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Table of contents

French Classes in Amritsar

  1. Top 5 Institute for French classes in Amritsar

  2. Conclusion

french classes in amritsar

french classes in amritsar

Many institutes provide French classes in Amritsar. The French language is a language of the professional and modern world. To work in the corporate world, you must become proficient in any foreign language.

Several French Language Institutes in Amritsar provide French classes online and offline. French learning encourages your career prospects if you plan to study abroad.

A total of 29 countries speak French. French is the official language of the United Nations, and other international organizations. Firstly, The French Language is famous for its elegance and the way it sounds. Secondly, French learning involves the pleasure of learning a beautiful and melodious language. Thirdly, French is the language that calms the mind and is very dynamic in its form. Most importantly, the ability to speak French permits you to work in French companies. French helps you to work in civil services if you select foreign services. Many schools teach French as a third language in different parts of the world.

Moreover, the French Language is very prominent in every field of study. French has some similarities to English; hence it is easy to learn. There are many institutes that provide French classes in Amritsar. So, do you want to become proficient in speaking?

So finally, join a French language course in Amritsar to gain linguistic skills.

Table of contents

French Classes in Amritsar

  1. Top 5 Institute for French classes in Amritsar

  2. Conclusion

Top 5 Institute for French classes in Amritsar

  1. Kochiva Linguistics 
  2.  Pedagogy Foreign Language Institute Amritsar
  3. Alliance Francaise, Amritsar
  4.  School of French Language, Amritsar
  5.  Ajanta School of Foreign Languages


1) Kochiva Linguistics:


Kochiva Linguistics is the top institute providing French Language courses in Amritsar. Kochiva helps you write e-mails, messages, letters, and other texts in French. Therefore, practice writing these to improve your vernacular skills.  Kochiva provides several other benefits:

  • Firstly, C-level certified trainers cover the course content.
  • Secondly, Kochiva provides French Classes in Amritsar to all age groups. Learning French from Kochiva helps you overcome the language barrier globally.
  • Especially, Kochiva also has a French language course for kids. Most of the institutes do not offer these courses for kids.
  • Thirdly, Kochiva helps to improve your speaking skills and enhance your writing expressions. In addition, Kochiva helps you to learn French words, phrases, and sentence formation.

In Europe and Africa, the French language is the most widely spoken lingo. Moreover, Kochiva focuses on improving pronunciation by reading extracts, dialogues, etc.


The below information is about the course structure:


  • Beginners Level comprises A1 and A2 levels.


  • Intermediate Level includes B1 and B2 levels.


  • The advanced level comprises C1 and C2 levels.


E-mail Address-


Contact Number- 9872334466



In this competitive environment, every individual wants to become bilingual. Kochiva prepares students for DELF and TEF exams. In addition, they offer video recordings of each live session. Kochiva experts bestow an excellent experience through in-class activities by certified experts.

Learning French from Kochiva improves your verbal and linguistic skills. You can learn French in Amritsar by enrolling in a French Language course by Kochiva.


Kochiva provides other language courses:




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2) Pedagogy Foreign Language Institute Amritsar: (Foreign Language Course)


Pedagogy is the very first French Language Institute in Amritsar. They provide students with an opportunity to learn French in Amritsar. Pedagogy provides the French language course for beginners to advance levels. Moreover, the experts advise novices to learn French from simpler books. In addition, Pedagogy encourages students to read books in French. Also, make them watch podcasts and movies in French.

The main aim is to improve conversational skills. They provide beginners level courses [A1 level] for two months. Pedagogy has a tendency to make students much more confident in their verbal skills.


3) Alliance Francaise, Amritsar: (French Classes in Amritsar)


The French embassy in India acknowledges Alliance Francaise. Alliance Francaise is the renowned French Language Institute. Furthermore, they have a branch in Amritsar. They have established fourteen coaching centers in India. The main highlights of learning a language from Alliance Francaise are:


  • Firstly, Alliance Francaise’s main aim is to promote French culture.
  • Secondly, several students take well-established French classes in Amritsar from them.
  • Thirdly, this French Language Institute in Amritsar focuses on enhancing your linguistic skills.


Your receptive skills measure your linguistic level. However, the way you speak and interact with others in French tells how much you learned. In addition to that, Alliance Francaise focuses on giving best of the education. Students also get course material and prepare them for French exams.


4) School of French Language, Amritsar:

School of French Language is the renowned French language institute in Amritsar. Institute provides French classes in Amritsar with exceptional training experience.


  • Train students in such an excellent manner. They become future-ready for exams like TCFQ, TCF, DELF, and TEF. These exams are valid worldwide.
  • They offer a variety of courses for beginners to advance levels. In addition to this, The Ministry of Education in France gives certifications.


5) Ajanta School of Foreign Languages: (French Language Course in Amritsar)


Ajanta School of Foreign Languages is a reputable institute. Ajanta School of Foreign Languages provides French classes in Amritsar.

It is an international institute that provides French Classes online.

  • They give more attention to practical learning experiences. They make them use French idioms and phrases skillfully.
  • Ajanta School of Foreign Languages provides a healthy learning environment.
  • They provide a relaxed atmosphere to students.

They ensure that their students perform well and achieve higher-level goals.

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In the conclusion, the French language allows you to travel in 30+ countries. Even in India, many MNCs are of French origin and demand proficiency in the French Language. learning French at the earliest is the best for you to get hired by these companies.  Language learning boosts your academic profile and learning experience. You become future-ready to work in MNCs.

French Institutes in Amritsar are expanding to a great extent. You have to learn the French language to work in an international atmosphere. Start learning French before the age of 10. After that age, our brain finds it difficult to memorize new Lingo!

So, begin your journey in learning a new language.

There are several acclaimed institutions for a French language course in Amritsar. Moreover, start building a foundation in the French language at the beginning before jumping into French nations.


Kochiva Linguistics is the best among all. Lastly, learning French from Kochiva opens opportunities in the translation and interpretation domain. Expand your skills in French linguistics by registering at Kochiva.