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How does the future stand with AI?


The world has been soaked wet into the colours of Artificial Intelligence. There would be hardly any IT-based industry that isn’t talking about Artificial Intelligence. We can often find people saying that AI or Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world.

But here comes a catch! There are many people who talk about AI but are totally unaware of what it really is.

Are we using it currently? Would it cause any harm? What kinds of opportunities is it going to bring along? 

Let’s talk about all this, right here.


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as the simulation of human intelligence through the use of machines. In simpler words, it is a method in which machines demonstrate certain aspects of human intelligence and can make intelligent decisions without the interference of the human brain. 

The wide functioning of AI includes learning, reasoning and self-correction. Since its initiation, it has shown tremendous growth. Although the future with complete AI is still a bit hazy, the speed with which Artificial Intelligence is growing, it will surely dominate almost every aspect of living.


Breakthrough in Science

A distinction of AI is that humans have activated the components of their brains in machines, which were dormant in them. This has made a machine capable of noticing those things which a human might not be able to see or observe.

Recently ‘Eve’ broke the headlines as it found a component in toothpaste that could help in curing Malaria. Now the catch is that ‘Eve’ was not a human, rather a humanoid, a robot driven by Artificial Intelligence.

This proves that AI has fastened its scope in the world of science. AI is now also being used in the synthetic biology field to manufacture and rapidly design microorganisms for industrial uses.

AI is without a doubt a major breakthrough in the field of Science.


Cyber Security

In the times when clouds have taken the place of memory cards and drives, the risk of hackers has multiplied. The attacks have become so savage that a single charge can bring destruction to your name and your reputation.

A similar thing happened with a country’s official defence website which tainted the image of its online security forever.

To avoid these kinds of attacks, the companies are investing a hefty amount of money. In this particular field, AI has a great deal of money ready to be put on the bet!

The cognitive AI can detect threats, malware, virus in a safe time and can alert on what is to be done. By getting exposed to robust Machine Learning Algorithms it gets more adaptable to the understanding of one’s behaviour and can notice instantly whatever is going out of course and can work accordingly.


Reinforcement Learning

The time isn’t far away when the conventional methods of punishment and reward would be automated. Through machine learning, AI would be able to understand which kind of behaviour is acceptable and which is not.

Based on such observations, it would provide the reward or punishment, hence working as the best model of reinforcement learning.

This would not just be used in human education, but also in animal training.


Change in Employment Sector

The main aim of the usage of AI is to make the work more efficient and less costly. The usage of artificial intelligence is inversely proportional to the number of employees. It has already been predicted that by the year 2030, AI will replace almost 20 million job roles.

Hence, the world needs to prepare for a massive wave of unemployment. Now is the time to educate yourself and be skilled enough to survive this wave of unemployment.

Although, on a brighter note, bots would also substitute the work which can be dangerous and harmful for human beings. An example of this situation can be iron smelting and welding. This process produces various chemicals which are dangerous for the eyes and skin of the concerned person. 


Automated Transportation

The future concept cars have already started coming wherein the engines are self-driven. Tesla and Audi have been a couple of competitors in the automated transportation sector.

That time isn’t far when you shall be sitting in the back seat of a car and the car would be driving itself to the places. 

Initial level implementation and execution has already been started and can be spotted in many high tier automobiles.


Defence Support

Countries have been using AI now for many years to detect hostile situations and send the army of bots to the places where the human presence can be dangerous.

The earliest forms of AI could be seen in the form of battlefield simulation in which a person shall be sitting in his office while controlling the aircraft to attack or defend the field.

Radars and drones are the two most used forms of AI in defence support. There are many classified operations on which countries are working to get an edge when the situation gets hot.


The new face of the movie industry

Many futuristic movies have already knocked on our TV doors. Now, the main theme of all Sci-fi movies has become Artificial Intelligence. People are forming crazy ideas and sharing those with the help of movies, and science is coming to transform their thoughts into reality.

Some movies supporting AI debut are Odyssey(1968), Terminator series, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars, Wall-E, etc.


AI at Home

Smart speakers and smart assistants have found a special place in the hearts of almost everyone. With the likes of Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc, we have simplified our daily chaos. 

With merely a voice command or a simple gesture, we are able to do multiple things, which in previous times, seemed to be the wastage of moments.


Revolution in Healthcare

AI is now being used aggressively in the healthcare sector. The wrong diagnosis is one of the major problems, the healthcare industry faces. Now, the problem has been eroded for AI is here to provide accuracy and efficacy.

AI is also being used to analyse the behaviour of the body and detect the symptoms of diseases that are likely to happen in the coming future. This has helped people take precautionary measures so as to stay healthy and prevent disasters from happening.


Marketing and Advertising

The application of artificial intelligence in marketing and advertising is integral. The marketers leave no stone unturned to earn the benefits out of each situation. AI would help the marketers have an accurate target, it will help define their concerned group and would also help them reach that very level.


Why should you become AI certified?

Artificial intelligence is one of the rapidly growing sectors of the IT Industry. Now, you might have realised that the scope of AI has expanded to almost every industry. Due to such a wide scope, multiple industries shall be requiring the expertise of AI professionals.

That is why this is the perfect time to become an expert in Artificial Intelligence.


Roles in AI Career

  • Software Analysts and Developers
  • Military and aviation electricians
  • Computer Engineers and Computer Scientists
  • Surgical technicians working with robotic tools
  • Algorithm Specialists
  • Electrical and Manufacturing Engineers
  • Research Scientists
  • Engineering consultants
  • Mechanical Engineers



AI is the rising need of the era. If one leverages this situation and takes it to his/her benefit, there can be many opportunities coming up in the near while.

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