Study Nursing in Germany for Indian Students (2024 Guide)

Study Nursing in Germany for Indian StudentsOne question that boggles your mind may be how can I Study Nursing in Germany for Indian students? Let’s answer this.

Germany is a well-developed country for higher education. The German universities have high global ranks with numerous courses to choose from. Germany offers high-quality degrees that boost employment rates. Moreover, Germany has an excellent standard of living. A significant proportion of the German population enjoys healthy lifestyles.

The people of age above 65 years are increasing in Germany. Due to this, governments should develop stable healthcare system. Germany offers the best place to work as a Nurse. Germany has a well-stable Public healthcare system; the nursing profession is in high demand. Their social healthcare scheme covers the entire population. Nurses have high demand in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient services, rehabilitation centers, etc.

Nurses are paid low in their hometowns. However, Nurses get exceptionally good salaries in Germany. Nurses receive an annual gross pay of 33,000 EUR. They receive a monthly payment of 2800 EUR to 2900 EUR on average.

You guys can think to pursue a nursing course in Germany. Moreover, an international degree helps to have better career prospects. This article covers the necessary details to study nursing in Germany for Indian students. 

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Nursing in Germany for Indian Students 


Every year thousands of students aspire to advance their career in nursing. Germany has rich, dynamic and quality standard of living. Indian students can also study for free in Germany. There are various options to study nursing in Germany for free. Let’s explore them out. Germany offers two courses to study nursing:

1.) Nursing Ausbildung-

This is the most famous program for youngsters. They call it a Vocational Program or Apprenticeship Training. Students get training at hospitals, pediatrics, nursing centers, and elderly homes for the experience. The trainer provides a monthly stipend to the trainee/attendee. The placement and training providers of the Ausbildung center do not charge any extra fees. Students get complete knowledge of the course.

For Ausbildung program, one should learn German in India and clear B1/B2 goethe exam. This Ausbildung program is under state control. Students have to clear the state entrance test. Completing an apprenticeship leads to approval by the state as a “Nursing Specialist”.

Nurses with a vocational degree can apply for following roles:

1.) Nephrology

2.) Hygiene

3.) Clinical geriatrics

4.) Psychiatric Center

5.) Endoscopy and operation services


2.) BSc Nursing-

In this program the universities provide education with simultaneous placement at hospitals. BSc nursing in Germany is a dual program.This program provides a degree at one end and training at the other. Students get early experience by practicing at hospitals. There is no tuition fee for the course.

However, one has to learn German in Germany instead of India, as they need to apply for M foundation course before applying for dual program. In addition, nurses can also work as a teacher in vocational schools. Hence, you can study BSc nursing in Germany.

Nurses with university bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree apply for:

1.) Social and health services

2.) In-home care specialist

3.) Care consultants and experts

4.) Head of the department

5.) Palliative care specialist

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How much does it cost to study Nursing in Germany

Some universities offer nursing which involves some cost. Interns usually get 1000 EUR (91,199 INR) to 1200 EUR (1,09,446 INR) per month. In comparison to other countries, Germany has a low cost of living. The tuition fee ranges from USD 330 (27,052 INR) to USD 440 (36,072 INR). However, your cost of living generally gets covered by a stipend.

The nursing course is 3 years long course and requires 2100 hours of practical and 2500 hours of theory. The basic pre-requisite to study in Germany requires you to have a good command of the German language. You also have to clear at least a B1 Level German.

So, if you want to study nursing in Germany you must know the German language.

Once you possess the qualification in nursing then, get recognition from higher authorities.


Eligibility for Study Nursing in Germany

The students of India must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to study nursing in Germany;

1.) Firstly, High school (10+2) completion certificate in any subject.

2.) Secondly, German B1 Level language certificate of completion. You must have competent knowledge of the language.

3.) Thirdly, A certificate that you are medically and physically fit for pursuing the nursing course.

