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Table of contents

Python Training in Amritsar

  1. About Kochiva

  2. Highlights of the Course

  3. Conclusion

Python Training in Amritsar

Python Training institute in Amritsar

You can learn Python on your own. It would be best if you had proper guidance and training to learn a programming Language. Kochiva provides the Best Python Training in Amritsar.

Students achieve efficiency in Python Language by adopting a systematic, step-by-step study approach provided by Kochiva.

Kochiva has top faculty for Python training in Amritsar that can help you become proficient in programming. Our On-Job trainers provide experiential training that makes Kochiva the Best Python Training Institute in Amritsar.

Table of contents

Python Training in Amritsar

  1. About Kochiva

  2. Highlights of the Course

  3. Conclusion

About Kochiva

Kochiva is an EdTech venture of a Tech Company- KocharTech, with more than 15 years of experience in the domain. It has been training and upskilling thousands of individuals, making them future-ready.

With offline and online, industry-oriented, live classes in IT Languages and Programming, it aims to make learners more employable.

Project-based learning with hands-on experience for students. The Professionals working here are with at least 15 years of experience.

E-Mail Address:

Contact Number: 9872334466

Website :

For more detailed information you can visit the official site of Kochiva. Get yourself enrolled today.

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Course Overview:

Python language course in Amritsar by Kochiva provides you with unsurpassed training and experience. Students gain experience working with real clients and even get a chance to work in top-notch companies. Students have to complete their projects, assignments, and daily tasks.

Live sessions to dispel doubts and address questions. Teachers are very cooperative and supportive. This course is very conducive for future programmers.

Performance analyses are done to check the learner’s overall contribution to personal development. Python professionals have high chances of getting hired, high pay packages, promotions, etc. Kochiva provides the best Python training in Amritsar.

Course Structure: 

We cover an extensive curriculum:

  • Basics
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Control Flow
  • Functions
  • Object-oriented concepts

Kochiva is a leading Python training institute in Amritsar. The syllabus covers all essential topics and is very informative.

Learning through live projects is the best way to learn Python Programming Language.


There are three phases to the course.

  • 1 Basic Level: 6–8 weeks are for Python Basics.
  • 2 Advance: Covered between 12-15 weeks.
  • 3 Professional: 24 weeks duration is for Python Professional.

Timings are flexible enough. Classes are provided for three days with two days of add-on mentorship if needed. Training is provided in the best possible manner by efficient and skilled Tutors.


Python course is available in two modes:

  1. Online
  2.  Offline

Offline mode allows the students to work practically and get an internship-like experience. Furthermore, the online sessions are run on virtual platforms to resolve queries.


Enrolling in Python Certification Course in Amritsar from a cherished Institute like Kochiva facilitates you to work in Companies like MaxicusIgzyKocharsoft, and Kochiva.

These days, startups are rapidly increasing in growth and development. This completion certification gives you the opportunity to work in a corporate environment.

These certifications boost your CVs/Portfolio and your Academic Profile and allow you to focus on that field. After the Assessment Test and the Practical Examination, you receive a Completion Certificate.

Live Training/Projects: 

The students receive live instruction from Kochiva Linguistics. The Kochiva instructors have been teaching for more than 15 years. They almost always run summer training programs.

This training makes you guys ready to become future entrepreneurs.

Students work on live projects to get practical experience.

They get access to case studies and quality content with downloadable course material. Students get to know about the company policies and procedures. This training build confidence in students to work in the corporate world.

They provide an experience to students that create memories and build good relations among them.

Placement Assistance: 

We provide assured Placements to trainees in Companies like

  • Maxicus
  • Igzy
  • Kocharsoft
  • Kochiva

A full range of placements is available across India, including in significant cities like Amritsar, Gurugram, and Vadodara.

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Highlights of the Course

  1. Highly Advance Curriculum.
  2. Downloadable course material.
  3. High-Tech Projector-based Learning Classrooms.
  4. Video Recordings are available for free.
  5. Labs with well-equipped Wi-Fi access.
  6. Job Placements assured.
  7. Make your Corporate ready with modules like Interview Skills.
  8. Mentorship under Industry Experts.
  9. A Senior Python Developer presents the lectures.
  10. Timings are made flexible enough as per the student requirements.

Advantages of Learning Python at Kochiva

  • Get to work with real-life clients.
  • You can get to work in AI, Data science, etc.
  • Batches are small, with about 10-12 students.
  • Proper attention has been given to students as the batch size is small.
  • Best online and offline learning experience.
  • 100% Assured Placements are guaranteed.
  • Students become more confident.
  • Easy learning with recorded sessions available.

Prerequisites for Python Training in Amritsar:


  1. If you are genuinely interested in making a career in coding, you can fill out the form on the website.  The Kochiva Team will get in touch with you.
  2. An active internet connection with a download speed of at least 1 Mbps.
  3. Additionally, it would help if you had a functioning laptop or desktop computer with a 1GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM, a webcam, a microphone, and a 1 GB hard drive.
  4. Students eager and motivated enough to start a career in Python programming are encouraged to apply.

Career after Python Training In Amritsar: 

There are many job opportunities open after waiting after you gain Expertise in Python Programming Courses like:

  • Business Analyst.
  • Web Developer.
  • Full stack Programmer.
  • Software Programmer.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Quality Assurance Engineer.
  • Research Analyst, etc.

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Python is one of the Prominent Programming Languages that every IT and Non-IT professional wants to learn.

Python sounds very complex; however, the well-qualified trainers and staff at Kochiva can help you accomplish your goals. In this era, Programming is highly demanding in every field.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, A tonne of online material that offers Python courses is available, but Kochiva institute is the best among all.

So begin your coding journey today. In today’s era, website developers are in high demand. Visit Kochiva’s official website to learn Python language courses in Amritsar.