Top reason to learn german

People think that German is one of the most difficult languages to learn and grasp. Many learners avoid learning it because of its complexity. Even if it is considered system-less and tough, still people prefer learning it in a huge number. Due to this fact, German becomes one of the most popular and learnt languages in the world. 

But what is the reason people prefer learning German?

If it is systemless then why even learn it?

Let’s answer these popularly asked questions by having a look at the effective and contributing reasons due to which German is studied.

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Most widely spoken native language in Europe.

The number one reason why German is studied and learnt is its popularity and widespread use in the European Union. A large part of the population of the European Union speaks German. In the European continent, German ranks number two as the most spoken language. It is the number one native language of Europe. 

The European Union has 3 official languages which are English, French and German.

Out of all these three, German has served as the uniting language for a very long period. Learning German is so in demand these days that it is the 3rd most taught foreign language in the world. German ranks tenth place in the list of major languages of the world. 

It might not be as famous as Chinese or Russian yet 100 million speakers speak it as their native language. 185 million people over the globe speak German.

Such popularity and prominence of the language become a great reason behind learning and mastering it. 

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Career prospects 

Another reason why German is so popular and people learn it in a vast number these days is:

German companies and brands are now becoming global players. Growing globally, they provide a lot of employment opportunities. Specifically in the field of IT, entertainment, tourism, healthcare, automobile etc. 

Germany is turning into a hub of startups and innovations. This is a direct indication of the fact that it is now capable of providing bright career opportunities in the global market. 

So adding it as an extra language and showing you as a multilingual help you create a strong CV and stand out at the time of job applications. 

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Economical Strength

Learning German will not only empower your CV or is not only an interesting choice for learning something new. It also allows you to associate yourself with one of the most powerful and rapidly growing economies in the world.

Adding this fact to the list of reasons to learn German is a worthy inclusion. It can help you to build a strong career.

In the European Union, Germany ranks as the number one economy and when checked worldwide, it is the fourth largest. German organizations and companies are rapidly using new technologies to compete in this global environment. 

Knowing how to speak the language of such a strong empire, you can successfully communicate with them. It also helps in establishing great professional relationships.

Indians love German

The people of India love learning new languages and they love to know about new cultures. They love German on a whole different level.

The German government has also contributed to this popularity as they wanted to promote their language in India for a few decades now. 

Keeping in mind the increasing demand to learn this language, many German teaching institutes have been set up across the nation. Professional and certified tutors are available in all the big cities these days.

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Germans exist in a huge number

If you think that you have to learn it just to move to that country only then you are wrong. You don’t need to shift to a German-speaking country just to meet a native and have a word with him. These days, Germans are all over the world. You can find a German speaker anywhere, anytime. Even if they visit your home country, that won’t be a matter of astonishment, the reason being Germans love to travel. 

So you can find them while you are on your trip or even if you are traveling in your own country. Research has shown that people of German origin are the record holders when it comes to spending money on international travel. 

This is also one of the important reasons that people learn German all over the world. 

Germany holds a huge number of internet domains

There are so many domains on the internet which are affiliated with a particular country and out of them .de is the most popular, reason is the sites with this domain hold a count of approximately 15 million. This belongs to Germany. 

So why not learn such a widely spread and recognised language?

This can prove to be a strong reason to learn the German language because it can help you to grow in the digital and cyber world as the internet knows no boundaries these days. 

World-class education facility

Germany is one of the favourite education destinations of students these days. The reason for the same is that Germany offers great educational facilities to its students as well as international students also.

If you wish to move to this amazing country for higher education, you must learn its native language which will prove to be very helpful in your work, communication and settling down with ease.

If you are a student who is planning to move to another country for better education and job facilities, you must consider going to Germany, and to do so, you must be able to communicate with the native people in their native language as it has always proved effective and students must keep in mind that this fact becomes a vital reason behind German being learnt by a huge number of students these days. 

German is the language of science and inventions

The reason why German is so popular among people worldwide is that the Germans have so many greatest achievements in the history of the world. When it comes to accomplishments in the field of physics, chemistry, engineering, medicine, literature, etc. Germans have won more than a hundred Nobel Prizes. 

Germans have the most impressive achievements in history. 

So if you want to enhance your knowledge in these fields, you must consider reading the works of these great innovators and for that, you must know the language. 

German is easy to learn

Let’s debunk the myth which is widely prevailing that German is very hard to learn.

So many learners ignore learning it or skip it just because of this very reason. 

If you are good at English and can speak it fluently, learning German is not very tough for you. The reason being there are many English and German words which share the same roots and are related to each other. 

Even if you are not fluent in English, don’t worry. There are professional and certified trainers available all over the country who can help you learn the language easily. 

If you want to add one more language to your communication skills, German is a worthy inclusion. 

So why not learn a language which can help to improve and enhance your communication skills?

German culture contributes to world history and heritage

Germans were always considered logical, loving and analytical only but when we learn more about the German language, it dates back to world history and heritage.

German introduces you to the rich cultural heritage of the world when it comes to great literature, music, art and philosophy in the history of the world.

One of the greatest literary works of Goethe, Brecht etc is written in Germany.

The revolutionary music composers Mozart and Beethoven have their roots in Germany as German is their native language.

So, lovers of art and music must consider learning German because of this very reason and know more about their passion.

So, what is your reason to learn German now?

Don’t think too much about it.

Just pick a reason which is suitable for you and start learning it as there are numerous advantages of learning this beautiful language.

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