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Table of contents

German Language Course in Kolkata

  1. Best German Language Classes in Kolkata

  2. Course Structure of German language course

  3. Promising Career Opportunities for German Learners

  4. Conclusion

German Language Course in Kolkata


German Language course in kolkata

Kochiva is one of the leading foreign language training institutes in Kolkata. German language course in Kolkata is a preparatory course for the official and internationally recognized certification. Kochiva provides you the opportunity to learn German with experts.

The German language has a lot of scope in the international market. If a person is career oriented and is seeking futuristic opportunities then a German language course in Kolkata is for you. In order to become a proficient German speaker, proper guidance is required. German language course by Kochiva can pave the way for you to fluent German speech.

Further, this article will provide you with information regarding the German language course in Kolkata by Kochiva.

Table of contents

German Language Course in Kolkata

  1. Best German Language Classes in Kolkata

  2. Course Structure of German language course

  3. Promising Career Opportunities for German Learners

  4. Conclusion

Best German Language Classes in Kolkata

In Kolkata, there are a number of institutes that provide foreign language training to keen learners. Kochiva is the finest choice for you. German language classes by Kochiva aim to develop the skills to read, write, and converse in German. It is an upskilling platform providing industry-oriented online classes.

Online German language classes have an authentic bilingual environment that motivates the students to learn. This institute will undoubtedly make you proficient in German and that too in the shortest period of time.

It offers the top-notch training and delivery model available for the German language. Moreover, tutors play a vital role in the bilingual journey of the learner. The faculty of Kochiva has C1/C2 level trainers who are devoted to their job.

Further are the following points that will provide you with more information regarding the German language course in Kolkata: –

  1. Firstly, students can learn the German language from the comfort of their homes. Through our online classes, you surely will save a lot of time and have a personalized experience.  
  2. The batch size is small, limited to 8-12 students, thus ensuring more personal attention.
  3. Doubt sessions and weekly group discussions are there. This will further assist you in keeping a record of your progress.
  4. The tutors also provide on-demand, one-to-one attention. Frequent feedback and review sessions help in creating a comfortable environment.
  5. KOCHIVA also provides complete placement assistance after the course.
  6. Two assessments are included in the course, which will help you gauge your progress and test your knowledge.
  7. Your language trainer will work with you to improve your German reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.
  8. Kochiva offers certain exchange programs to students which further determines them to learn. Through these programs, they experience and learn about the originality of the culture.  
  9. Lastly, each level will assist you in enhancing your vocabulary. Verbal and sentence structure understanding, speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities will also be focused upon.

Course Structure of German language course

German language course includes six levels and each level has a distinctive duration. The course has a strategic outlook on the content that makes it easy for the learners to understand this foreign language. You are required to complete all these levels to be able to work in Germany.

Mentioned below is the information you need to know regarding the curriculum: –

1.  Beginner Level (50 hours each) –>


  •       A1 – Basic reading, practice for everyday conversations, and also enhanced learning by speaking.
  •       A2 – Focuses on pronunciations, writing with ease, as well as context-based understanding.


2.  Intermediate Level (80 hours each) –>


  •       B1 – Advanced reading, attentive listening, enhancing written expression, and speaking comfortably.
  •       B2 – Different genres of reading and cognitive listening are focused on this level. Along with these comfortable speaking and enhanced written expression are also taken up.


3.  Advanced Level (80 hours each) –>


  •       C1 – Complex comprehension readings, proficient listening, and fluent speaking. It also includes enhanced written expressions. By this level, you will be able to write letters and much more.
  •       C2 – Proficient listening, perfectionist reader, and proficient writing expression. You will be able to speak like a native by the end of this level.

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Promising Career Opportunities for German Learners

German is a widely spoken language around the world. Having the knowledge of German has opened up international job opportunities. Fluent German speakers get high-paid jobs. It is because Germans are leading in the engineering area and are leading exporters in Europe. So, it becomes vital to learn the German language.

1. The Job of Translators:

German speakers can certainly choose from a number of career options. Proof readers, translators, content writers, and trainers are some of the jobs that one can choose from. Other fields like business, research, communication, etc. have a great demand for language experts. German language course in Kolkata provides you profound training which enables a strong grip on the language.

2. Language Trainers:

A very common job that German learners can pursue without hesitation. Being a trainer of a foreign language is similar to being a teacher. The only difference is in the language that the trainers are teaching. As a trainer, you can also decide to become your own boss by organizing private classes/sessions and teaching aspiring learners.

3. Tourism Industry:

Do you know that India’s tourism sector contributed about 6.88 percent to its total GDP in 2017? Mostly German-speaking tourists travel to India. You can work as a tourist guide for German-speaking tourists, especially if you are the outdoor type. German language course in Kolkata by Kochiva makes you a fluent German speaker and it will assist you to become an efficient tourist guide.

4. Journalism:

Evidently, the journalism industry is one of the largest employers of people with language skills. You can be working in India as a TV correspondent for a broadcasting company in Austria. So, if you want to help others to tell their stories, this profession comes to mind.

These are some of the listed professions for German learners. German language course in Kolkata will train you to be a proficient German speaker. Having fluent German speech will consequently lead you to noteworthy career opportunities.


According to the facts, it has become essential to learn a foreign language for Indians. Due to the rapid development of countries, the number of people traveling abroad has increased. As a result, to avoid speech barriers the demand to learn German has elevated in Kolkata.

German language course in Kolkata by Kochiva is here for assistance. It will certainly provide you with an unmatched bilingual environment. The internationally certified trainers of Kochiva will make learning easy. Hence, be a part of the recent upsurge of German learners by joining Kochiva.

You can also visit the official site of Kochiva for more detailed information. So, get yourself enrolled with Kochiva and start learning this fascinating language.

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