Spanish language specialists.
  • Accenture– Accenture provides an average salary of Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 6,00,000.
  • HCL Tech– HCL Tech offers Rs 40,000 to Rs 96,000 per month salary.
  • IBM– IBM is providing Rs 9,00,000 – Rs 13,00,000 salary annually.
  • LinkedIn– LinkedIn provides Rs 10,00,000 – Rs 11,00,000 per annum salary to Spanish experts.

This list is not limited to these companies only. Moreover, there are 195 Spanish companies in India and around 40 Indian companies in Spain. Also, many other companies hire Spanish experts like Genpact, L&T, TCS, Infosys, Oracle, First Source, and many more.

Major Industries to work after learning the Spanish Language

After you complete your Spanish language course there are many sectors through which you should start your career as a translator, and tour guide. Here is the list of industries to work as a Spanish speaker:

  • Human Resources
  • Embassy
  • Tour Guide
  • Blogging
  • Teacher and trainer
  • Banking
  • International organizations like the UN, WHO, UNICEF, etc.


Final Thoughts

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with 329 million native speakers according to Ethnologue. The Spanish is far behind Chinese (1.2 billion) and ahead of English (328 million). Spanish Language is so simple to learn for Indians as it is similar to English in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

Therefore, we say that the Spanish language is in high demand. And, freshers have a high scope for Spanish language jobs salary in India. Also, bilinguals and multi-linguals have the capacity to earn 5% – 20% more per hour than those who are not. For this, you need to learn the Spanish language.

Kochiva is a training institute that holistically provides the best courses in foreign languages. You can enroll yourself in their Spanish course that completely makes you Spanish proficient. This institute has faculty with C1/C2 levels. For any queries, contact Kochiva. Moreover, there are hundreds of opportunities with great packages. The pay scale varies from industry to industry. The type and level of fluency you have in Spanish determines your salary package.

Till now, you must have understood that Spanish language jobs salary in India depends on certain factors. So, start your career in foreign languages and achieve greater heights in your life.

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