delf a2 syllabusAre you getting ready to tackle the DELF A2 syllabus? To prepare efficiently, you’ll need to know the DELF A2 Syllabus, whether you’re doing it for fun or to boost your career prospects.

The French Ministry of Education awards the DELF, which stands for “Diplôme d’études en Langue Française” (Diploma in French Studies). The DELF A2 level is the second level in the DELF series and is designed for students who have acquired basic knowledge of the French language.

The DELF A2 is a step above the DELF A1. It includes a wider range of vocabulary, more complex grammar structures, and the ability to engage in interactive conversations. The A2 level is considered an elementary level of proficiency in French.

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Overview of DELF A2 Syllabus

The French DELF A2 syllabus covers a range of topics and language skills, including social interactions, everyday activities, travel and directions, accommodation, health and well-being, and basic French grammar and vocabulary.

The aim of the DELF A2 exam syllabus is to develop practical communication skills that can be used in a variety of real-life situations, whereas the DELF A1 syllabus focuses more on basic communication in simple, routine situations.

The DELF A2 is divided into 4 parts:


1.) Listening

The DELF A2 listening includes tasks that assess your ability to comprehend spoken French in everyday situations.

These tasks involve listening to short conversations, announcements, descriptions, narratives, and informative texts. The recordings can last from a few seconds to up to five minutes. You will have the opportunity to listen to each recording twice.

You will need to extract key information, understand the main ideas, follow the context, and answer questions based on your understanding. This section lasts approximately 25 minutes and receives a score out of 25.


2.) Reading

The DELF A2 reading evaluates your ability to understand written French. This section is also marked out of 25 and lasts for 30 minutes.

It will consist of 3 or 4 short texts about day-to-day activities. You will answer questions related to these texts.


3.) Speaking

The DELF A2 speaking syllabus includes a guided conversation, a monologue, and an interactive exercise.

In the guided conversation, you introduce yourself to the examiner and answer their questions. Then you deliver a monologue on a given topic and engage in a role-play scenario with the examiner.

Candidates have 10 minutes of preparation time for parts 2 and 3. The speaking syllabus covers everyday life topics, evaluating your communication skills, vocabulary, grammar, and ability to sustain a conversation. The maximum score for this section is 25.


4.) Writing

The DELF A2 writing section includes two tasks: describing an event or personal experience and writing a letter or message for a specific purpose. You will have approximately 45 minutes to complete both tasks.

The examiners evaluate your ability to express yourself clearly, use appropriate vocabulary and grammar, and fulfil the requirements of each task. The maximum score for this section is 25.


DELF A2 Grammar Syllabus


The DELF A2 grammar syllabus includes topics such as present tenses, past tenses (passé composé and imperfect), future tenses, reflexive and pronominal verbs, modal verbs, direct and indirect object pronouns, possessive adjectives, prepositions of place and time, interrogative adjectives and pronouns, conjunctions, negative constructions, conditional mood, and interrogative forms.

These topics cover the essential grammar structures and concepts needed to communicate effectively at the A2 level.


Overview of the DELF A2 Exam

The DELF A2 consists of four parts: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, and writing. Each section assesses different language skills and receives separate scoring.

The DELF A2 exam tests your ability to comprehend and produce spoken and written French, as well as your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and language structures relevant to the A2 level.


  • Duration and Score

DELF A2 is 1 hour and 40 minutes long. The overall pass mark in the DELF A2 exam is 50 out of 100.

The DELF A2 consists of four parts. The examiners score each part out of 25, and a minimum of 5 points is required in each part to pass.


  • Certification

The French Ministry of Education awards the DELF A2 certification to candidates who pass the DELF exam successfully.

It signifies an intermediate level of French proficiency based on the CEFR.

The DELF A2 certification is valid for life and does not expire. It officially recognises your language skills, making it extremely valuable for academic, professional, and personal purposes.


  • Is DELF A2 difficult?

The DELF A2 is moderately difficult. It requires a solid understanding of basic French grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills. 

However, the French Language Course offered by Kochiva is a valuable resource for preparing for the A2 exam. 

With an exam-focused approach, the course covers all the necessary aspects required for the exam. Furthermore, C1/C2 level instructors provide expert guidance and feedback.




In conclusion, the DELF A2 syllabus provides an outline of the topics evaluated in the exam. It covers various language components such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing, focusing on everyday life situations and practical communication.

The grammar topics, vocabulary, and language structures included in the French A2 level syllabus are specifically selected to measure the level of French proficiency according to the CEFR.

Familiarizing yourself with the A2 DELF syllabus and further dedicating time to study can do wonders for your preparation. Moreover, you can effectively prepare for the DELF exam and show your ability to communicate in French at an intermediate level.

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