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Learning any foreign language has become quite popular among Indians these days ( Easiest Languages to Learn). There are countless reasons behind it. The main ones are the benefits that one can get post-learning.

Foreign language instruction can improve foreign trade in addition to improving global career chances and national narratives. It will make it easier for Indian enterprises to enter overseas markets. Learning a foreign language (or any language) provides additional advantages.

There are countless other opportunities that await you post learning a foreign language.

Now the common question among people is ‘Which is the easiest foreign language to learn?’

We are here to let you know the most appropriate answer to this question.

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Top 6 Easiest Foreign Language to Learn  Which are Highly paid, and useful to Learn in India:


Spanish is the world’s second most widely spoken language. It ranks 1st on the scale of ease of learning. 

In as many as 20 countries around the world, Spanish is the official and major language. Apart from Spain, practically every country in South America speaks the language. Spanish is spoken by about 6% of the world’s population.

If you are well-known in English then learning Spanish really becomes easy. The reason behind this fact is that Spanish and English both are derived from the same language i.e. Latin.

You can learn Spanish in just 400 hours of classroom study, spread out across four hours per day in just 4 to 8 months. The speed of learning all depends on the efficiency of the trainer and the trainee.

Enrolling yourself with the best institute to provide the course really matters a lot in this regard.

All you need to do is visit KOCHIVA and reach to ‘Spanish Language Course Page’. It is the best institute to learn with top-notch training faculty in the Spanish language.

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The official language of Germany and Austria is German which is also known as Deutsch. The German language is well-known. 

In addition, German is extensively spoken in Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium, to name a few European countries.

Thousands of students in India aspire to study German for a variety of reasons. You can do it in your spare time as well. This is feasible if you enroll in the best German language online course.

One of the reasons why German is easy to learn for Indians is that many people believe German has descended from Sanskrit.  But this is just a belief. We can’t fully rely on this.

 However, since German is an Indo-European language, learning it in India may be easier.

It ranks 2nd on the scale of ease of learning. If you have a good hold of English and some pre-knowledge of the French language, then learning German really becomes easy for you to learn.

Learn the German language online with ‘KOCHIVA’. Visit the Kochiva website to inquire about the german language online.

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French is the fastest-growing language in the world in today’s scenario. In fact, about half of Africa’s population speaks French as their native language.

As it is a Romance language, it is quite popular among students. Nearly 300 million across the globe people speak French.

In addition, French is the official language of 29 countries around the world. As a result, French is a crucial language for business, politics, and culture. It ranks 3rd on the scale of ease of learning a foreign language.

As a result, learning the French Language can be enjoyable, sometimes tough too, and time-consuming while providing far more benefits than anticipated.

You can now learn the French language online with Kochiva today. All you need to do is visit Kochiva’s Website. Hereby enrolling yourself with the best French language course.

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Arabic is the official language of 25 Middle Eastern and African countries. Because West Asia and Africa are both essential for global trade and politics, this makes it one of the most important languages in the world.

Learning Arabic can be really easy for Indians. It is spoken by about 4% of the total population of the world. It is one of the most useful and easy languages to learn.

You can easily learn this language as a part-time course in your free time.

The Arabic language ranks 4 on the scale of learning. 

On the other side of the coin, learning Arabic can be complex too. Despite having only 28 letters in the alphabet, Arabic is a difficult language to learn. This is due to the fact that, unlike other languages, the language is written from right to left. As an Indian, however, you’ll find that pronouncing Arabic is relatively simple.

In reality, knowing Arabic is quite useful in India and might open up many avenues for you. So one can opt for this language too.


Japanese is a language which can really prove a boon after learning if you want to make a career in Japan or as a tourist guide in India. It ranks 5th on the scale of ease of learning a foreign language.

Japan is a leading country in terms of economic and GDP growth. It is a country with a significant political and cultural sector. All these facts make Japanese a really useful and vital language to learn.

The Japanese language is spoken by around 150 million people worldwide, including 100 million people in Japan. 

Since Japan exports a variety of goods, including technology, Japanese is the world’s fastest-growing language.

 To attain expertise in Japanese, one must have to become acquainted with all three scripts.

Yes, Japanese is written in three different scripts named Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana. 

This means that in order to master Japanese, you’ll need to know all three scripts, as they’re all commonly employed for communication. You also need to memorize about 50,000 characters present in each script to gain an expert level in the Japanese language.

All you need is focus and determination to learn the language. You will be able to gain expertise in Japanese in a very short span of time.


All the above languages are the top 5 languages in the list of easy foreign languages to learn. These languages are quite useful and act as a door to a brighter future. 

You should take a really wise decision before choosing the institute to take coaching from. The classroom courses are comprehensive and can help you learn in the quickest time possible. 

But you must choose the best foreign language courses to learn. If you are still doubtful about deciding on the best foreign language classes, we are here to help.

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We really hope that the information given above guides you on the best path to reach your destination. We wish for your brightest future from the bottom of our hearts.

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