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Table of contents

French Language Classes in Pune

  1. Best Online French Course in Pune

  2. Course Structure of French language classes in Pune

  3. Easy ways to learn French

  4. Conclusion

French language Classes in Pune

online french language classes in pune

French is a prominent and widely spoken language. The French language classes in Pune opens an accessible French learning medium for potential learners. Kochiva’s online French language classes provide you with the best online learning experience.

Nowadays many people want to have an impressive resume. Having a French language certification on your resume will surely lead you to many opportunities. In this modern era, there is a great demand for learning the French language. As a result, many institutions have French language courses.

Being a metropolitan city of Maharashtra, Pune has shown numerous changes following changing times. Demand to learn a foreign language is one of those changes. There are many potential French learners willing to enroll themselves with French courses. To do that online French language classes by Kochiva are here for assistance.

To sum up, Kochiva’s French language course in Pune will give you proper guidance to be future-ready. Read the following article for further information on the French language course in Pune.

Table of contents

French Language Classes in Pune

  1. Best Online French Course in Pune

  2. Course Structure of French language classes in Pune

  3. Easy ways to learn French

  4. Conclusion

Best Online French Course in Pune

‘Apprenants Potentiels’, it might be difficult for you to choose the apt French learning classes for you. Nevertheless, Kochiva is the finest choice for you to learn the French language. The authentic bilingual environment of the classes encourages the students to keep going.

Students can learn French with KOCHIVA in a distinctive setting. The natural French tone in communication abilities can be achieved by the fourth(B2) level of the course. Kochiva also prepares the students for the exams like DELF, TCF, DCL, etc. which are valid for life.

Below mentioned are certain pointers that provide you the information regarding French language classes in Pune: –


  1. Firstly, you can learn French from the comfort of your home without wasting your time on conveyance.
  2. Two assessments are included in the course, which will help you gauge your progress and test your knowledge.
  3. Alongside gamified learning, there are also cultural events in these online classes.
  4. The faculty is efficient as well as devoted to their work.
  5. Our in-class activities and projects help you assess yourself.
  6. Further, students are provided with full placement assistance.
  7. Batches are small chiefly consisting of 8-12 students. Because of these small batches enable the trainers to give personal attention.
  8. Certification will also be provided at the end of the course.
  9. Lastly, there are constant doubt sessions and regular tests every week to ensure the consistent growth of the students.

Consequently, the most frequently asked question is, ‘How can I learn French myself?’ Apparently, it is not easy to learn a foreign language on your own. Our C1/C2 level trainers assist in learning this language. The trainers provide the students with international-level of language training. The trainers will guide you on the right way about how to learn the French language.

Our online platforms make French language classes accessible not only in Pune but also in other cities of Maharashtra. Online French classes in Mumbai assist aspiring French learners in Mumbai to learn this language.

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Course Structure of French language classes in Pune

There are a total of six levels in this course. The duration of each group differs accordingly. The systematic way of teaching gives a step-by-step learning experience. It becomes easy for beginners to understand the language better.

The following is the information about each level present in the course: –


      1. Beginner Level (50 hours each) –>


  • A1 – Basic reading, practice for everyday conversations, as well as enhanced learning by speaking.
  • A2 – Focuses on pronunciations, writing with ease, and context-based understanding.


      2. Intermediate Level (80 hours each) –>


  • B1 – Advanced reading, attentive listening, enhancing written expression, and speaking comfortably.
  • B2 – Different genres of reading and cognitive listening are focused on this level. Along with these comfortable speaking and enhanced written expression are also taken up.


      3. Advanced Level (80 hours each) –>


  • C1 – Complex comprehension readings, proficient listening, and speaking fluently. These also include enhanced written expressions. By this, you will be able to write letters and much more.
  • C2 – Proficient listening, perfectionist reader, and proficient writing expression. You will be able to speak like a native by the end of this level.

Easy ways to learn French

To be honest, most of the learning process depends on an individual’s cognitive ability too. These ways will assist your cognitive ability to enhance your learning.

Mentioned below is the information about the easy ways to learn French: –


1. Watch and Listen to Content:

Watching movies, videos, etc. helps you with an expressive understanding of the language. It increases your fluency and builds up your confidence. The gamified techniques of French language classes in Pune make it possible. Along with videos, other fun activities are conducted for expressive learning.

2. Practice grammar and Vocabulary:

Grammar plays a vital role in learning any foreign speech. You should surely keep in check your vocabulary and practice it daily to be a proficient speaker. French language classes in Pune especially emphasize grammatical learning for proficient learning.

3. Join French Groups:

Being part of a bilingual group reduces your learning time. An efficient French language class in Pune by Kochiva is a bilingual group that will specifically guide you to learn it in the right way.

4. Read French Newspapers:

Consequently, reading is the most efficient way to learn anything. It helps you learn the vocabulary and by reading your speaking skill will improve. In-class activities of French language classes in Pune include reading activities that enhance learning.


Online French language classes in Pune by Kochiva will provide professional guidance. The internationally certified trainers will surely give the students a personalized online learning experience. It will encourage the students to learn.

Certainly, everyone is seeking new opportunities for a better future. Online French language classes in Pune will pave the way for you. With these classes, you can learn to speak French with ease. So, what you’re waiting for? Get yourself enrolled with the leading institution for the online course in Pune.