Jobs in germany for Indians

There are countless Jobs in Germany for Indians. Germany now offers great career prospects for interested entrants from India.

Germany offers jobs to international students or freshers from many countries like India. Moreover, searching for jobs in an international country is not as easy peasy task as it looks. Particularly when English is the only other language they are familiar with outside of the one used in that nation. There are many jobs like nursing in Germany for Indian freshers that can offer higher packages further.

However, those who have completed their education in Germany and have a good command of the language have higher chances to get high-paying jobs.

Germany has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU, with a record low of 5.8 % in March 2017. It has an unemployment rate of 5.4% in 2022 as compared to 7.4% in France, 9.2% in Italy, and 13.3% in Spain.

Germany is a fast-growing hub for education in the world, preferred for its superior quality of education and research.

Many renowned educationists and researchers are born in Germany, such as Albert Einstein, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Max Planck, and so on. German colleges offer 15000 programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

People are offered extended resident permit to find a job in Germany who do not belong to EU/EEA countries . In case they find it hard immediately after completing their studies in Germany. In this article, we cover the employment market, salary, vacancies, and conditions for jobs in Germany for Indians.

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Job Market in Germany

As per Germany’s Federal employment agency, the country wants 400,000 skilled migrants to arrive each year to fulfill the demand for labor. Germany is known for being the world’s most efficient economy, with a high level of output per individual employee.

Most statistics believe that employees in the United Kingdom become successful in five days while in Germany in four days. And, it is true for major German Industries.

Since Germany has a shortage of skillful workers; there are several jobs for foreign citizens. Non-European union countries such as India are considered competent to apply for jobs in Germany.

The largest employers in Germany include BMW, Siemens, Bosch, Volkswagen, Allianz, etc.

Around 90% of German businesses come under SMEs. The SMEs secure 2/3rd of the jobs in Germany.

Due to covid-19, the influx of foreign students has been greatly affected. But German job markets still welcome skilled foreigners with German language fluency.


Hours to work in Germany

Arbeitszeitgesetz Act (Working Time Act) defines the working hours in Germany. The hours to work in Germany are mostly uniform, the work hours range between 36-40 hours per week or 7-8 hours a day. Germany grants a minimum of 18 days of holiday a year.

Moreover, the employees are entitled to 30 minutes of break every day as per law. Mini jobs become very common and are opted for by students with low salaries to supplement their income.


Conditions to work in Germany for Indians

Many Indians work in Germany as gardeners, painters, butchers, nurses, etc. Moreover, for the entrants from India, areas like IT, nursing, and Vocational training are quite promising. As per German legislation, people from India work in working conditions similar to German employees.

Germany does not get biased against Indians and Germans based on wages, working conditions, and any other legal requirements.

Applicants need a professional degree and can speak German at least at level B1. For this, you need to get yourself the German language Course and Kochiva helps you with that.

Furthermore, your application documents must be complete. Incomplete documents easily get rejections and the same applies when you apply for many positions. You can apply for a maximum of 2 vacancies! Be patient as the selection process can take some time.

The CVs and cover letter must adhere to the standards used in Germany. Therefore, the experts strongly recommend that Indian entrants use the Europass template to create their tabulated CVs.

Do not apply for positions for which you are overqualified or underqualified. Apply for the roles in which you are a good fit for!

The Indians and Non- EU citizens can migrate to Germany on a job seeker’s visa. The German state grants this visa via embassies in the home country of the entrant and permits them to stay in Germany for 6 months in search of work. Please remember that all citizens, irrespective of the kind of visa must obtain health insurance.

There are innumerable Jobs in Germany for Indians but require following documents to apply for the visa:

  • Passport.
  • Insurance proof.
  • Job offer and contract from a German employer.
  • Language proficiency at B1 level as per CEFR.
  • Proof of available funds to meet the living expenses.
  • Academic qualification in German recognition Certificate.


Work Culture and Expectations in Germany 

Comprehending the German work culture is essential to effectively adjusting to your new position. Several important factors to think about are:  

( i ) Punctuality: Germans place a high importance on punctuality and anticipate that everyone will be on time for appointments and meetings. Being late for an appointment is regarded as impolite and unprofessional.  

( ii ) Organization and efficiency: Well-organized processes and efficiency are valued in German workplace culture. Prepare yourself to work hard, fulfill deadlines, and follow procedures as set out.  

