how to become a web developer

A career in web development can be the appropriate choice for you if you enjoy using technology, are passionate about design, and thrive on the challenge of improving online tools. However, the question is how to become a web developer, and how long does it take to become a web developer?

In this article, we’ll go over the steps you can take to begin a career in web development. We’ll also discuss the steps, if you want to become a web developer without degree and how web development courses can help to grow your career.


Steps to Become a Web Developer:

If you want to become a web developer, you need both academic understanding and real-world experience. You must have a thorough grasp of coding and programming languages in addition to strong communication and problem-solving abilities. If you want to become a web developer without degree, then you should enroll in some specific courses related to web development offered by the different institutes

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You should take the following steps if you want to work as a web developer:


Learn the fundamentals as well as skills of web development:

If you want to become a web developer without degree, the first step in the beginning is to have a thorough knowledge and comprehension of the concepts as well as the skills required to do the job.

Get acquainted with all of the web programming principles first, such as HTML CSS, and an understanding of JavaScript.

Moreover, you should have a technical understanding of the:

  1. Visual designing, which includes the website templates, fonts, and colors.
  2. Accessibility 
  3. Version control for tracking and managing source code changes without having to start from scratch
  4. Technical SEO and other related concepts


Decide on a development specialty

If you are a fresher and want to become a web developer with no experience, then this one can be challenging. To specialize in development, you must choose between being a front-end developer, a back-end developer, or a full-stack developer

Consider specializing on the front end if you find creating websites intriguing. Choosing a backend specialty can help you become the “behind-the-scenes” hero if you love coding and managing databases. Go full-stack if you want to autonomously manage the entire project and handle both front-end and back-end development.


Develop Your Programming Skills for Web Development

The programming language you select will rely on a number of things, including the company you work for and the specifications of your project. However, as a beginning, you can keep it straightforward.

Learn JavaScript thoroughly if you decide to pursue a career as a front-end developer. Java, Python, and JavaScript are suitable choices if backend programming is your area of interest.

Once you feel at ease with the programming language of your choice, begin learning about the many frameworks available to make your work easier.

Keep in mind that your basics and problem-solving abilities are more important than your programming language knowledge. A skilled developer may rapidly pick up new languages.


Work on Projects to Improve Your Web Development Skills

Why wait for the right time when you can create the perfect moment? Learning on your own is usually a smart idea. To boost your skills as a developer, start working on freelance as well as independent projects. Working on these projects will teach you a lot that you can use to advance your career as a web developer.


Create a portfolio for web developers

Don’t forget to compile your whole body of previous web development work into a portfolio. Make sure to create a strong portfolio. Try to include a variety of tasks in your portfolio to improve it and provide you with a competitive advantage.


Steps of Becoming a Web Developer Without a Degree

Web development is the most flexible career path with multiple entry points, and one can easily become a web developer after 12th without any four-year degree. To become a web developer without degree, you should follow the following steps:


    1. The initial phase to becoming a web developer without a degree is to enroll in online courses. There are different types of online courses available in the market that help you learn the basics and advanced levels of web development.
    2. Obtaining a certification that verifies your proficiency as a web developer is important. Finishing training programs that lead to certificates demonstrates to potential employers that you are an authority in your field of expertise.
    3. The next step is to build a strong resume. Having a professional resume is important since it demonstrates to recruiters your talents and abilities as a web developer. Please make sure that your resume includes similar tasks that a potential employer is looking for and highlights your experience.
    4. You should get ready for interviews after submitting applications for jobs with a strong ;portfolio and resume. You could be contacted at any moment to attend an interview to demonstrate your qualifications. Typically, there are several stages to the interview process. But if you make the necessary preparations, you can easily get through these phases.


What are the Responsibilities of the Web Developers

Becoming a developer is not an easy task; it consists of multiple responsibilities.

However, the responsibilities of the Web developer can vary depending upon their experience and specialization. However, some of the common responsibilities of the Web developer include designing, developing, and maintaining websites and web applications.

They also need to maintain a proper relationship with the clients to understand their needs and requirements.

One of the major web developer responsibility includes the writing and testing of the code, and if they find any bug in their code during testing, they need to debug their code in order to make sure that the application is working properly.

The technology is constantly evolving, and it is the developers’ responsibility to keep themselves updated with the latest technology to stay competitive and provide the best solutions for clients.

Additionally, they need to keep them updated with the latest trends and technology.


Web Developer Salary

Once you decide to become a web developer, one question may arise in your head: how much salary can a web developer get? The web developer’s salary varies depending upon their experience, skills, and their working location.

The average salary of a Full Stack web developer lies between 5,00,000 and 7,00,000, whereas an experienced and skilled developer can earn more than 10,00,000


How long does it take to become a web developer?

The knowledge required to become a Web Developer can be comprehended in as short as 12 weeks, which is the only reason behind the aspiring Developers are increasingly likely to enroll in web development training courses. This allows for quick hands-on learning and focused skill development.

Positions in development need a particular level of technical expertise despite the fact that web developers have a variety of educational backgrounds. You will need to learn how to code and show that you are proficient in a number of different programming languages as well as the fundamental development tools.

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In order to present your work and display your abilities as a developer, you can choose to consider creating a digital web development portfolio that includes the websites or applications you’ve built.



In conclusion, Web development is one of the most admirable occupations. There are various job opportunities available for web developers which can help you to achieve your professional goals. Most importantly, this blog covers all the ideas and tips that can help you to become a web developer. 

One thing you should remember is that getting a certificate in web development is a massive step towards your career. You can try the different online web development courses, which can help you to grow and can assist you in getting a fantastic web developer job with a good salary package.