4.) Finally, Students must qualify in ‘Abitur’. It is an entrance test for German universities.


Tasks in the Nursing field

As a nurse, you have several social responsibilities towards people. You need to take care of people and support them in every phase of life. After doing nursing in Germany, a nurse needs to perform various tasks. The task a nurse needs to perform includes:

1.) Geriatric Care

2.) Pediatric Care

3.) Patient Care

For instance, nursing task includes support, taking care, and guidance of both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Moreover, the nurse needs to carry out medical training and assist in treating patients. A nurse also needs to understand and help patients to get the best treatment possible.


Best Schools for Nursing in Germany

1.) Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) – Bachelor of Science (Nursing – Cooperative Degree Program).

2.) Baden- Wuerttemberg Cooperative state university (DHBW) – Bachelor of Science (Applied Health & Nursing Sciences).

3.) Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences (HSB) – International Degree Program in Nursing (B.Sc.).

When you study nursing in Germany from these schools, you get good exposure. Furthermore, nursing has unlimited vacancies and is a flexible job. There are various fields like hospitals, nursing home centers, old-age centers, children’s hospitals, and private clinics. Hence, nurses have an innumerable options to work in.


Future of Nursing in Germany for Indian Students

Nursing has an abundance of openings and is a versatile profession. Nurses are in high demand in a variety of fields. Apart from working as a nurse, you can also work in other part-time opportunities. Still have any doubts, you can go ahead and look for the best German consultants.

Lastly, have clarity on all the procedures and requirements that are essential for nursing. Look for consultants that have 15+ years of experience. The right organization will help you to take the right steps in the right direction.

Moreover, with their guidance, you can get immense help in the application process. Moreover, Indian Students get higher salaries and packages in international countries. Nurses usually have a brighter future outside India. Just take a strong step to reach your goals with expert guidance.

Kochiva is a leading institute in providing German language courses. Therefore, with Kochiva you can learn the German language at an early stage. Students attain proficiency in German by taking up a course. This will help you to become well-versed in the language.

So, what are you waiting for? Now, its become very easy to study nursing in Germany for Indian Students.

Hence, Start your nursing course in Germany as early as you can. Go ahead with your choices and let Kochiva help in achieving those dreams.


Benefits of Studying Nursing in Germany

  1. High-quality education: Germany is known for its excellent education system, and nursing programs in the country are no exception. You will receive a high-quality education that prepares you for your healthcare career.
  2. Good working conditions: The working conditions in Germany for nurses are good, including fair pay, reasonable working hours, and access to professional development opportunities.
  3. Career prospects: Nursing is in high demand in Germany, and the country faces a shortage of qualified nurses. Hence nursing graduates in Germany have excellent career prospects and can find employment easily.
  4. Affordable education: Compared to other countries, education in Germany is relatively affordable, with many universities offering low tuition fees. Therefore you can receive a high-quality education without incurring significant debt.
  5. Practical experience: Nursing programs in Germany include extensive practical experience in various healthcare settings. This hands-on experience can give you the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high-quality patient care.


Study Nursing in Germany for International Students: Requirements

The following are the requirements for enrolling in a nursing program in Germany:  

  • It is expected of you to have completed Class 12 (10+2) in any subject in high school.  
  • Class 10 or 12 students should have studied science.  
  • It would be ideal if you could speak German at the B1 level.  
  • Some institutions require applicants to have completed the German university admission exam, known as the “Abitur,” or an equivalent qualification.  



In conclusion, studying nursing in Germany is an excellent opportunity for Indian students looking to pursue a career in healthcare. Furthermore, studying in Germany provides students with the opportunity to experience a new culture, learn a new language, and make lifelong connections with people from around the world. 

So, what are you waiting for? Now, its become easy to study nursing in Germany for Indian Students. Hence, Start your nursing course in Germany as early as you can. Go ahead with your choices and let Kochiva help in achieving those dreams.