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Table of contents

Online French Classes in Mumbai

  1. Online French language course in Mumbai by Kochiva

  2. Course Structure of Kochiva’s French Classes in Mumbai

  3. Why Learn French Language in Mumbai?

  4. Final Words

Online French Classes in Mumbai

online french courses in mumbaiFrench is a language sought, favored, and preferred by almost every aspiring Indian. If you are looking for Online French classes in Mumbai, then we’ve got the right solution for you.

French is indeed the language of love, art, fashion, cuisine, etc. No doubt why this language has been dominating the globe in recent times.

The Mayanagri Mumbai has seen a recent upsurge in the French Language.

If you are on the quest for the best institution for online French classes in MumbaiKochiva is the choice for you.

It is the institution that provides strategic ways of learning. The skilled tutors and dedicated assistance will give you the best online learning experience.

Kochiva is capable of keeping up with the growth speed of a city like Mumbai. To know more about the institution keep reading till the end.

Table of contents

Online French Classes in Mumbai

  1. Online French language course in Mumbai by Kochiva

  2. Course Structure of Kochiva’s French Classes in Mumbai

  3. Why Learn French Language in Mumbai?

  4. Final Words

Online French language course in Mumbai by Kochiva

Kochiva is an institution that upskills the learners in the best possible ways. It provides online Live classes that enable you to have the access to knowledge anywhere and everywhere. With the placement assistance, Kochiva’s courses come with; your learning French would definitely land you a good job.

The classes are conducted in small batches to provide personal attention to each student. Timings for the classes can be fixed according to your requirement. Duration for each class depends upon the level of the course.

The faculty of the foreign language are internationally certified. They use various gamified modes of pedagogy to make learning easy and fun. A Language is something that could not only be learned but observed. And that is why Kochiva has quite many cultural events as well. In-class activities and projects help in the self-assessment of your learning. The environment in a class is quite jolly.

The entire program is very flexible which makes learning easy. These online French Classes in Mumbai come with proper certification at the end, which shall help you land various positions.

Apart from Online French classes in Mumbai Kochiva also provides a French language course in Pune.

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Course Structure of Kochiva’s French Classes in Mumbai

Seems like talking about the language and ignoring its structure cannot be a fair deal. Hence, let’s have a look at what the French language course by Kochiva has to offer.


There are six levels of this course – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2. The following are the details: –

  1. Beginners Level:
  • A1 – You get proficient in reading basic sentences. The core aim of this level is to make you understand the day-to-day conversations.
  • A2 – Pronunciation is the core focus at this level. Communicating expressively and writing with ease are highlighted in this certification.
  1. Intermediate Level:
  • B1 – The reading proficiency is increased in this level. Enhanced writing skills and attentive listening will be focused in this level.
  • B2 – This level focuses on cognitive listening. Reading, writing and speaking are simultaneously taken up. Listening and understanding are equally important.
  1. Advanced Level:
  • C1 – This level includes complex reading comprehension, proficient listening, enhanced written expressions, and fluent speaking. Focusing on these main topics enhances your grip on the language.
  • C2 – In the last level, the focus is to make you a perfectionist. Each activity is focused upon to give you a thorough understanding of the language.

Why Learn French Language in Mumbai?

Still not able to get to the conclusion? Well, here are some of the many reasons why you should learn French.

  • Language of Opportunities:

Learning the French language opens many opportunities for students internationally. There are many French-speaking countries in the world. French speakers are given preference while hiring for the job. Knowing this language will enhance your career.


  • Higher education in France:

France is a very advanced country when it comes to its education system. Knowing French will get you a chance to study in France. Online French classes in Mumbai give you a fair opportunity for international higher education.


  • Bridge for other European languages:

If you have learned French, you can learn many European languages easily. You can have a solid grip on many dialects that will make it easy for you to understand any European language. French classes in Mumbai by Kochiva assist you with a deep understanding of the language. These classes will further enhance your ability to learn European languages.


  • Not difficult to learn:

You might be deprived of the fact that French is very similar to English. It may be stressful for you at the beginning. Which is very natural as you are learning a new language. But due to its similarities with English, it is not difficult to learn at all.


  • Boosts your international information:

While learning, you are provided with French articles, movies, songs, etc. Online French classes in Mumbai provide you with reliable international information. Learning through this information gives you knowledge about their culture. This boosts your knowledge of various international trends.

Just to tell you, this is not the end to the facts about the French. There are many more that might amaze you. But I think these reasons are enough to give you clarity. These points will surely pop your bubble of doubts.

Final Words

We hope that this article has helped you a bit in coming to the final decision to learn French and from where. If you seek the best French Language institute in Mumbai, Kochiva is the one to go for. This point can be backed by its expert trainers, live classes, placement assistance, and much more.

To know more visit and get an even clearer mind. Online classes by Kochiva provide you with a personalized experience. Mumbai is the city of dreams and you can fulfill your dreams to learn French with Kochiva. With flexible timings, it does not take long to learn it. In this busy schedule, learning via online classes in Mumbai seems the best option available.