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Table of contents

Online French Classes in Mumbai

  1. Top 7 Institute for French Classes in Mumbai

  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Online French Classes in Mumbai

online french courses in mumbai

French is a language sought, favored, and preferred by almost every aspiring Indian. You’ve clicked on the right page if you are searching for the best institution for French online classes in Mumbai. This article will provide you with a list of some of the best French language institutions in Mumbai.

French is indeed the language of love, art, fashion, cuisine, etc. No doubt why this language has been dominating the globe in recent times. The Mayanagri Mumbai has seen a recent upsurge in the French Language. To know more about the best institutions keep reading till the end.

Table of contents

Online French Classes in Mumbai

  1. Top 7 Institute for French Classes in Mumbai

  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Top 7 Institute for French Classes in Mumbai

1.) Kochiva Linguistics (Online French Classes in Mumbai):


Kochiva is the leading institution in French language training. The faculty has C1/C2 level trainers. The distinctive environment of the French language classes in Gurgaon encourages the batches. Kochiva through their French classes in Gurgaon assists students with their preparations for exams like DELF, DCL, TCF, etc. which are valid for life.

This bilingual group setting certainly assists in completing this intensive course. Kochiva also provides complete placement assistance after the course. The nominal fee charged by Kochiva is pocket friendly for everybody.

The following is the information regarding their course structure:

1.) Beginners Level: Includes A1 & A2 (50 hours each)

2.) Intermediate Level: Includes B1 & B2 (80 hours each)

3.) Advanced Level: Includes C1 & C2 (80 hours each)

E-Mail Address: info@kochiva.com

Contact Number: 9872334466

Although there are a number of institutions present in this competitive market, Kochiva is the best option for your assistance. The online learning experience and placement assistance provided by Kochiva give it an edge over the other institutes. Besides providing a warm environment, they provide you with a proficient training staff.

Kochiva also Provides these Courses

Spanish Language Course

German Language Course

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2.) Excel Academy, Mumbai:

Excel Academy is the leading institution for imparting foreign language training. The team is highly motivated and dedicated to delivering the best coaching for French classes. This academy surely provides 100% placement assistance after the Online French course in Mumbai. They provide comprehensive, in-depth learning through exhaustive practice and interactive training modules. Along with other methods, they innovate constantly & make learning fun through creative inputs.

Course Curriculum: – Provides French language training for all levels (From A1 to C2 )

3.) Henry Harvin (Online French Classes in Mumbai):

Henry Harvin is one of the best platforms for online French classes. The French language course is developed to understand the topics and lexis to perfection. Besides it focuses on the grammatical progression of the students. They believe that strong grammar can result in a quick grasp of the language. After completion of the course with them, you will be able to write a variety of French words. Consequently, you will become a proficient French speaker in no time.

The following are the levels of the Online French course provided by them: –

A1-Beginner (30 hours), A2-Elementary (30 hours), B1-Moderate (40 hours), B2-Pre-Intermediate (40 hours), C1- Intermediate (40 hours) & C2- Expert Levels as per international standards (40 hours).

4.) Second Tongue Language Institute, Mumbai:

Second Tongue Language Institute is another reputed institution that imparts foreign language training. Presently it offers 45 courses in 13 languages. This Institute has trained over 5000 students so far and online learning has only increased the count even further at a rapid pace. At Second Tongue Language Institute, they also provide French language courses for kids. Additionally, they also prepare students for international certifications like DELF Junior A1, DELF Junior A2, DELF-DALF Preparation course, and much more.

The following are the levels of the Online French course provided by them: –

French Course for Beginners A1, French Language Course A2.1, French Language Course A2.2, French Language Course B1.1 & French Language Course B1.2

5.) Cambridge Institute, Mumbai:

Cambridge Institute is one of the leading foreign language institutes in India. It has been in the education industry for 13 years. Apart from French, it offers reading, writing, and speaking courses in 6 other languages. Their trainers focus on using modern teaching techniques as well as the speaking proficiency of the students. Living up to its reputation, it also offers specialized foreign language training, along with translation and interpretation services. Importantly, it keeps track of the changing trends of business and trading between two different countries. For this reason, it becomes essential to be fluent in the French language.

The following French Language course is carefully divided into: –

A1-Beginner, A2-Elementary, B1-Moderate, B2-Pre-Intermediate, C1- Intermediate & C2- Expert Levels as per international standards.

6.) Alliance Francaise de Bombay, Mumbai:

Alliance Francaise de Bombay is a non-profit educational as well as a cultural organization affiliated with the network of Alliance Française in India. It is also a local organization endeavoring to participate in imparting French language training. The AFA courses are divided into five broad levels: DELF A1, A2, B1, B2, and DALF C1, and all are linked to the CEFR guideline. The Alliance Francaise in Mumbai is your best starting point for learning French! It offers a wide variety of French courses which are specially designed to help adults or children of all ages and ability levels to learn.

They follow the standardized curriculum of Beginner levels (A1&A2), intermediate levels (B1 & B2), and advanced levels (C1 & C2).

7.) Mumbai University:

The department of French in Mumbai University was established in 1964 and is one of the few departments in the country to specialize in French, French Literature, and French didactics.  This course is specially curated for students who want to specialize in French literature and culture. Students can also choose from a wide variety of subjects like art, history, tourism, business French literature, translation, etc.

The French embassy gives students a unique opportunity to discover France and teach English there at the school level for 7 months. The Lion’s Club and Rotary club cultural exchange programs offer students the possibility of spending a few weeks in France. The Department of French is one of the most in-demand French courses in Mumbai and hence, this is one of the best French courses in Mumbai.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I study French online?

A1. There are many mediums to learn French online. The best platform that offers online French classes in Mumbai is Kochiva Linguistics. Without a doubt, they will assist you in upskilling your career with French.

Q2. Which institute is the best for French language?

A2. There are many institutions to impart the French language but, Kochiva Linguistics is the best institute for the French language. They provide a tailored curriculum for the students. Further, the gamified ways of teaching make understanding easy for beginners.

Q3. Can I learn French in 3 months?

A3. It is possible to reach a certain level of French in 3 months. You can clear the A1 level of French in this period of time. Complete proficiency will take time. One cannot become enough proficient to understand regular conversation in 3 months.

Q4. Can I learn French in 6 months?

6 months is enough time to be a proficient reader of French. If a person puts in the extra effort they can read, write and speak French effortlessly in 6 months. Unlike 3 months, 6 months is enough time to learn to read, write, and speak in French.

Q5. How can I learn French at home?

Learning French at home is similar to the online French classes in Mumbai. You can learn via French apps and online classes provided by various reputed institutions. But the recommended method would be to learn through professional trainer classes. It will surely ensure results and your time would not get wasted.

Q6. How fast can I get fluent in French?

Since the French language has similarities with English, the chances of having fluency increase. Despite that, it also depends upon the caliber and dedication of the student. Subsequently, with sincere efforts you can have fluency in French in 6-8 months of time.