The world today has taken up a new and furious face where if a person doesn’t go according to the pace of the time; is the one left behind to be crushed and destroyed. This is the time when one should be deeply worried about career growth and should work for its craziest betterment. We all want some kind of career growth in our life. But the stakes are not on the presence of growth but on its speed and velocity. Now the question arises as to how to provide speed to career growth. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

1. Set small goals regularly

It is often said that there is no road without a destination. Similar is the case with our life. Keep on forming some short term goals to achieve. By this little activity, you shall remain progressive, would always focus on completing the tasks, and would strive to achieve your goals.

2. Stretch yourself

Someone said that very nicely that success lies outside the comfort zones. Try doing something that scares you. If it had been in your comfort zone, you’d have already achieved that. Sign up for something that gives you chills and freaks. If you don’t like public speaking, sign up for meeting presentations. If you stutter before giving your ideas, try starting the discussion by putting yourself as the pilot. Stretch yourself to the points you haven’t been before. That’s what will make a difference.

3. Become task-oriented and organized

Chaos is chaos; might it be in a room or in the brain. One needs to keep the mind clutter-free and make sure to focus all on the efficient completion of the tasks. Only that is how one shall attain the fluency in the working he
desires. While technology can help one become faster with their tasks, organizing oneself mentally shall help the most in bringing the quality out of quantity.

4. Learn to earn

Learning is an integral part of growing. One who doesn’t learn while he grows with the age, can’t be developed mentally for that particular age. Hence, if one wishes to grow both personally and professionally, he/she
needs to keep on learning. A man born on Earth is a student until he dies. To expand your horizons of work profile, you must acquire new skills that would make you eligible to handle the workload and bring innovation into
your regularity.

5. Channelization of power

One must know how to channelize the power efficiently. Gone are the days when hard-work created the benchmarks; now is the time to work smartly. Make sure you channelize your powers on the process which shall reap you higher profits through personalization. Most of the stuff today can be automated. Hence, leverage the technology where your personal efforts are a mere wastage and use yourself rationally on the work which demands your personal presence.

6. Focus on Results rather than Time

Many people start working on an hourly wage basis. Hence, their take for the value created gets related to the time invested. But, that is not the ideal case. One must focus all his wits on creating the value and not on the time invested. The one who goes the extra mile and breaks the wheel of 9-5 work, is the one who makes a mark.

7. The network is the key

Your network makes the difference! There are no application forms for a higher job profile. What matters at that time is your knowledge, your experience, and your network. Start giving value to your network. Remember the things which matter to them. Be in their good books, and there might come a time when a need arises, your name pops in their minds.

8. Develop Conflict Management Skills

In the era of career advancement, you are bound to face conflicts. You might be meeting people who have different ideologies, different goals, different interests, and that might take you to some conflicting situations. The mark of unsuccessful people is that they cling on the conflicts and don’t think beyond that. Instead, one should learn from conflicts and understand conflict resolution techniques. Handling conflicts with confidence is a hallmark of high-level executives and leaders.


Closing Comments

When it comes to career progression, one thing that holds the highest stakes is the personality. If one is the beholder of a charming personality, there are higher chances that he/she shall be ‘The Chosen One’ for the desirable profile. It doesn’t take mathematical algorithms to attain a charming personality, but it surely takes the efforts, the guidance and the will power for the same.

Kochiva, a personality development hub is a revolutionary organization, helping people see the world from a unique perspective. It helps people develop their personality and get progressed in their careers. Tired of being in the same job for years and want to go ahead? Give us a call and explore a whole new world!

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