Learn how to speak french


So, you guys must be wondering to learn how to speak French. Millions of people are proficient French speakers. Therefore, it is the best time for you to start your journey

French is the second-most significant language internationally. People want to learn how to speak French because French is dominating the world. To know how to speak French fluently is an achievement in itself. It brings a feeling of accomplishment and opens the doors to various opportunities worldwide, professionally or academically.

In this multi-linguistic world, French has a special place. It is an elegant and melodious language. The world is following the trend, and if you wish to learn to speak this language, we are here for you by giving you a French course.

Now the question that would have been boggling your mind is ‘How to speak French?’ If this has been boggling your mind, then you need not worry. Read further to understand the cheat codes to learn to speak the French language.


Learn how to speak French for Beginners

You may have learned a few words in French, and to speak French like a native requires commitment and familiarity with the French language. Work beyond basic French vocabulary to French grammar and pronunciation. In addition, the French accent involves some diacritics, liquid vowels, and slippery consonants that pose a big challenge for beginners. So if you want to learn to speak French?

Immersing learners completely in French basics, words, and phrases and writing them in a notebook help beginners. Instead of memorizing words, you will learn to understand the nuances of the language and pronunciation as you might hear or speak them in a situation that occurs in everyday life.


How to Speak French in different ways in 2023

Learning a foreign language is one thing but having fluency is another. Various facts about the French language make it even more challenging for the speakers. It takes completely different efforts to become fluent in speaking French. The mentioned below are the ways that will help you achieve your goal of fluency-


1)Evaluating the difference between written and spoken French 

Learning the French language is quite a difficult task. The French language has an abundance of facts and rules. All of this makes it difficult for a non-native speaker to speak French fluently. But to be able to speak fluently, you have to establish a difference between spoken and written French. Moreover, to avoid any confusion in spoken and written French try to look for rich resources for more clarity. Practice in front of a mirror, and repeat the phrases in your mind repetitively. Repetition is the key to fluency. Moreover, to have a grip on the speech, conversing in French daily will do wonders.

2)Make a Phrasebook in French

Use more of the French phrases that are relevant to your daily life to learn much faster. Have real-life conversations with speakers to talk fluently. Create a personalized book full of phrases to improve your linguistic skills. A list of phrases that you can use daily is-

  • Tell me about yourself- Parle-Moi de toi
  • What do you like- Qu’est-ce que tu aimes?
  • How are you? – Comment ça va?
  • What is your name in French? – quel est ton nom en français
  • My name is – mon nom est

Try to speak phrases whenever you converse with a partner. Whenever speaking French, you should speak loudly. Therefore, it will help you to have the clarity of the language yourself which will enhance your fluency. Speaking it loud and clear will give you confidence. You become more comfortable with the language.


3)Create a mini version of France at your home

  • Turn your Smartphone language settings to French. Do the same with your PC. This will create a habit and help you memorize French words more rapidly.
  • Most of the cities around you must have a community of French speakers. Look for French speakers nearby you and converse with them.
  • Listen to French radio and Podcasts.
  • Read books and magazines in French.
  • Watch movies and Shows in French to get familiar with the language.


4)Using Conversational Connectors to sound more natural

Use more French connectors to speak the French Language in a more natural manner. Conversations become more appealing to hear. Exchanging words with a partner becomes dull if you do not give your 100%.

For example,

You: “How was your day?”

Them: “It was good.”

You: “Mine was not”

Them: “oh! Okay.”

This conversation is very dull and monotonous. Here is another example below:

You: “So, how was your day?”

Them: “Not that bad, thank you for asking. What about yours?”

You: “Honestly, mine was not that amazing.”

Them: “Okay, sorry to hear that.”

Both conversations deliver the same information but, the first sounds boring, while the other is wonderful. So, try to use more conversational connectors to become proficient. Using connectors aptly improves your proficiency and linguistic skills.

5)Focus on simple components of the French Language

French is hard to speak, and keeping this statement in mind would not let you learn how to speak French. So, whenever you feel disheartened, concentrate on easy aspects.

Several facts make French a simple language:

  • There are no cases in French (accusative, nominative, etc.)
  • French has many similar words to English.
  • French evolves from Latin and uses the Latin alphabet.
  • There are only two gender nouns, while German has three.

Do not forget these easy aspects of French while you learn to speak French. When you remember this, then the difficult elements will not affect your fluency.

Learn to speak French with Kochiva Linguistics

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Firstly, Kochiva will assist you in this bilingual journey to the fullest. Along with the certified language trainers, we provide strategic methods to study. Secondly, with these methods, you can find ways to learn to speak French in your chaotic schedule. The classes by Kochiva create such a comfortable environment that beginners find the confidence to have active conversations. Finally, Kochiva enables access to your mobile apps to facilitate learning. It provides a self-learning experience to its keen learners.



So finally, to learn how to speak French fluently start working from now. All those who have learned to speak French are beginners once. Now they all talk fluently, so you can as well.

You might want to know ‘How can I learn to speak French by myself?’ Well, let me give you a reality check. Self-learning isn’t for everybody. To learn a global language like this, tutors play a crucial role. Be careful when choosing a French Language Institute. Most importantly, have faith in yourself. Spend as much time as you can on learning. Be smart while using lingo hacks, and use more conversational connectors to meet your goal.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself enrolled and start your French-speaking journey. Make the right choice for yourself by choosing us.