how long to learn german

One question that boggles every mind is how long does it take to learn German? 

The FSI time estimates that German takes 30 weeks or 750 hours. German is the second most widely spoken in the world.

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Top 5 Major factors how long does it take to learn German?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to learn German, then let us tell you that it entirely depends on the input you give. The learning of this foreign language depends upon several factors. The factors range substantially from student to student. This can significantly alter the amount of time needed to become fluent in a language. Learning depends on a few things:

  • How much effort did you put in?
  • How much practice you have done?
  • What type of methods/techniques you use?


 Let’s examine the five main factors:


1) The German Level you want to learn

Motivated people are more likely to succeed in learning a language, and they are also more likely to give up. So, how long does it take to speak German language?

Keep in mind the benefits of studying German and what level of German you want to study. Hence, you’ll be able to maintain your concentration and, as a result, learn more.

German has different levels from A1 to C2.

  • Basic A1 to A2 – Attending an Intensive course takes A1 in around 60 hours and A2 in 120 hours.
  • Intermediate B1 to B2 – German level B1 takes 200 hours and B2 takes approximately 300 hours to become fluent.
  • Advance C1 to C2 – C1 Level takes around 240 hours and C2 level takes around 240 hours to complete the whole course and become a pro at speaking German.

The time frame depends upon the levels you decide to learn. Joining a Language Institute aids you to reach advanced levels. Kochiva Linguistics helps you reach to B1 level roughly in a year and a few weeks, as most people do not take regular sessions.

So, how long does it take to learn German? Learning German probably takes 30 weeks or 750 hours. Your continuous focus and determination help you complete all levels. It is possible to learn casually and slowly if your only goal is to communicate with German natives and work in German nations.


2) Find the right Teacher and Study Material

One of the most important factors is to find the right teacher at the beginning. The study or reference material is crucial for your learning process.

As a result, it is crucial to choose the most accurate sources. When selecting the topic, keep in mind that the language or method of presentation must be simple to comprehend and absorb. Explore all the options available and find the most suitable one. So, how much time will it take to learn German? If you have a great teacher, you likely learn German much faster.

Furthermore, self-study is not that effective when you want to learn faster. You must find the best tutor for learning German.

There are a lot of institutes providing German language courses, but we strongly advise you to go for the best. Therefore, Kochiva is the institute that provides you with the best training for the German course. Kochiva ensures learning in the shortest time possible. 


3) Language Learning Experience

How long does it take to learn German if you have any foreign language skills? Have you ever been bilingual? If so, studying German might cause you to get ahead of yourself.

Learning more about the components and the unique features it offers is one of the first steps to learning German. If you’ve studied foreign grammar, memorized phrases, listened to different sounds, and looked at difficult letters before. This will help you familiarize yourself more easily with learning a new language.


4) Focusing more on German Grammar Structure 

Start focusing more on German grammar to speak fluently in German. It will help you speak German more naturally. Maintain a proper notebook of grammar sentence structure. Buy a book full of nouns, verbs, and adverbs. Try to translate your English phrases into German. So, how long does it take to learn German with this technique? Immersing yourself completely in German help you learn faster. Online immersion programs are more beneficial. Once you master German Grammar, communication skills get better.


5) Time you devote to studying the Language 

Have you seen the videos that promise a “30-day physique transformation”? Do you believe those quick improvements are possible in individuals who engage in one meal change or 20 minutes of activity per week? Not!

You must use the same reasoning when studying languages, of course.

Putting in 24/7 efforts like reading German books, listening to German podcasts, and learning new phrases and words can make a lot of difference. However, you will only “sort of” learn German if you make a modest effort.


The answer to the question: how long does it take to learn German? is hidden in the above factors. 

Foreign Service Institute (FSI) has provided a practical reference for people who want to learn foreign languages. FSI rated it as Category 2 lingo. 

FSI estimates that approximately 30 weeks or 750 hours of classroom sessions to learn German fluently.

This means that if you learn 12-15 hours a week, then you can speak it like a pro in a year!

If you want to learn German in 3 months it is not impossible but making a strategy and committing yourself to it will make you learn German faster than you think. Also, Indians can learn German more easily by spending the stated number of hours on classroom learning and self-study.

So, what are you waiting for? 

The faster you start, the more feasible for to learn.

Thus, considering all the above factors, you can experience and enjoy speedy German language learning.

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