Best Full Stack Developer Course in Amritsar
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Table of contents

Best Full Stack Developer Course in Amritsar

  1. About Kochiva

  2. Highlights of the Course

  3. Conclusion

Best Full Stack Developer Course in Amritsar

Full stack developer course in Amritsar

The perfect way to do a Full Stack web development course is under the best guidance, and Kochiva offers the Best Full Stack Developer Course in Amritsar. The courses at Kochiva are designed by industry experts with more than 15 years of experience. Kochiva has been training and upskilling thousands of students for years. 

The web development field is evolving, and the career prospects in full stack development look really bright. Full stack development enables developers to design, develop as well as manage both front-end and back-end development.

Table of contents

Best Full Stack Developer Course in Amritsar

  1. About Kochiva

  2. Highlights of the Course

  3. Conclusion

About Kochiva

The mission of Kochiva is to equip people with essential skills for the future. Kochiva is an EdTech initiative of KocharTech, a seasoned tech company with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Kochiva aims to increase students’ employability by offering a mix of live, industry-focused classes in IT languages and programming both offline and online.

Their approach strongly emphasises project-based learning, allowing students to get practical experience. The team of experts at Kochiva has a combined experience of at least 15 years. Guaranteeing all students will receive training and assistance of the highest calibre.

So if you are looking for the best full stack developer course in Amritsar, Kochiva is just the place for you!


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Course Overview

The Full Stack Developer Course in Amritsar by Kochiva gives you a complete education in web development. It covers all front-end and back-end development aspects, databases, and deployment.

Kochiva provides online and offline classes. Their On-floor skill-based training and regular doubt-clearing sessions provide you with a hands-on learning experience. 

The course is ideal for people who are seeking to upskill. It is also for businesses that want to invest in the professional development of their employees and stay competitive in the tech industry.


Course Syllabus


The full stack developer course syllabus includes the following:

Front-end development


You will learn about HTML tags, attributes, hyperlinks, headings, lists, divs, tables, image insertion and formatting, background and font formatting, and working with HTML forms. 

The course also covers the basics of CSS, including selectors, selector combinations, the box model, colour and font styling, text alignment, and size. 


Starting with the introduction to Javascript you will also learn about functions, objects, events, strings, arrays, and dates, as well as how to work with conditions, loops, and switch statements.

The course also covers Sets and Maps in JavaScript, which are useful data structures for working with data collection. 


To build responsive and mobile-friendly websites you will understand the grid system used in Bootstrap. You will also come across topics like how to work with Bootstrap elements, such as the Navbar and Jumbotron,


You will gain knowledge about React’s building blocks, including components, states, props, validation, and constructors.

Additionally, you will learn how to work with React styling, properties, and event management, as well as how to program forms, handle HTTP clients, and manage routes. 

The course will also cover advanced topics such as Redux and animation, as well as testing, CLI commands, building, and deploying React applications.


Back-end development


As for the back end development, this course includes environment setup, creating applications, working with the REPL terminal, package manager, and callbacks. 

It also covers event loops, buffers, streams, file systems, global objects, utility modules, the web module, and the Express framework. The course further covers creating RESTful APIs, scaling applications, and packaging them for deployment.



You will start with an overview, advantages, and how to set up the environment in MongoDB. There will be data modelling, creating and dropping databases, and creating collections and dropping them. Also, working with data types, inserting and querying documents, updating and deleting documents, and projection.

Additionally, you will learn to limit records, sort records, and use indexing for performance optimisation. Finally, you will understand how to deploy MongoDB with Java and PHP. 



You will be introduced to REST API and its architecture, widely used for web services and mobile applications.



This course introduces you to the popular version control system, Git. You will learn about creating new files, staging the environment, committing changes, and using Git help. The course also covers Git branches, merging branches, and working with remote repositories on GitHub.

Furthermore, it will include how to edit code, pull and push changes, create and manage branches, contribute to projects by forking and cloning repositories, and send pull requests to contribute to open-source projects. 



You will be introduced to JSON and how it transmits data between web applications and servers.


Mode and Duration

The course is available in both online and offline classes, with six months of live training.



After completing the full stack developer online course in Amritsar you will get a certification from Kochiva. The certification will provide you with a competitive edge in the industry.


Live Training/Projects

A capstone project is your opportunity to showcase your abilities and apply your learning to a real-world problem or challenge. It is a valuable addition to a portfolio that can be presented to potential employers.


Placement Assistance

Kochiva guarantees job placement assistance.

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Highlights of the Course

  • 100% Practice-Oriented
  • Mentorship from Industry Experts
  • Faculty with 15+ years of Experience
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Collaborative Learning Environment
  • Job-ready Skills


Advantages of Learning Full Stack Developer Course at Kochiva


  • Hands-on projects for practical experience and portfolio building.
  • Personalised learning and attention to individual needs.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and access to the latest technology.
  • Strong industry connections for networking and job opportunities.
  • Job placement assistance and support.
  • Flexible learning options (in-person and online).


Prerequisites for Full Stack Developer Course in Amritsar

Everyone with basic IT knowledge and a passion for coding is welcome to join our beginner-friendly training. We nurture a supportive environment for aspiring developers.


Job opportunities after Full Stack Developer Course In Amritsar

The following opportunities await you after finishing the Full Stack developer course by Kochiva:


  • Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • E-commerce Developer
  • UI/UX Developer
  • DevOps Engineer


To sum it up, the best full stack developer course in Amritsar provides an excellent opportunity to advance in your career. Through this course, you will gain knowledge of essential programming languages and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React, and more. 

Kochiva’s Full stack developer course in Amritsar is taught by experienced instructors who provided students with personalised attention, guidance, and feedback. It is one of the best places to learn full stack development in Amritsar.