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Wondering how to learn German Language? So, before you start looking for content and material, you know that there are more than 130 million people who speak German Language.

German is a highly spoken language after English. German became the official Language of Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, and Liechtenstein. There are many ways to learn German language from scratch. There are various online platforms through which you can learn German. These include Kochiva, Udemy, Coursera, Rocket languages, etc.

Top 12 Best Way How to Learn German Language in 2022

1.) Focus on the main goal of how to learn German Language
2.) Practice the German Alphabet, Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs
3.) Practice Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Basic Words
4.) Build connections with German learners and speakers
5.) Listening and Repeating German alphabet sounds
6.) Reading News in German
7.) Watch Series and Movies in German
8.) Listen, Speak and Practice German phrases
9.) Dive into German Culture, Tradition, and Morals
10.) Watch German Comedy
11.) Have Conversations with German natives
12.) Take up an Online German language course


1.) Focus on the main goal of how to learn German Language

The first step is to set goals and follow them. Someone said, Learning without a motive is like running off the track.

How do you learn German online? Check online platforms and get yourself enrolled to become trained in German. Find an easy and fun way to learn a foreign Language and maintain your routine to excel in a Language.

The following steps helped you to achieve your goals:

  • Take Action
  • Keep Practicing
  • Ask for advice
  • Check your Mistakes
  • Never give up

To learn German in a few days, weeks, or months following a systematic approach and build stronger connections with business owners to become fluent in German.

You can work as a language translator or interpreter, in the travel and hospitality sector, in the media, etc., and learning foreign languages can increase your income levels.


2.) Practice the German Alphabet, Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs


Once you master the fundamentals, add nouns, verbs, and adjectives to your vocabulary. Always set a daily aim for yourself, such as learning the five new alphabets, nouns, verbs, and adjectives (for a total of twenty words) each day.

The German also opens doors for you to get an education abroad with a universally applicable degree wherever you work.


  • German Alphabet: There are twenty-six letters with their phonic sounds that you can memorize in mind.
  • Nouns:Start with the most basic nouns that include food items, things you find in your house, important places, and people whom you met.


The Man: Der Mann, The Woman: Die Frau, The Kid: Das Kind, etc.

  • Verbs:Start from basics and then move to complex verbs like running, jumping, walking, eating, dancing, etc. and remember these verbs in your mind, and speak them daily.

For Example;

To make: Machen, to live: mögen, etc.

  • Adjectives:Once you get expertise in nouns and verbs, move to adjectives which allow you to convert simple sentences to more complex forms.

For Example:

Small: Klein, Beautiful: schön, She is a beautiful woman: Sie ist eine schöne Frau, etc.


3.) Practice Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Basic Words


Once you have done with nouns, verbs, and adjectives, jump to grammar, sentence structure, and most basic words.

  • Try to solve some basic grammar exercises, take online mocks and focus on framing more German sentences to improve German fluency.
  • Improving grammatical errors will assist you in achieving greater heights, earning high revenues, and improving your skill and fluency.
  • Get registered in Online German Language Course or join live classes to gain academic excellence and buy dual lingo books from Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce sites to learn German.
  • Practice worksheets, problems, and puzzles to become efficient and effective.
  • Start using singular words like please, thank you, yes, and no, and numbers from 1-30 in German.

People of Germany will understand you even if your word order gets wrong but focus on the pronunciation that matters the most.


4.) Build Connections With German Learners And Speakers


There is a lot of confusion about how to study German, and the best way to learn German is: to make strong connections with German learners and speakers.

  • Engage with them and listen to how they speak.
  • Practice your German accent and check if you can speak that fluently.
  • Use different social media applications to build good relations with speakers and connect with them through messages and calls to advance your fluency.
  • Chat with speakers in debates, extempore to learn a particular Lingo.
  • Making a German friend guides you and advises you on pronunciation, grammar, and new words and tells you more about German culture.
  • Text them online, Skype them or find a German friend at your university, converse with German speakers to become fluent enough, and chat or exchange with language partners from websites likeMeetup, Hellotalk, Speaky, Tandem,


5.) Listening and Repeating German Alphabet Sounds

Listen and Repeat

There are Twenty-Six German letters, which we can learn by downloading different lingo applications and listening to audio and phonic sounds of twenty-six letters.

These Alphabets have the following sounds:

A = ah, B = bay, C = tsay, D = day, E = ay, F = eff, G = gay, H = hah, I = eeh, J = yot, K = kah, L = ell, M = em, N = en, O = oh, P = pay, Q = koo, R = air, S = es, T = tay, U = ooh, V = fow, W = vay, X = iks, Y = oopsilohn, Z = tset.

  • Record your voice and listen daily to become an expert in German Lingo.
  • Go through many YouTube videos and frame words with these alphabets.
  • Play different German alphabet games like scribble to recognize and memorize these letters.
  • Pay attention to different vowels when used alone and in conjunction.

In the English Language, vowels sound different when used together than online.

6.) Reading News in German

Reading News in German

Reading German newspapers column is the best to enhance skills, become proficient, and understand complex words. German is a vast and extensive language. But, you can boost your capabilities with consistent efforts while reading the newspaper and checking if you can understand things completely.


  • Read basic books for children that include comics and stories that will encourage you to learn more.
  • Reading News in German makes you function efficiently in Media Agencies and connect with global business partners.
  • While reading current affairs in a different language, you grasp and go through more vocabulary-oriented words that help us to memorize them in our minds.


7.) Watch Series and Movies in German

Do you guys know how to Learn German while watching TV? Yes, there is a way that you understand the basics first and then start watching movies and web series in German. Entertainment is the best way to learn as it sounds less boring and monotonous. The most effective way to learn is through entertainment, so learning and entertainment are not mutually exclusive.