( iii ) Formality: German workplaces have distinct titles and a defined hierarchy, making them more formal than Indian ones. Until otherwise requested, treat your coworkers and superiors with respect by addressing them by their proper titles and last names. 

( iv ) Work-life balance: Germans place a high importance on it, and you’ll notice that most of them don’t work long hours or on the weekends. Explore your new surroundings and take up activities during your free time. 


Vacancy of Jobs in Germany for Indians

Sectors like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) and Healthcare have a fair proportion of shortage of expert and skilled staff. According to July 2020 statistics, Germany has more than 5 crore job vacancies. The wage growth rate is 0.40 percent. As per 2023 statistics, Germany has 764,000 vacancies from hospitality to English speaking jobs.

There are many jobs in Germany for Indian graduates in the field of science, engineering, and applied arts. Look for jobs in your home country’s embassy and consulate in Germany. Whatever job you find, you need to have a high standard of fluency in Germany.

Job roles such as manufacturing positions, social workers, health care, mechanical, electrical, and building demand certain skillful Indian workers.

Moreover, the jobs in Germany for 10th /12th pass Indian have various options. 10th/12th pass students and graduates can look for internships in Germany or summer placements at AISEC.

Intern abroad and Euro placement also provide internships in Germany. There are unskilled jobs in Germany for Indians which include voluntarily work for 12 months at European voluntary service (EVS).


Salary of jobs in Germany for Indians

Germany sets the base salary annually. Presently, with a minimum of 9.6 Euros per hour, Germany ranks fifth among EU countries in terms of salaries. 4000 Euros is a typical monthly payment. The nurse average salary in Germany is quite lucrative. The payment depends from sector to sector and varies within different job positions.

  • If your employer pays you less amount than the minimum basic wage set, the German government charges penalties to them.
  • The average minimum wage increases by 1.50 percent in 2018.


Top paying Industry in Germany based on Salary

The highest paying industries in Germany are banking and finance, medicine, Consulting, IT, legal jobs, etc. The salary ranges from 65,000 Euros to 85,000 Euros per annum.

Salaries offered by the largest firms in Germany are:

  1. Deutsche: 98,000 Euros
  2. Siemens: 82,000 Euros
  3. Bosch: 71,000 Euros
  4. Allianz: 76,000 Euros
  5. BMW: 84,000 Euros
  6. Volkswagen: 56,000 Euros

EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card is for Non-EU citizens that permits qualified candidates to live and work in Germany.


You need a recognized degree and an employment contract with a gross salary of around 55,200 Euros. Moreover, if you work in IT, Mathematics, Human medication, or Scientific discipline, then your gross annual wage stands out to be 43,056 Euros a year.


  • Permission to stay in Germany for three extra months based on your contract.
  • It also involves a restriction of four years of stay.
  • Procuring an EU card for 33 months makes you eligible for a settlement permit in Germany.


How to find a job in Germany for Indians

Since you have made it clear to relocate to Germany and got the skills to impress employers. So at times, it becomes difficult to find a job in Germany, but here is a way out to find a job in Germany for Indians.

The first thing is to learn German from experts to become well-versed in the German Language.

  • Firstly, explore various online job portals like Expatica Jobs, EURES, International Placement Service, Jobstairs, etc.
  • Secondly, Look for English speaking jobs on craigslist, The Local, Top Language Jobs, and English Jobs in Germany.
  • After that, look for Direct Appointments, Apprenticeships, and Graduate schemes include on-the-job training.
  • Lastly, Try to contact recruitment agencies via the German telephone book. Find the agencies that are members of the Federal Employers Association of personal service providers.

If you are speculating about how long it takes to get work, a few months should be enough to look for employment in Germany.



German is the most widely spoken language in the EU ahead of Spanish, English and French. The German language ranks in 11th position among the most spoken languages in the world.

Finding jobs in Germany for Indians is daunting until you are proficient in speaking German to at least the b1/b2 level.

High-end job positions involve an interview round in which employers target the ones with good German skills.

So basically, the first step towards your path involves having good German language skills for which Kochiva can holistically train you in the German language.

The faculty has C1/C2 level Experts. They have a small batch size to make students competent in the German language. For any queries Contact Kochiva.

Hence, there are hundreds of opportunities in Germany with great packages. The pay scale varies from sector to sector. The type and fluency you have in the German language determine your packages and positions. In addition, multi-linguals and bilinguals get more priority in jobs than others.

Don’t panic about how long it takes to get jobs, take a step forward to fulfill your dreams.