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Would you like to pursue a German language Course in Delhi? To learn German in Delhi is more like a fashion that people follow either to get high-end jobs or for education. If you are an aspirant looking for German classes, you’re at the right place.

There are full of career opportunities after learning German. If you wish to learn the German language, then the German Institute in Delhi is the perfect companion for you. The German market has grown tremendously in a few years. And, Germany has the largest economic power in the world and ranks at 4th position.

Besides Germany, German is the official language of Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

Moreover, there are endless jobs in Germany for Indians after completing the German language course. From jobs in embassieshotels, mediacommunication, aviation, tourist guidestrainers, and many more.

In this article, we have put down the best German language classes in Delhi with fees, duration, location, and other course details.

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Top 7 German Language Course in Delhi for 2024

  1. Kochiva Linguistics
  2. Goethe Institute
  3. German Language School
  4. Language Pantheon
  5. Oracle international language Institute
  6. Langma School of Languages
  7. Jawaharlal Nehru Academy

1.) Kochiva Linguistics


Kochiva offers the best German language Course in Delhi. They provide industry based live online classes. The faculty has C1/C2 level experts. Kochiva teaches through in-job experts with live experience.

The Course Structure of German Classes by Kochiva:

The beginner’s level comprises A1 & A2 levels that need 50 hours each. It comprises basic reading practice and learning grammar. The Intermediate level B1 & B2 level requires 80 hours each. The Advanced Level with C1 & C2 levels focuses on fluency and written expressions.


Address: 2nd floor, 76-B, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IV, Gurgaon.

Website: German Language Course

Contact: +91 98723 34466

Kochiva also provides other Course

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Although in a world full of competition, many institutes provide the German language course in Delhi. Join this linguistic family of Kochiva to learn German from experts. They have a small batch size of 8-12 students to ensure more personal attention. Moreover, weekly doubt sessions and group discussions help to keep a record of the progress.


2.) Goethe Institute

Goethe Institute is the Federal Republic of Germany’s Culture Institute, present worldwide. This institute is also known as Max Mueller Bhavan. Max Mueller Bhavan is an institute offering tailor-made German language courses in Delhi.

They have Six different Courses:

  1. Super intensive, Intensive, and Extensive Courses.
  2. Young Learners Course
  3. Blended Learning
  4. Online Courses
  5. German Training Online
  6. Specialized Courses

It ranks at 3 for best German language institutes in India. They commit free of cost German practice online covering A1- C1. E-learning facilities are also given to the ones who wish to study in India or Germany. The batch size is 20-25 students.

Address: 3, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Near Vakil Lane.

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3.) German Language School

German Language School offers a remarkable German language course in Delhi. The German Language School was set up in July 2013 to break the challenges of monolingualism and become a polyglot.

This school boasts 100% results and better placements for its alumni in the field of culture, arts, aviation, hotels, etc.

Its mission is not to catapult you toward your dreams but rather pave the path of this journey to become a German language expert together.

The highly skilled teachers, personal attention, study materials, and weekend classes are some of their primary features of them.

The batch size involves a maximum of 10 for A1 and 12 for A2 onwards for effective learning.

Address: Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

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4.) Language Pantheon

Are you planning to attend German Courses in Delhi, Language Pantheon is the leading institute for German classes in Delhi.

Language Pantheon has 100 faculties and 22000 students globally.

For 1.5 decades, it continues to provide training to students from the comfort of their homes. Language Pantheon divides its course into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, & C2 providing both beginners and advanced level courses.

They are available for weekend as well as weekday batches. Quick learners can have fast-track and superfast-track courses for rapid learning.

They impart holistic learning experiences to build their future and meet their goals. They also provide students with the expertise and skills to have easy cross-cultural communication.

Address: Gautam Nagar, GreenPark, South Delhi.

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5.) Oracle International Language Institute

Oracle International Language Institute is a well-known institute that provides the best German Language Courses in Delhi. This institute promotes creative learning with industrial experience in practical ways.

They trained 20,000+ students with 500+ classes. In addition, they provide authentic quality content with a batch size of 10-12 students.

The small batch size and innovative learning techniques help students to have a good command of the German language. They bring international, vocational, and professional certificates under one roof.

The highly trained teachers give engaging sessions with innovative teaching methods. The German courses mainly focus on making students future ready to work in the corporate world.

They have special courses for kids, doctors, and working professionals.

With a positive learning environment, our learners feel confident in speaking the German Language.

Address: 3rd Floor, Mythri House, M, 5A, Middle Cir, near Rajiv Chowk, Connaught Place

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6.) Langma School of Languages

Langma School of Languages is a primary center for German Classes in Delhi. Since 2007, it offers language courses to both international and regional students by hosting various workshops and seminars.

It ranks first on the list of best German language training in Delhi. They assist thousands of students by providing jobs for the skill they possess. Personal attention, authentic content, and flexible lessons are its key features.

The duration of the German Language Course in Delhi by Langma runs from 4 to 6 weeks in online mode on weekdays and weekends. They make the learning process enjoyable so students grab things faster.

Address: E-73, South Extension, Part 1, New Delhi.

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7.) Jawaharlal Nehru Academy

Set up in 1958, offering a one-year part-time German language course in Delhi. Jawaharlal Nehru Academy has 60+ years of experience in teaching foreign languages to thousands of students every year.

The course structure divides into two semesters. The students passing at the end of the second semester get the certificates.

Their primary motive is to build confidence in learners in speaking, reading, writing, and listening to the German language. It ranks at 6 among German language institutes in Delhi. The well-experienced faculty commits to guaranteed results for the learners. They offer flexible timings with weekend or weekday batches with an affordable fee structure.

Address: Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi.


Advantages of Learning German Language Course in Delhi

There are numerous advantages to learning German in Delhi. A few of them are listed below:

1.) Firstly, having a certificate in German language course allows you to work/study in Germany. Learning German helps in gaining an advantage when it comes to employability.

2.) Secondly, German allows you to explore a new culture that you haven’t experienced before and widens your horizon.

3.) Thirdly, the German language promotes critical and creative thinking. It allows you to converse fluently with German natives.

4.) Finally, the cost of learning the German language in Delhi is relatively low compared to other cities.



Lastly, taking up a German language Course in Delhi will be the right decision for you. Till now you must have understood that many institutes are available for German classes. Kochiva is the leading institute for a German language courses in Delhi. No need to hassle here and there. Be wise when choosing a foreign language institute.

The fees for the German language A1 and A2 level is Rs 15,000 – 20,000 for each level, and for B1 and B2 is Rs 20000-25000 for each level.

Kochiva ensures that students become better at their verbal skills. Kochiva also helps students to analyze how long it takes to learn German. Moreover, foreign language salary in India is very attractive. Learning German opens opportunities to work with tech giants.

Kochiva has a good infrastructure and trainers help students to learn competently. So, without any doubt get yourself the best online German course.

For any further help, feel free to contact Kochiva through the website or contact. So, what are you waiting for? Start your German ride with us.

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