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Table of contents

Online French Classes in Ahmedabad

  1. Top 7 Institutes for French Classes in Ahmedabad

  2. Conclusion

Online French Classes in Ahmedabad

Are you looking for the leading Online French Classes in Ahmedabad? If yes, then you have clicked the right page. After some additional research, here are a selection of famous and accomplished language institutes.

The demand for online French classes has increased tremendously. The career and job opportunities that are provided due to the French language are endless. Hence there is a continuous hike in the number of learners of the French language.

In Ahmedabad, people speak Gujrati, Hindi as well as English. Recently, it has become a trend to have knowledge of a foreign language. Hence, to follow the trend, students are more inclined to learn foreign languages to have vast future opportunities. The amazing facts about the French language intrigue them even more to learn the language.

Table of contents

Online French Classes in Ahmedabad

  1. Top 7 Institutes for French Classes in Ahmedabad

  2. Conclusion

Top 7 Institutes for French Classes in Ahmedabad

1.) Kochiva Linguistics, Ahmedabad:


In Ahmedabad, KOCHIVA provides students with a distinctive setting. These Online French classes in Ahmedabad are like foreign language speaking groups. This bilingual group setting certainly assists in completing this intensive course. Kochiva also provides complete placement assistance after the course. The nominal fee charged by Kochiva is pocket friendly for everybody.

The C1/C2 level trainers will work with you to improve your French reading, writing, listening, as well as speaking abilities. The batch size is small, limited to 8-12 students. On-demand, one-to-one attention is also provided by the tutors. Frequent feedback and review sessions help in creating a comfortable environment.

This question ‘How long will it take to learn French?’ might be disturbing your mind. But with the custom-designed curriculum and strategic patterns of teaching, learners can acquire the proficiency of a native French speaker in no time.

The following is the course structure of Online French classes in Ahmedabad:

1.) Beginners Level –>

  • Students in A1 Level can learn: –
  • A basic reading of the language.
  • Practicing everyday conversations in this language.
  • Learning is enhanced by speaking so that you can understand the language better.


2.) Elementary Level –>

  • Students in A2 Level can learn: –
  • Pronunciations of the different words that make this language.
  • The students are taught to write with ease.
  • Basic, as well as context-based understanding, are covered in this level.


3.) Intermediate Level–>

  • Students in B1 Level can learn: –
  • Advanced reading of the foreign language.
  • Attentive listening enables the students to understand the language when spoken.
  • Enhanced written expression facilitates expressive learning.
  • To speak this language comfortably.


4.) Upper-Intermediate Level –>

  • Students in B2 Level can learn: –
  • Different genres of reading and cognitive listening.
  • Comfortable speaking and enhanced written expression for further familiarisation with the language.


5.) Advanced Level –>

  • Students in C1 Level can learn: –
  • Complex comprehension readings, proficient listening, as well as fluent speaking.
  • It also includes enhanced written expressions. By this level, you will be able to write letters, understand quick conversations, and much more.


6.) Mastery Level –>

  • Students in C2 Level can learn: –
  • Proficient listening that enables you to understand day-to-day fast conversations.
  • Perfectionist reading i.e., to be able to read complex works originally written in German.
  • Proficient expressive writing. You will be able to speak like a native by the end of this level.

E-Mail Address: info@kochiva.com

Contact Number: 9872334466

For more detailed information you can visit the official site of Kochiva. Get yourself enrolled today.

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2.) HK School of Foreign Languages, Ahmedabad:


HK School of languages was founded in 1993. Subsequently, it was built to become one of the preferred foreign language training institutes in Ahmedabad. Apart from the French language program, there are other foreign language programs as well. The school has 100 rooms to provide a premium accommodation experience to its students. The certification from a privileged organization will upgrade your career. Undoubtedly, it is a very professional institution.

3.) Cambridge Institute of Foreign Languages, Ahmedabad:


Cambridge Institute of Foreign Languages is a premier French language training institute. It provides personalized as well as group coaching to the students. At the end of the course, international standard certification is imparted. In addition, assistance is given to all Visa categories. People who are planning on working in French MNCs, etc. can join Online French classes with this institute.

4.) La Forêt French Class, (Online French Classes in Ahmedabad):


La Foret French class is run by an experienced French teacher, Arti Goyal. She picked up the French language and culture during her long stay in France. She has been teaching French to many people. Students preparing for A1/A2/B1/DELF exams join online French classes by La Forêt French Class. The Live online sessions are accessible from anywhere. It also designs special classes for beginners who have no prior knowledge of French.

5.) Crisscross Lingo, Ahmedabad:


Crisscross lingo is an institute that believes in fast-paced learning. They believe that with the changing times, students have new ways of doing things. Obviously, with Crisscross Lingo, learning French online has become easy. They not only focus on reading and writing but also on understanding and speaking. You can choose a time preferred by you. It is easy to join the classes and the tutors are also proficient.

6.) Bienvenue French Classes, Ahmedabad:


Bienvenue French Classes have an online medium of teaching. Hence, they have global students, thanks to the internet era. Their Online French classes in Ahmedabad are as good as the offline, condition being the interest of the students. Moreover, they conduct a lot of fun-filled games which help the students in effortless learning. With their high-quality classes, students even clear advanced levels in a blink of an eye. They have their offline classes in Coimbatore but students from Coimbatore also prefer online classes to save time.

7.) Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad:


Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad is the only official representation of France in Gujrat, Ahmedabad. It is a non-profit educational as well as cultural organization affiliated with the network of Alliance Française in India. It is also a local organization endeavoring to participate in imparting French language training. The AFA courses are divided into five broad levels: DELF A1, A2, B1, B2, and DALF C1, and all are linked to the CEFR guideline.

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The above-mentioned information will help you decide the most suited for you. All this information is evidently overwhelming but, don’t worry! Kochiva is the institute that might suite all your needs. Whereas, to learn this amazing and calculative foreign language Kochiva is the choice for you. Your ideas, queries, and weaknesses are always welcome at online French classes in Ahmedabad by Kochiva.

Lastly, start your bilingual journey with the prominent institutions offering Online French classes in Ahmedabad.

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