testas Exam

Are you ready to embark on your academic journey in Germany? If so, the TestAS exam is a crucial step towards realizing your dream. This comprehensive Testas exam guide is here to empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to conquer the TestAS and pave your way to successful university admission in Germany.

What is the TestAS Exam?

The TestAs exam is an aptitude test created especially for candidates outside the European Union. Its goal is to evaluate the cognitive skills necessary for a successful academic program.

This test is distinct since it doesn’t call for any specialized knowledge and doesn’t assess interest, motivation, or personality. As an alternative, it concentrates on evaluating your cognitive capacities to ensure you have the ability required to succeed in the course of study you choose.

Why Take the TestAS?

Taking the TestAS offers several advantages:


Improved Admission Chances: Universities use TestAS scores alongside your academic transcripts to evaluate your potential for success. A Testas certificate with a good score can significantly improve your chances of receiving that coveted acceptance letter.


Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: The test results offer valuable insights into your cognitive abilities, helping you identify areas where you excel and those needing improvement. This self-awareness allows you to focus your preparation effectively.


Gain International Recognition: The TestAS is recognized by over 200 German universities, making your score valuable for future academic or professional pursuits beyond Germany.


Boost Your Confidence: By preparing for and achieving a good score, you’ll boost your confidence and feel well-equipped for your studies in Germany. This mental edge can be invaluable during your academic journey.

How is the TestAs Exam structured?

The Core Test and the Subject-Specific Test are the two primary parts of the modularly designed TestAs exam.

The Core Test measures broad cognitive abilities necessary for success in university-level subjects, such as logical reasoning, verbal and mathematical reasoning, and abstract thinking. 

The Subject-Specific Test covers subjects including the humanities, engineering, economics, mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, medicine, as well as life sciences and assesses skills that are particularly pertinent to these fields of study.

It is offered in both paperback and digital editions, with the digital version providing a wider selection of modules tailored to certain subjects. Overall, the framework is intended to give colleges a complete and consistent examination of a student’s cognitive ability, independent of their background or previous schooling.


How to Prepare for the TestAs Exam?

Acing the TestAS requires focused preparation. Here are some tips to get you started:

Start Early and Plan Strategically

Strategic planning and early preparation are the keys to conquering the TestAS exam Germany. Begin your journey well ahead of the TestAs exam dates by crafting a structured study plan that seamlessly integrates with your daily schedule. Schedule regular study sessions to ensure consistent progress and avoid last-minute cramming.

Choose the Right TestAS Module

Your TestAS module selection should be a strategic decision aligned with your academic goals and university requirements. The Core Test is mandatory, but you can choose from additional modules like Humanities, Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, or others, depending on your desired field of study. Carefully research university requirements for specific modules to ensure your chosen pathway aligns with their admissions criteria.

Register Early and Confirm the Test Date

To be sure of your preferred exam time and date, register as soon as possible. This provides ample time for focused preparation and alleviates the stress of last-minute arrangements. Confirm your test date and location well to avoid potential complications.

Identify Weak Areas and Practice

Analyze sample questions and identify areas needing improvement. Whether it’s a specific subject or test-taking strategy, focus on honing your skills in those areas. Utilize online resources and preparation books to familiarize yourself with the test format and develop effective strategies.

Design a Comprehensive Study Plan

Create a detailed study plan that covers all subjects and aspects of the TestAS Germany. Utilize a weekly schedule to allocate dedicated time for each topic. Don’t be afraid to switch things up! Incorporating diverse study sessions like flashcards, practice tests, and group study can enhance retention and prevent monotony.

Stay Accountable and Motivated

Stick to your study plan and hold yourself accountable. Utilize reminders, mobile apps, or study buddies to stay focused and on track. Regularly revisit your goals to maintain motivation and remind yourself of the exciting academic opportunities that await you in Germany.

Seek Feedback and Assistance

Don’t hesitate to seek help from teachers, peers, or online resources like Edulink and other platforms that offer valuable insights from past test-takers. Addressing challenges promptly will prevent repeated struggles and improve your understanding of the material.

Communicate with Other Test-Takers

Connect with students who have previously taken the TestAS. Gain valuable insights into the test experience, potential difficulties, and successful test-taking strategies. This sense of camaraderie and shared experience can be a powerful motivator and source of support.

Prepare for Test Day

Review your study materials, but avoid cramming new information. Double-check the exam venue and plan transportation to ensure you arrive well-rested and on time. Pack essential items like pens, a calculator, an ID, and confirmation email.

During the Test:

Provide answers to all inquiries, even if you have to make informed estimates. Allocate time strategically, quickly responding to the initial, easier questions to maximize time for more challenging ones. Maintain concentration throughout the test, as grades are relative to other students’ performance.

Be Patient After the Test

Avoid dwelling on the test and constantly worrying about the results. Focus on what you can control and develop a contingency plan in case the results are not as expected. Research potential universities and continue improving your language skills to stand out in admissions.


Remember: The TestAS exam Germany is your gateway to exciting academic opportunities in Germany. By following these tips and dedicating yourself to focused preparation, you can unlock your academic potential and take a confident step toward achieving your dreams.


How to register for the TestAs exam

In order to start the TestAS registration, there are specific protocols that all of us have to stick to.

  • You have to register on the TestAS website before you can start.
  • After that, you’ll get a confirmation email with details on how to use your login and password to select a test center and schedule a test date.
  • The TestAS exam registration and booking deadline is five weeks prior to the Exam.
  • In general, the charges are €80, although they are revealed during the registration process.
  • Moreover, the examination is administered thrice annually. Before taking the test, you must first decide if you want to take it in English or German, schedule the Core Test, and choose one module from the Subject Specific area.


Language requirements For TestAs Exam

The TestAs exam opens doors to German studies, but it all starts with your language skills. One can choose the TestAs language – German or English. Moreover, the B1 level of German is the minimum level, and plenty of resources can help you get there.

One can test oneself with onSET or TestDaF, or simply keep learning. Remember, the better your German (or English), the smoother your TestAs journey and your German studies!

Taking the paper-based TestAs? Pencils and paper are your allies. But for the digital version, basic computer skills are key – just enough to navigate the test with confidence.

So, brush up your language, conquer B1, and get ready to ace your TestAs

Difficulty Level of TestAS Exam

Depending on your academic experience and the subject-specific test you select, the TestAS exam’s difficulty level varies. Since the TestAS is generally meant to evaluate intellectual ability, well-prepared applicants can find it difficult. On the other hand, you can do well on the test if you prepare and practice.


The TestAS is a crucial step towards your academic dreams in Germany. By understanding the Exam, preparing thoroughly, and approaching it with confidence, you can achieve a score that opens doors to your desired university and future career. Remember, the key lies in effective preparation and a positive attitude. 

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