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Table of contents

French Language Course in Delhi

  1. The Best French Language Course in Delhi

  2. Course Structure of Online French Classes in Delhi

  3. Why Learning French is Beneficial?

  4. Wrapping Up

French Language Course in Delhi

French Language Course in Delhi

Delhi is a metropolitan city that experiences frequent changes in trends. Among these latest trends, the French Language course in Delhi by Kochiva is a part of it. Now you might be wondering ‘How can learning French be a trend?’

Well, learning a new language has become a dire need in this multilingual world. It is a luxury as well as an asset for the people. Having the knowledge of a foreign language assists you academically and also professionally. So, it provides a sense of achievement to its learners.

Delhi is the capital territory of the country. As a result, market trends change very frequently in this city. Kochiva is the institution that keeps up with the changes and requirements of the students. Besides French, it also provides various foreign language courses like German and Spanish.

You can start your bilingual journey without any hesitations with Kochiva. Also, it provides the A-level quality of online classes that will keep you coming. Further, this article will provide you with more information about the French Language course in Delhi by Kochiva.

Table of contents

French Language Course in Delhi

  1. The Best French Language Course in Delhi

  2. Course Structure of Online French Classes in Delhi

  3. Why Learning French is Beneficial?

  4. Wrapping Up

The Best French Language Course in Delhi

KOCHIVA is the best French language institute in Delhi. Our strategic outlook toward various aspects of the language facilitates teaching. Moreover, the faculty of Kochiva also helps in preparation for the exams like DELF, DALF, DCL, TCF, etc. French learning requires internationally trained staff like Kochiva’s.

In Delhi, with the French language course by Kochiva the duration to learn French reduces. It is possible because of its C1/C2 level trainers. The authentic bilingual environment of the classes improves the concentration of the students. French language learning becomes convenient with French language classes of Kochiva.

The following are some basic characteristics of the online French language classes in Delhi: –


  1. Firstly, two assessments are included in the course, which will help you gauge your progress and test your knowledge.
  2. Your language trainer will work with you to improve your French reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.
  3. Each Level will assist you in enhancing your vocabulary and grammatical skills. Verbal and sentence structure understanding, speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities will also be focused upon.
  4. The tutors also provide on-demand, one-on-one attention. Frequent feedback, as well as review sessions, help in creating a comfortable environment.
  5. The batch size is small, limited to 8-12 students, thus ensuring more personal attention.
  6. Students can learn French from the comfort of their homes. Through our online classes, you surely will save a lot of time and have a personalized experience.  
  7. Further, doubt sessions and weekly group discussions are there to assist you in keeping a record of your progress.
  8. Also, KOCHIVA provides complete placement assistance after the course.

Although learning French is an achievement and caters to a sense of accomplishment. However, having fluency in this language depends on the caliber of the learner.

Apart from the French language course in Delhi, Kochiva has also spread its bilingual wings to Gurgaon. French language course in Gurgaon assists in learning French from the comfort of your home.

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Course Structure of Online French Classes in Delhi

After such educational information, you should also know about the curriculum for the French language course in Delhi. It has six levels in total and accordingly each level has a discrete duration.

The information mentioned below will give a basic understanding of the course by Kochiva: –


1) Beginners Level (50 hours each) –>

  • A1 – Basic reading, practice for everyday conversations, and enhanced learning by speaking.
  • A2 – Focuses on pronunciations, writing with ease, as well as context-based understanding.


2)  Intermediate Level (80 hours each) –>


  • B1 – Advanced reading, attentive listening, enhancing written expression, and speaking comfortably.
  • B2 – Different genres of reading and cognitive listening are focused on this level. Along with these comfortable speaking and enhanced written expression are also taken up.


3) Advanced Level (80 hours each) –>


  • C1 – Complex comprehension readings, proficient listening, and speaking fluently. These also include enhanced written expressions. By this, you will be able to write letters and much more.
  • C2 – Lastly, proficient listening, perfectionist reader, and proficient writing expression. You will be able to speak like a native by the end of this level.


In short, proficient learning becomes easy by enrolling yourself with the linguistic family of Kochiva. With Kochiva you can learn high-end language skills. It is a six-level course and you can learn to speak French in no time.

Why Learning French is Beneficial?

Despite its popularity, there are many people who are ignorant of the benefits of the French language. It is an internationally renowned language that can open the portal to various opportunities for you. There are numerous facts about the French language, which makes learning even more interesting.

These are some points listed for you to run down about the benefits of the French language: –


1. Broadly Communicated:

Being a broadly communicated language, it fetches vast futuristic opportunities for you. Most companies prefer to hire people who are proficient in the French language. Thus, the French language course in Delhi assists in achieving proficiency in communication.

2. Participation in World Economy:

French plays a significant part in the bookkeeping of the world’s economy. 20% of product exchange happens in this language. It is because there are many French-speaking countries in the world. Its broad reach exposes the students to various economic opportunities. Kochiva is offering French language classes that wi

3. Assists in Learning other Dialects:

Consequently, having knowledge of this language makes it simple to learn different dialects. Students can try career options in the field of an interpreter, educator, local escort, and much more.

4. Gives your Confidence a Boost:

It helps in building your self-confidence as well as improving your character. You become confident enough to have partnerships with workplaces in France incorporating IBM, Microsoft, Mattel, etc. The distinctive environment of Kochiva’s French language course in Delhi will surely provide you with international-level training. After this course, you will have the confidence to tackle any hurdle in the market.

5. Enhancing Mental Ability:

Undoubtedly, learning a foreign language will increases your mental abilities and creativity level. It is a language with many grammatical genders and nouns of different kinds. To learn this language, the ability to think on a creative level becomes a basic requirement. Hence, enhancing the mental ability of the learner.

These are certain informative points on the benefits of learning the French language. Learning a new widely spoken language will bring numerous opportunities.

Wrapping Up

Noticeably, the interest of the people to learn this language is increasing day by day. So, be a part of the recent upsurge of the multilinguistic world by joining the French language course in Delhi.

You can take advantage of the facilities that are provided by Kochiva for future-proof learning. This institution will assist you in enhancing productivity as well as the efficiency of your results. Lastly, you can visit the official site of Kochiva for more information.

Hence, the best online learning experience is waiting for you. Don’t miss out on this awesome learning expedition with the most dedicated and certified trainers. Hurry! And get yourself enrolled with Kochiva in French language courses in Delhi. Be future-ready with us.