How to learn German Language at home? You can become creative with your learning style by watching the same movie at home that you watched earlier and analyze if you can understand German by reading subtitles to polish your Verbal and writing skills.

8.) Listen, Speak and Practice German phrases

You need to listen, speak, and practice German phrases, and your confidence level rises when your mind automatically forms new words and phrases.


  • Just as you were practicing words, start converting other language phrases into German Lingo!
  • Some tricks and hacks make you communicate faster.

For example: “Can I get some water” = Kann ich etwas Wasser haben, How are you? = Wie geht es dir? , Nice to meet you = Nett, Sie kennen zu lernen, etc.

  • Change your Morning Prayer to German and chant regularly.
  • Greet your elders in German.
  • Have conversations in German.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and revise the phrases you have memorized.

Have a daily session of self introspection, check if you are contributing to your full potential, and find better ways to push yourself to learn. By following these simple steps, you can gain expertise in speaking German.


9.) Dive into German Culture, Tradition, and Morals

German Culture, Tradition, and Morals

Germany has a rich, vast, and colorful history that captures Christian values with art, culture, literature, philosophy, and sausages! The writers, composers, philosophers, traditions, and religions influence this culture. Their films get nominations in International film festivals and describe German culture.

  • Watching Movies with English subtitles improves you to meet an advanced level.
  • Listening to German folk music, hip-hop, and modern and classical rock will enable you to understand complex content more easily.

Germans played a significant role in International cinema. Their films and festivals describe their culture. Individuals can effortlessly learn by studying their culture through entertainment and Music. Diving into German morals is the simplest way to learn and remember words and sentences and focus on upgrading pronunciation.


10.) Watch German Comedy

These days, standup is very popular; comedians earn enormous sums of money by performing for audiences, and by watching comedy in German will improve your linguistic skills.

Many standup Comedies are available in German that involve authentic native content. What’s so funny about German is a series with 10-part available BBC videos featuring Henning Wenn as a standup Comedian and includes many topics like Alphabet, gender, and some jokes.

These comedy shows are full of amusement and joy. Comedians have a great sense of humor to capture and engage the audiences.

  • Watching Comedy in German is one of the best ways to engross you in German.
  • Subtitles while watching these shows and understand their sarcastic sense of delivering jokes.
  • These shows challenge your skills as textbooks and flashcards do not connect you with German.
  • If you follow these TV series, you will be able to ace your listening skills!
  • Pick a series that suits your taste. Shows are for native speakers so that you can also look forward to Highly-spoken and slang words

If this gets tough, you can shift to other language-learning resources.

After following all these steps, Kochiva Linguistics can assist you in German and provide certification and Placement Assistance.


11.) Have conversations with German natives

To improve your speaking skills, start speaking from day one. Conversing with natives of Germany helps you understand their accents. You become very much fluent and efficient in speaking.

Connect with Germans either offline or online. It doesn’t matter where you live. Here are different ways to connect like:

  • Browsing Preply:Preply is one of the easiest methods to connect with natives. They offer affordable prices (when compared with personal and face-to-face interaction). You can also meet them while sitting at your home. Also, they have selected tutors who help you to learn German.
  • Meetup:You can meet up with German learners weekly on You can surf on this platform to connect with native speakers and learners.
  • Hello talk app:Install the HelloTalk app on your phones and is a handy and portable learning app that allows you to connect with other learners and speakers.

You guys can also join the German Language course provided by Kochiva, which benefits you by getting Personalized Attention, Placement Assistance, Preparation for the TELC examination, and video Recordings of Each Live session. Enrolling in this Programme will help you learn German smoothly.


12.) Take up an Online German language course


Many Online Courses are available that can help you efficiently learn German. How to learn German Language Online? Many online language courses provide comprehensive and excellent course material. Through the below given Platforms, you can proceed to learn German Language online.

1.) Kochiva Linguistics: (best online german classes)

Kochiva is the best Institute that provides online language courses from certified experts, full of fun activities and sessions with gaming and events. The small batch size provides a great advantage. Kochiva provides informative and knowledgeable classes. Kochiva also has a youtube platform through which you can learn German Language by yourself.

2.) Lingoni : (Best for Everything)

Highly Qualified Trainers teach you how to communicate in German in different environments like workplaces, schools, and while shopping. The Lingoni app includes videos accompanied by; interactive worksheets, exercises, and topics to attain skill at all levels.

3.) Yabla-

Yabla is a great online platform for learning Language. Mainly the focus is on providing videos for beginners and advanced learners. It encourages listening and comprehensive skills and expands your vocabulary.

4.) GermanPod101 : (Best for Cultural)

GermanPod101 provides a very informative and interactive way. It focuses on high-quality content like; podcasts. You can also download Podcasts on your device and listen whenever you want. All the course material links to German culture. GermanPod101 allows you to understand German culture while learning.

Rocket Languages : (Best for Pronunciation)

A rocket language is a comprehensive and brilliant online learning place. The main advantages include no ongoing charges, podcasts with interactive and informative audio courses, installing a mobile application, tracking your progress, etc.

Conclusion ( Best ways to Learn German Language)


How to learn German? Listen, Practice, and Speak Daily! To progress in speaking German, you only need to concentrate and practice hard through the online platforms provided. Well-trained and qualified tutors give online education. Depending on your budget and schedule, enroll in any course that sounds quite educational and informational.

Have live-interactive and practical sessions with your trainers. Set your goals, follow them properly, and achieve greater heights. Have weekly doubt sessions to clear up any confusion. These online lessons are as per your level and preferences. By all these above ways, you can perform well in speaking German.

So today only, find your tutor online and start your sessions to improve your Linguistic skills.

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