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Table of contents

German Classes in Chennai

  1. Best German Language Course in Chennai

  2. Levels of Online German classes in Chennai

  3. Benefits of Learning German

  4. Frequently Asked Questions


Live German Online Classes

German is a language sought and preferred by many aspiring Indians. German classes in Chennai by Kochiva assist you in learning this in-demand language. Kochiva is the best institution for providing training in a foreign language. It is important to learn German to have a job in Germany.

In India, German is a popular language at the college level. With the knowledge of this language, the possibilities of further studies in German Universities increase. German language course in Chennai will undoubtedly assist in providing quality education in Germany at affordable prices.

It is the second-largest spoken language in Central and Eastern Europe. Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, and Poland all speak it as a co-official language. Being the official language of so many countries opens various opportunities for German learners.

To think of having the opportunity to work in one of these countries is fascinating, right? By joining Online German classes in Chennai you can change this into reality.

Table of contents

German Classes in Chennai

  1. Best German Language Course in Chennai

  2. Levels of Online German classes in Chennai

  3. Benefits of Learning German

  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Best German Language Course in Chennai

Everyone wants to learn German at lightspeed with new techniques and gamified activities. Kochiva is the institute that provides online German classes in Chennai which match the modern requirements. In addition, the faculty of this institute includes certified trainers of foreign languages.

As German is not an easy language, Kochiva provides an authentic bilingual setting. It is certainly a renowned institution in language training that accelerates your learning and provides vast career opportunities.

These are certain points about Kochiva. This will give you the information regarding Online German classes in Chennai: –

  1. Firstly, your language trainer will work with you to improve your German reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.
  2. In our online sessions, two-way interactive sessions are emphasized. It is undoubtedly needed to have a hands-on environment.
  3. Each Level will assist you in enhancing your vocabulary. Verbal and sentence structure understanding, speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities will also be focused upon.
  4. It emphasizes conversational practice in the classes for clear understanding.
  5. The batch size is small, limited to 8-12 students, thus ensuring more personal attention.
  6. You can learn German language from the comfort of your home. Through our online classes, you surely will save a lot of time and have a personalized experience.  
  7. Doubt sessions and weekly group discussions are there. This will assist you in keeping a record of your progress.
  8. The tutors also provide on-demand, one-to-one attention. Frequent feedback and review sessions help in creating a comfortable environment.
  9. Also, KOCHIVA provides complete placement assistance after the course.

German is easier to learn than many other foreign languages. Although, learning this language can be difficult for Indians. As our mother tongue is not related to Indo-European languages, it becomes more challenging. But, don’t get disheartened. Kochiva provides gamified activities that will certainly aid your learning experience.

Apart from Chennai, Kochiva also provides foreign speech coaching in neighboring states like Kerala, Karnataka, etc. German language course in Kerala also assists the language aspirants to learn this language from the comfort of their homes.

Levels of Online German classes in Chennai

There are mainly six levels in a German language course. Each level consists of step-by-step learning which will facilitate your learning experience. This is what you need to learn in a career-oriented language like German. You are required to complete all these levels to be able to work in Germany.

The following is the information that you need to know regarding the curriculum: –

1.  Beginner Level (50 hours each) –>

  •       A1 – Basic reading, the practice of everyday conversations, and enhanced learning by speaking.
  •       A2 – Focuses on pronunciations, writing with ease, and context-based understanding.

2.  Intermediate Level (80 hours each) –>

  •       B1 – Advanced reading, attentive listening, enhancing written expression, and speaking comfortably.
  •       B2 – Different genres of reading and cognitive listening are focused on this level. Along with these comfortable speaking and enhanced written expression are also taken up.

3.  Advanced Level (80 hours each) –>

  •       C1 – Complex comprehension readings, proficient listening, and speaking fluently. These also include enhanced written expressions. By this, you will be able to write letters and much more.
  •       C2 – Proficient listening, perfectionist reader, and proficient writing expression. You will be able to speak like a native of the German language.

Eventually, by the end of these online German classes in Chennai, German will become your second language. Learning the German language from experts certainly makes a lot of difference. You can start your bilingual journey with us and make faster progress. Consistent efforts will surely result in fast learning.

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Benefits of Learning German

Learning a foreign language can be challenging for most people. But, after learning through consistent efforts, this language can deliver numerous opportunities to you. There are many reasons to learn German as it provides you with many advantages.

1. Assist Brain Development:

Learning a second language significantly improves brain development. Learning German at an early age helps in improving concentration, learning skills, memory abilities, etc.

2. Ability of Multitasking:

People who know multiple languages are generally efficient multitaskers. As their minds have the ability to switch languages, it assists them in taking up a couple of tasks at the same time. In addition, they are able to complete those tasks efficiently.

3. Problem-Solving Ability:

German is somewhat a tricky language. So, German learners develop the ability to solve problems quicker than others. Efficient memory abilities developed while learning this language assist in solving problems.

4. Rich in Culture:

A lot of scientific treatises, novels, philosophical works, and operas are written in the German language. This opens various cultural opportunities for its learners and paves the way for the world’s appreciation.

There are so many advantages to learning German. Online German classes in Chennai by Kochiva give you an opportunity to learn this language. Learning this language is an achievement itself. You can avail all the benefits by learning this language.

In conclusion, get yourself enrolled with Kochiva and learn this language through the best German classes in Chennai. You can visit the official site of Kochiva for more detailed curriculum information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – Can I learn German in 6 months?

Answer– Yes, you can. It all depends upon the calibre and dedication of the learner. Along with it, a certified trainer matters too. If you get training from a highly proficient institute such as KOCHIVA, then you can grasp the German language easily.

Question 2 – Can I learn German in 3 months?

Answer – Learning German in 3 months might not be easy. Generally, you can only learn to read, write and have an understanding of the language. So, complete learning in such a short period of time can be quite hard.

Question 3 – Can I learn German in 1 year?

Answer – Yes, 1 year is more than sufficient time to learn this language. You can not only learn to write, read and understand this language but also achieve fluent speech. But, your consistent efforts also play an important role in proficient learning.

Question 4 – Can I learn B2 in 1 month?

Answer – It is not easy to learn B2 level in 1 month. If you are learning through online German classes in Chennai by Kochiva, you are required to have one on one coaching to make it possible.

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