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Table of contents

French Classes in Vadodara

  1. Best French Language course in Vadodara

  2. Course Structure of French Classes

  3. Can you learn French Yourself?

  4. Wrapping Up

French Classes in Vadodara

French Classes in Vadodara

Kochiva pivots around imparting online foreign language education. French classes in Vadodara provide accessible online learning to foreign language aspirants.

The French Language is a globally taught and celebrated language. It is the official language of Belgium, Canada, Benin, Chad, Luxembourg, and many more. Being the official language of so many countries, it makes many career opportunities accessible for futuristic people.

In India too, this language has found its definite place. Because of the growing significance of this language, the people of many rising cities like Vadodara have shown their interest in learning this language.

Vadodara city is provided with a fun and easy way to learn French by Kochiva. French classes in Vadodara by Kochiva guide and assist you to learn to speak French. These classes provide you with various ways of learning. Besides, these classes include many fun techniques like audio, video, etc.

Table of contents

French Classes in Vadodara

  1. Best French Language course in Vadodara

  2. Course Structure of French Classes

  3. Can you learn French Yourself?

  4. Wrapping Up

Best French Language course in Vadodara

Imagine being able to speak French and understand it. Fascinating, right? Kochiva makes it possible for you.

French classes in Vadodara by Kochiva provide you with internationally certified tutors. The tutors can educate as well as make you proficient in the best possible way. Our staff is here to help whenever you need them. A step-by-step systematic study pattern improves the efficiency of the students. In other words, Kochiva has the best faculty that paves a pathway for foreign language proficiency for you.

This language has a vast reach in today’s global market. As a result, learning the French Language has become an achievement.

Additionally, conversing with your family and friends in French will keep your fluency in check. Regular practice of reading, writing, and speaking can improve your skills evidently. Having such an environment certainly boosts your self-confidence.

These are the certain characteristics of the online classes:

  • Firstly, you can learn French from the comfort of your home without wasting your time on conveyance.
  • We provide you with the best online learning experience.
  • Alongside gamified learning, there are also cultural events in these online classes.
  • The faculty is efficient as well as devoted to their work.
  • Our in-class activities and projects help you assess yourself.
  • Further, students are provided with full placement assistance.
  • Batches are small, chiefly consisting of 8 -12 students.
  • Because of these small batches enable the trainers to give personal attention.
  • Certification will be provided at the end of the course.
  • There are constant doubt-clearing sessions every week.
  • Lastly, regular tests ensure the consistent growth of the students.

French Language
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Course Structure of French Classes

French Classes in Vadodara provide you with a systematic way of learning. It has all-in-all six levels – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Each level is more advanced than the other. Every level focuses on the growth and enhancement of individuals.

Brief Summary Regarding Curriculum:

The summary below provides you with information about the curriculum. This gives you a basic idea of what these classes are offering you to learn.

  1.     Beginner Level (50 hours each):

  •   A1 – Basic reading, practice for everyday conversations, and enhanced learning by speaking.
  •   A2 – Focuses on pronunciations, writing with ease, and context-based understanding.


  1. Intermediate Level (80 hours each):

  •   B1 – Advanced reading, attentive listening, enhancing written expression, and speaking comfortably.
  •    B2 – Different genres of reading and cognitive listening are focused on this level. Along with these comfortable speaking and enhanced written expression are also taken up.


  1. Advanced Level (80 hours each):

  •   C1 – Complex comprehension readings, proficient listening, and speaking fluently. These also include enhanced written expressions. By this, you will be able to write letters and much more.
  •   C2 – Proficient listening, perfectionist reader, and proficient writing expression. You will be able to speak like a native by the end of this level.


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Can you learn French Yourself?

To be honest, self-learning is not for everybody. Learning a foreign language is already a task and without proper guidance, it becomes even tougher. But, it is not impossible to learn French yourself.

French classes in Vadodara by Kochiva provide you with internationally certified trainers. These language trainers will guide you in the right direction. It makes learning easy and less hectic.

The French language has taken over every aspect of the world economy. It is useful to learn the French language as it is widely accepted. This language has taken over many economic areas. French classes in Vadodara provide an opportunity to learn this language.

French is an international language of art, fashion, food, etc. So, if you have the knowledge of this language then it gives you access to many fields. There are more amazing facts about the French language.

Kochiva’s French classes in Vadodara will assist you at every step of the way. We train our students for the international open market and help them to achieve fluency in French. Online French classes in Vadodara give you an opportunity to learn French under the guidance of C1/C2 level of trainers.

Wrapping Up

Online Classes at Kochiva are indeed one of a kind! With expert trainers, small batches and interactive classes, Kochiva is bringing a revolution into online learning.

As soon as you enroll yourself in our classes, you will find a very warm environment that will motivate you to learn. Everyone is seeking new opportunities for a better future. Online French language classes in Vadodara will pave the way to a better future for you.

Get yourself enrolled with Kochiva and start your bilingual journey. You can visit the official site of Kochiva for more detailed information

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